How To Can Meat - Beef, Pork, Venison, Elk, Bear, etc.

How to Can Meat – Beef, Pork, Venison, Elk, Bear, etc.


This should be a mainstay for anyone interested in prepping for SHTF or just prepping -period. This is an old fashioned way of preserving meat. Also, if you are a hunter, and happen to bag some old sinewy animal, this process will yield very tender meat without chemicals! Our grandparents did it, and today, the Amish still can their meat this way.


The items you will need: A pressure canner, wide mouth jars (easier to fill these), new lids or rubber seals, and jar rings or other tops, tongs, a canning jar lifter (very handy), canning salt, and (of course) the meat (fairly lean) cut into approximately 2” cubes.


The approximate ratio is about 1 pound of meat to fill a pint jar (grandma's old adage – a pint is a pound the world around).


First, sterilize the jars, seals and lids. I place the seals and tops or rings in a small sauce pan of gently boiling water, and use a skillet for the jars. I place the clean jars upside down in the skillet with a few inches boiling water (keep an eye on it, you may have to tip the jar and let the hot water level again). While doing this, partially fill the pressure canner with water and start slowly heating it.


Fill the sterilized jars with the cubed meat (I trim off excess fat if the butcher left too much), packing it tightly - leave as little air space as possible between the cubes, and fill to about ¾ inch from the top. Place a half teaspoon of canning salt (per pint) on top of the meat. There is no need to add broth as some cookbooks state. Wipe the jar rim clean with a damp cloth, and set your seal and ring in place. Screw-on rings need only be finger tight.


Place the filled and sealed jars in the pressure canner, and cover with about an inch of water. Consult the directions as some canning units may vary. Place the lid on the pressure canner, and turn up the heat! I process the meat for 1 ½ hours at around 15 lbs of pressure for pints, 2 hours for quarts. KEEP A CLOSE EYE ON THE PRESSURE CANNER as pressure builds quickly, but is easily adjusted down by reducing the heat, or adjusting the pressure release valve. Turn off heat, and allow canner to cool down. It is VERY HOT, so just leave it there, it will cool down in and hour or so.


The canner and contents are extremely HOT, so always exercise caution! I cannot stress caution enough! This is not meant to scare you, just to keep you cautious!


When the pressure is back to zero, test it by opening the pressure release valve. I always do this first, as a precaution. Use the jar lifter to remove the jars and place on a cooling rack. Allow to stand undisturbed (where there is no draft) for 12 – 24 hours. Any that didn't seal properly, refrigerate and use within a few days (I have rarely had this happen) The jars may be a bit greasy, especially if you canned pork, and can be cleaned up with warm water prior to being put in a dark place for storage. It should keep fine for a year or more (mine is usually used up in 6 to 8 months).


This meat will have a unique taste, it will have its own broth. The broth makes wonderful gravy for stews and casseroles! Also, as it is very tender, you can drain off the broth (save it for gravy!), pull the meat apart with a fork, and add your favorite barbecue sauce - you will have the best pulled (fill in the meat) barbecue!


When opening any home canned item, be sure the lid is concave, and doesn't move, and listen for the telltale 'pssst' as you break the seal on the jar – this also for the rubber seal on glass tops and zinc tops. If you don't hear that, the seal may have been compromised.

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Great Post JG! Now all I need is a pressure cooker! I have everything else needed as I can veggies, sauces and fruits! Never did meat before though! Great information for everyone! Thank you so much for posting this! I sure will use it! 

Robin :)

Thanks Robin! I don't think most of us fully appreciate how much knowledge has been lost as our parents and grandparents passed away. I hope anyone who also does this shares what they do, particularly if they have differing ways of doing it.  I am still considering the post on how to do up a chicken for Sunday dinner.....starting with a chicken still running around the yard.....

Lots of luck.  Did you ever hear the story about the farmer that was raising 3 legged chickens?  I will write it up for you if you haven't.  For someone whose meat comes out so tough you can't eat the gravey a recipe for this canning process would look good in the "Palate Liberators Group.  I have never had canned beef, we couldn't afford canned baloney when I was a kid, but I have heard you can cut it with a fork.  Would love to taste some deer backstrap  cooked that way over rice.

