This video is long but, it is well worth your time, the "spygate" corruption by the Obama Administration is about to be exposed... Tracy Beanz does a great job of investigative reporting.

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"Q" in the flesh?

Hi Doug! I have been following "Q" for quite a long time. I have so much on it to post, but, have refrained from doing it. It's time for it to come out. Everything that Q has put out has come to pass. I follow Tracy Beanz as well on twitter. The hammer is about to drop soon on the Obama Admin, and, much, much more! We now have over 40,000 sealed indictments waiting to drop as well.

Would be cool if you posted this in the blog section too. We can add to it and it will stay on the page.

I am happy you posted this.

Waiting for the opening of the website those guys were talking about scheduled for 9/7 Friday.
Supposedly, they'll be using open-source material to expose evil elements within the government.

That sounds great, Doug! I'm so glad this is all going to come out finally. I do pray every single day for the safety of them all, along with the President.

Robin, I just watched this video in it's entirety.  I would hope that these two good guys can get an opportunity to speak on Hannity or Tucker or even Ingraham.  I will also be praying these two honest men will be able to stay alive.  For many people, this video will be a "mind blowing" revelation.  For me, their testimony merely bolsters what I have all suspected ever since Obama was re-elected for a 2nd term.  Obama, Obama's family and Obama's life and entire administration always evoked the presence of sinister and diabolical suspicions for me.  Obama's entire 2nd term was spent installing the deep state we are just beginning to see today.  The concealment of Obama's shadow government was a work of treacherous and treasonous art to say the least.  The deep state that is now being exposed, doesn't seem to care about their exposure, which tells me, the worst is yet to come.  When evil is exposed and when there are still so many people who either can't or won't recognize it for what it is, the ramifications should be terrifying.  

Thanks for posting this video.  I am hoping and praying it will go viral.  I am a bit concerned about one thing.  With the amount of censorship of Conservative postings occurring in virtually all social media sights, how long will this video stay accessible?  

Jerome, like I told Doug, I pray every day for all involved in exposing all of this. I fear something really bad happening to them or the President.

Pray for the country

Indeed I do! Doug, I think that once all is exposed, people won't believe the depths of all of this. Will be hard to wrap their heads around in the beginning.

Yup, gotta be there to help others, as we "Coasties" used to say during storms - "standby for heavy rolls"
And now there is this,,,,,
Been waiting for this, releasing the redacted 20 pages will reveal much and hopefully lead to exposing the knuckleheads, ALL OF THEM !!!

I'm excited to see this news, Doug! Woohoo

Go to the 26:00 minute mark in this video, Lindsey Graham clarifying legal precedence regarding Military Tribunals for civilians being tried for aiding enemies.





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