I bought the Aurora Fire Starter to carry in my EDC kit awhile ago. I decided that I need to learn how to use it in the event I find myself in a survival situation and I need to start a fire to stay warm. I accomplished this today without any matches or lighters.  Below is a picture of the Aurora Fire Starter along with a description. 


Since I am a novice, and I want you to know all about the Aurora and how easy it is to use for someone like me, I have placed a well written description/review below for you.  I will explain what I did with pictures below this review! 

Aurora Firestarter Review

Written by Garrett Lucas of http://woodsmonkey.com/


This is information by Woods Monkey on how to use the Aurora!

Using Your Aurora

To use your Aurora Magnesium Fire Starter unscrew the larger of the two sections that make up the starter. Doing this will reveal the fire starting rod enclosed. Hold the smaller section of the product in one hand and the larger section of it in the other hand as shown in figure 1. Next position the striking blade mounted on the top of the larger section of the starter against the fire starting rod so that the fire starting rod rests inside the 45 degree angled notch as shown in figure 2. This places the fire starting rod in the optimum position to start a fire. While holding the smaller section of the Aurora magnesium fire starter firmly in one hand scrape the fire starting rod with the top corner edge of the striking blade (THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT) in a fast smooth manner while pressing firmly against the blade and maintaining the optimum 45 degree angle. You will notice that when done properly the Aurora Fire Starter will emit incredibly bright and hot sparks that will burn and ignite any suitable fire starting material.

Pictured below is the Aurora Fire Starter, along with a jar of vaseline and cotton. I rubbed vaseline on the cotton and worked it in. You don't need a lot of vaseline, maybe a teaspoon, and work it into the cotton. 

Place the Vaseline cotton ball fire starter under your tinder and light. The cotton ball acts like a wick for the Vaseline and will burn intensely for several minutes. Unscrew the top of the Fire Starter, hold the magnesium rod down near the cotton and strike towards the cotton. The magnesium shoots sparks and ignites the cotton.  At this point when you have your cotton burning you use any dry tinder you have to get your fire going.

As you can see, I made a fire. If I had been in an actual survival situation, I would have added more tinder until I got a really nice fire going. Had it been 30 degrees and I had broken down somewhere, I would be able to stay warm  and not frozen to death.  


Now I need to learn how to use the rest of the items I have in my EDC Kit! I feel more confident today than I did yesterday that I would at least be able to start a fire. Again, I am a novice at this and it was very easy for me to use this Fire Starter. You can find the Aurora Fire Starter on the web site under the tab up top labeled PREPARE!

I can't end this post without thanking my friend Rahthrae. Without his knowledge I wouldn't know the things I know now. In the times we live in today, we need to be ready for any type of situation. I hope this gives you some idea how easy this was to use.

For more information on the Aurora Fire Starter:


Take care,


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Great post Robin. Some members of my prepper group actually did a demo of this in the parking lot. Pretty amazing! It's a great addition to the small items that can turn a lengthy power outage or car breakdown from disaster to inconvenience.

Thanks JG! I was pretty excited that I could actually do this. That's awesome that you have someone at your prepper group doing demonstrations. I hope they let each of you try it yourself. If I had not done it myself and I needed to one day, I would have probably not been able to start the fire under stress. Now, I feel much more comfortable having hands on experience. 

Hello Robin,

First, let me say there is no reason to keep thanking me.  I am happy to help.  I am really glad you did a review on this item.  I wish more of the members added content like this.  It speaks volumes about the Aurora that someone with no experience starting fires using an item like this was successful relatively quickly their first time out.  Sometimes things like this can be a hit or miss where what works well for one person may not for another. 

For many reasons, it should go without saying that it is wise to do a test run with the item to see how well it will work for you before you need it in what could be an emergency situation.  Likewise, it is also well-advised to practice and hone skills before an emergency situation arises.  You will likely not be able to accomplish a task you only read about, saw on television, or did once six months ago when your life or someone elses may depend on your ability to perform in an emergency situation.  In a survival situation, it is either a pass or fail test, and there are no do-overs. 

I am very pleased to read it worked as well as it did for you.  I placed some other quality fire starters on the Prepare page that are as different from as they are similar to one another.  All things have pluses and minuses.  I tried to give people some good options to consider, and do their own research on when deciding what might work best for them in their prospective kits.  Keep up the good work Robin. 

God bless.

Hi Rahth,

Once I figured out how to use it, it really was not to hard at all. Of course I won't go into how I had to figure it out. Haha! Shall we say that I need to practice better patience? Yes, we shall. One of my flaws. ;-)  Now on to getting familiar with the rest of my gear.  Love the Aurora!

Take care,


I think if you run out of cotton you could use a free item - Lint - from your pockets or your dryer filters.

Yes, you can Ruthie! Smart woman! You go girl.

The review made #Survival and #PrepperTalk Daily


Back to front for new members to see. Love this fire starter too. Tweeting it out again for others.

Only bumping for people to check out the item! Times, they are a changin"





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