Gotta Have Speed.

By Who Else


Homer Cluck

This guy was driving down a secondary road in Indiana. He looked off to the right side of him and saw this chicken keeping up with him. He looked down at the speedometer and he was doing 50 miles an hour. He kicked it up to 60, looked out and the chicken was right there with him. He said to himself, “Let's see what he can do”... He ran up to 85 and the chicken was right with him. He slowed down and the chicken zoomed ahead of him and made a right turn into a dirt road. The guy slammed on the brakes and turned with the chicken. He followed the chicken down the dirt road and saw it turn into a farm lane. It ran up into the barn yard. So the guy pulls in behind him. The farmer was standing out by the barn and the guy walks up to him and says: “I been running along with one of your chickens and I was just wondering where you got him, I see you have a bunch more of these three legged chickens.” The farmers said, “My wife likes the drumsticks so I bred this hybrid to have a third leg.” The guy says, “They sure are fast.” The farmer says, “Yea they are.” The guy says, “Well how do they taste are they tender?” The farmer says, “Don't know.” “Never caught one.”

When I was a kid my mom use to lop off the head and turn em lose. I think that is where learned to dance.  I was an excellent chicken plucker.  Maybe that's why I am so good at plucking a  guitar today. My mother and I cleaned many a chicken like you are talking about.  Bucket of warm water and a stump for chopping is all we needed to do the job.  Every darn environmentalist in the country would be calling the county on you if you did it out in the open today.  We did it in our backyard. Now that is fresh chicken.  The back yard to the back door and in the kitchen. Be sure to cut the leg veins at the thigh knuckle. That is truly a survival skill. Good ole Republican times. A chicken in every pot.

I used to watch my mom and aunt can things. I really need to get busy and do this meat thing!

Hello JG,

This type of information is exactly what we need more of here.  If people do not start coming together, and sharing their knowledge and know-how, our team will suffer as a result if things take a turn for the worse. 

I have been saying for a very long time now that if people truly want to be prepared, that they need to work on being less like Rambo, and more like a depression era grandmother.  Survival sucks.  Proper preparedness and know-how is what will turn a survival situation into something merely less than optimal.

Prior planning prevents piss poor perfomance.  When it comes to my family's survival and well-being, I don't want to be left with only wishes that I had done more to provide for them and protect them.  Regrets sure as hell won't fill an empty stomach, or cure the sick either.

God bless,


Hi Rahth,

I agree totally that we need to prepare like we are living in the depression era! I used to laugh at Rick's grandmother some years back. I would open her pantry and her cabinets and she had enough supplies for at least 6 months!  She would tell me that she grew up through the depression and that she would never ever not be prepared again. I wish she were still alive today, so I could tell her how right she was! I am also thankful that my mother taught me how to can food.  I have never done meat before, but I am sure thankful that JG posted this information.

Robin :)

Yes prepare for the worse and strive for the best.  The girl scout and boy scout motto:  Whoever sells the most cookies wins?  No, Be Prepared.

Exactly, Homer.  Preparing is a way of life for some and those who pay little heed to preparation will be screaming the loudest in any SHTF scenario.

Thank you Rahthrae!  That one line:

..being less like Rambo, and more like a depression era grandmother.

Wow, that is so true!  There  have been many times in my life where I was grateful for what my parents and grandparents taught me, and as I get older, I wish I had learned even more.  Another member reminded me that older folks are the first to be eliminated in a 'regime change' - because they remember how things were.

JG.  Don't we need a little of both.  Granny feeding the troops and the Troops kicking some serious Commie tail, like Allen West just did.  If that don't shut them up nothing will.  I think they will think twice before they jump on him after this.

A Little Rambo wouldn't hurt the Conservative morale.

I think it was Teddy Roosevelt that said: "America should walk softly but carry a big stick."  I think that is precisely right and the nanny state has lost it.





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