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Could anyone have outlined a novel, before now, that would depict the national political events we have witnessed so far?  An obscure man, educated in his formative years in a foreign culture by mentors who believe in Marxist principles, has a meteoric rise to the most powerful executive position in the world.  During his rise, he mourns his father from a land once a colony, and hides his agenda by presenting it.  His early background is obscure.  Before he entered political life, he traveled the world without a trace.  While he and his wife are educationally qualified to be lawyers, neither is any longer authorized to practice law and the circumstances are sealed.  So are the academic records of this man who none of his classmates seem to remember attending classes with.

Now he has secured a second term as the most powerful man in the world.  What is his agenda as he presents it and how does his presentation mask his true intentions?

You already know that his agenda is to redistribute the wealth in America from those who have much to those who have little.  To do this he has used his “community organizer” experience to identify and publicize “classes” of people so that he can energize one group against another.  Not satisfied with economic class distinctions, he also supports existing ethnic and racial classifications that have been nurtured and used by the political party that supports all of his efforts to redistribute wealth.  He uses the stereotypical individual who has much (white male) as the symbol of what is wrong with America to energize racial and ethnic classifications to his agenda of redistributing the wealth.

As distractions from what he is really doing, he, along with his willing accomplices in the political and financial worlds who primarily seek power and a page in history, has passed the health care reform law, run the government on continuing resolutions, increased the national debt, indebted future generations of Americans, demonized the opposition party (and the TEA Party Movement) and seeks to raise taxes on those who he perceives to have much worth redistributing.  He warns through one of his cabinet secretaries that the most likely source of domestic terrorists are those who have been trained by our military services.  These are distractions and successful ones at that.

Why are they distractions and how do they mask his true intentions? They are distractions simply because Americans are loyal to America and have a general mindset about what is good for the country and how that good should be achieved.  They are distractions because Americans are operating from the wrong perspective about what it means to redistribute the wealth from those who have much.  They are distractions because Americans do not see themselves as a world colonial power that needs to change its ways.  It is this perspective in the novel that masks what is meant by the redistribution of wealth.

Those who have much are Americans.  By world standards, even “poor” Americans have much that can be redistributed to those who have less.

While all the distractions are sucking the oxygen out of the news cycles, he is steadily organizing with his czars and writing and revising executive orders for the day when they might be used.

To avoid a “first-term proposition” the groundwork has been laid.  The Congress must make the final move and it must move before the debt ceiling is reached and/or the “sequester” takes effect.

If the “sequester” takes effect, our current and future military capabilities will be impaired,, perhaps significantly.  There will be further demonization of the opposition party, probably with organized demonstrations and civil disobedience that can be programmed to get out of hand in the major metropolitan areas.  This will lead to requests for federal law enforcement assistance which can overwhelm the capacity of the federal government to provide.  That leaves one option …

If the debt ceiling is reached and there is no continuing resolution, the federal government will have no funds by which to operate.  If this is not resolved within a month, federal workers, the military, social security recipients, welfare recipients, medicare recipients, federal bond holders and more will not get paid.  Without a resolution to raise the debt ceiling, there is one option …

I declare the United States of America is in a state of national emergency.  To fulfill the responsibilities of the federal government, I am taking the following actions.  Until rescinded, this nation is under martial law.  I am invoking EO####### as authorized by Congress and will ensure the continued operation of the government, communications throughout America, operations and plant production and the production means and distribution of food. .....

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......and the solution is JB?  Just give this wanker what he wants?  That only postpones the inevitable! I for one say: "NO MORE"!

(Great post by the way.  Thanks) 

Thanks, D.A.  This piece is much more gloomy than I normally feel, but I woke up this morning thinking that what is really going on is not what we are allowed to see.

It is my way of doing "something" because I do not want to be one of those "good" men who does nothing and then watch evil triumph.  Unfortunately, I may be too late.

There going to have to disarm the public before they can do this. I've always said the fox may be guarding the hen house but these hens are armed to the teeth.

Excellent post, JB.  (Sorry I took so long to respond)

We keep hearing from talking heads that in Obama's second term, he will look to secure a positive legacy.  That may be true, but mainstream America's view of a positive is quite different from Obama's, and many still do not realize that.

Think about this. Our military, enlisted and commissioned, can retire after 20 years (perhaps less, I am not sure), and many are.  I live near Fort Drum, home of Tenth Mountain Division, and quite a few recent retirees, those who entered during Desert Storm and made it a career, will no longer be in service.  They are replaced with youthful Obama voters who couldn't find a job out of high school or college.  Still think our military will not go against the American people?  Those American, Bible thumping, gun toting, tea drinking terrorists?

Again, great post, and thanks for sharing it here!

God bless,


I will concede the risk is higher today than it once was.  But, I still hold hope that each individual member will recognize his countryman as a mother, father, sister, brother or child and not as an object to be treated as authority directs.





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