Donald J Trump is our POTUS. He has been hounded since before he ever even took office. We have less than a year to back him up. I understand that some people are less than gung ho, but we need to keep restoring the Republic before it is gone. We stand NO CHANCE if we let the Democrats take it back. There is not one among them that would do anything short of enslaving the rest of us with unrelenting regulations and hatred fomented to destroy any conservative ideal still in existence. Shall find ways to gather together again? 

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Hey Goober! GREAT to see you on!!! Yes, we must get busy and we must get loud! I'm ready!

TY Robin. Glad to be back among friends.

It is so important to vote.  I do really believe there is a ‘Trump Underground’ that quietly supports him and will vote.

It is also to good to prepare for any eventuality, as best we can. 

 We cannot allow ourselves to be accepting of the Impeachment of Donald Trump.  In a Senate trial which must take place, the impeachment will surely fail.  Calls to Senators are necessary to impede this impending doom.  If Donald Trump is forcibly removed from office, Conservative votes will never be counted again, the election process will be corrupted beyond repair.  This Republic is closer than anyone may think to an all out revolt should this President and his agenda be vanquished.   

Jerome, I agree with you 1000 percent! There MUST be a Senate trial! That way everyone will be subpoenaed! We have NEVER experienced this level of corruption and flat out criminality in our own government that I can ever remember in my lifetime. AG Barr, Durham had better deliver the goods come Dec 9th and 11th or this country will go off the rails. I WILL NOT GIVE UP MY FREEDOM! There are millions and millions just like me!

I will not give up my freedom either, and you can take that to the bank.  Happy Thanksgiving Robin and everyone!!!


Thank you Jerome! God Bless you! Have a great Thanksgiving.  

I am with you too Robin. I can't imagine ever living in a country without freedom! 

It truly is hard to even imagine losing this country! Have a great Thanksgiving, Kwic!

Thanks Robin. Happy Thanksgiving to you guys as well.

I didn't vote for president Trump in 2016, wrote in another candidate, but I will in 2020. I know many more that didn't vote for him last time that are voting for him in 2020. I am very concerned that the democrats, through whatever corrupt means they can procure, will steal the election. 

Democrats have no qualms in doing what ever is necessary to take the power they believe is rightfully theirs, including breaking the law. 

I was a Cruzer in the primary, but, voted for Trump in the general election! I am SO HAPPY that I did vote for him, and, that he won! I will be voting for him again. He is freakin AWESOME!





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