What a sad state of affairs---a whole generation of young Americans, all sitting on their backsides, playing with one type computer or another.

If I didn't know better, I'd think they won the battlefields in Afghanistan and Iraq!

And just when you think it can't get worse, now this---they actually think they can bring forth major advancement in engine performance---something like invention of starter motors and alternators.  Technology with potential to quadruple fuel mileage and greatly decrease pollution!

I'll bet not a one of them ever even heard of a "Model T"---and the dumb-bells actually think they can do something so revolutionary.


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Interesting post!  I just have to add.....in changing the ignition process of internal combustion engines, what could possibly go wrong? ;)

As these considerations go, there's really only expense & durability to be concerned with.
I'm no expert, but here's some basic facts. 

When the air/fuel mixture is ignited by a classic spark plug, the mixture begins to burn, especially at the exact point where the spark occurs.  Normally, the spark occurs very near the top of the cylinder, and spreads out from there.  The whole compressed mixture is about the size of a pint jar, depending on how big the engine is.
Once the mixture is ignited, the flame begins to spread out, and this process is called "flame propagation".  The hope is that the entire mixture will burn, but currently it does not---operation of the engine causes much of the mixture to exhaust well before it burns---some people say as much as 80% of the energy is lost due to this action.  (This process just described happens thousands of times per minute.)
Many, many things have been done to increase flame propagation, but with marginal success.  (Chrysler introduced a change in the shape of the combustion chamber, and called such engines "hemis".)  A wide range of various type spark plugs have been introduced, but again, with marginal success.

Now we are considering use of lasers, which can send one to three rays through the combustion chamber (cylinder) so as to greatly increase "flame propagation", and subsequently, the amount of energy derived from each combustion.  This in turn means far greater fuel mileage and less pollution.

Diesel engines don't use spark plugs at all---they rely on high compression and much greater heat of compression, so as to more thoroughly burn the chamber contents.  However, gasoline engines cannot rely on heat of compression, because it screws up the engine timing.  Some people say the diesel engine only wastes 20% of the energy---a fact discovered by Rudolf Diesel.  Rudolf is the one who figured out how to fire a cylinder by heat of compression alone.  In the beginning, his engines would burn any kind of oil put in them, and there was not anything known as diesel fuel.  (The early diesel engines were far more efficient, but belched acrid black smoke---so eventually diesel fuel was invented to burn in the diesel engine.)

It's also said new laser ignition may very well be retrofitted on older engines.

The accompanying diagram helps explain what's going on.

Interesting! I think they need to learn how to do proper math and write in cursive 1st, before they attempt anything else. LOL

I agree.  With regards to the math, they should do away with the communist metric system.

Of course Washington/Jefferson rejected the French metric system early on.  Whereas they both desired linear measurement based on a decimal system, there was considerable doubt as to whether or not the French had accurately measured the length of arc, from North pole to Equator.

It turns out they got the distance wrong, and as result, the metric meter is not what they claim---1/10,000,000 the distance from Pole to Equator.

It so happens the distance we call an "inch" is rather precisely 1/500,000,000 the polar diameter of earth---a fact not to be ignored by those who believe what God says about His earth, in the Bible.

The following link suggests Jefferson's reservations about the current metric system---I've seen sources which say he rejected it because he correctly suspected the French meter was not what they said it was.

Please recall it was Gerald Ford who signed off on America's use of metric---never voted for as President or Vice President, and one to frequently bang his head in various manners.


Americans have raised last two or three generations to be lazy ignorant arrogant citizens. Talk to one and you will see how crazy their ideas are. Many think that everyone is equal and should receive same pay,no matter what occupation. Mcdonald workers receive same pay as surgeon. These ideas are so crazy. Some elected want 16 year olds to vote. If we don't stop this runaway train we are doomed.





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