This video is long but, it is well worth your time, the "spygate" corruption by the Obama Administration is about to be exposed... Tracy Beanz does a great job of investigative reporting.

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Rosenstein has so far requested 2 meeting with the President. The President has refused him twice! 

Article in NY Times regarding Rosenstein. 

  • see Robin's post above then read this article, and follow along the Q trail. Things will be busted wide open when 20 pages of the FISA application gets redacted. The FIVE EYES net work is the agreement between 5 countries ( USA, Canada, UK, Australia, & New Zealand) to share gathered Intel. UK and Australia are very nervous right now because it appears (not proven,,,,, yet) they agreed to share intelligence to the USA on candidate Trump and President Elect Trump. This was done to subvert the 4th Amendment of the Bill of Rights. The request to look at this material could only have come from one place, the WHITE  HOUSE with supporting documentation from DOJ/FBI and CIA. You all need to read up on these issues, get off the Kavanaugh band wagon, nothing you can do about it, it's all kabucki theater to hold your attention away from the real issues of what your government has been up to. Kavanaugh will be confirmed.
  • Sorry I've been away for awhile, just had surgery,,, with complications.

Doug, you’re in my prayers for speedy recovery!  Thank you for adding this info!

I heard Trump say something a few days ago, about other leaders objecting to release of the FISA documents.  I vaguely wondered why they would care, and gave it no more thought until now!

Yes, he said it to Hannity at the rally. I think I posted the Hannity Trump interview in here somewhere!

Latest drop 


Spend some time this weekend reading up on QAnon posts, so you're ready and prepared for the coming storm. Here is a couple of links I use to get updates: ; <-- this one is interactive

And as Robin has suggested go to YouTube for Praying Mediic downloads, very informative and grounded, he will keep you out of crazy rabbit holes that can suck you down. Stay focused on the issues at hand (right now FISA Warrant) and let the rest play out as it develops. 

Hiya Doug!

I have more to put on here that I've been collecting today, in between my daily chores. LOL I will get it all on over the weekend. So much is happening and it's speeding up pretty fast.

I screen snipped your link and posted it for you. 

I hope everyone takes your advise and starts paying attention. We all need to be ready for the coming revelations! :)

Thanks gorgeous, I'm still a bit non-tech. Doing most of my work off the mobile which has limitations.

I see Schumer just took the bait, these people are so stupid.

You are so welcome. It is hard working off a mobile.

Yes, I laughed when I saw Schumers warning to Trump. Predictable

We are in even more dangerous times now than 2016. In 2016, Democrats thought they could not lose. In 2018 they know they can and if they lose now, it won't just be 5-4 on SCOTUS, it will be 6-3 or even 7-2.

They are a dangerous, cornered animal. We must work harder than ever.

This show between Sessions and Trump is all a smoke screen to keep the left off balance. It's actually brilliant! We all know that if Trump wanted Sessions gone, he would have replaced him LONG ago.

A coordinated effort among multiple agencies with people of different skill sets skills is required to take down corruption.

Huber is Running a Grand Jury Folks!

Monday, November 13, 2017
Attorney General Jeff Sessions Appoints Utah U.S. Attorney John W. Huber to Leadership Position as Member of the Attorney’s General’s Advisory Committee





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