Fundamental Refounding STILL being stalked by another site owner!

Hello folks!

After thinking long and hard about doing this post, I have decided that, after all these years, and, long hours spent, I deserve to voice my opinion on things that I have read the past few days with regards to another site where I, and others here on FR used to be a members. 

This is our stalker! WE SEE YOU! 

First, let me say to that "other site owner" that said this: 

I kept the site going through good times and bad, even during three coups, when members thought they could do it better- those spin off sites are now closed!

Let me say this to you!  WE ARE NOT CLOSED! So that's a lie! We do not beg for money, WE PAY FOR OUR SITE OURSELVES! 

The so called "coup" was of YOUR OWN MAKING!

You HAD good people who did MOST of the research. I KNOW, because I was one of them that worked nonstop on research, writing letters, making petitions, etc. I did not do this alone. There were others that helped and did the same things that I did.

You HAD others that are extremely intelligent, and, who wrote eloquently.  It was you that took those articles and used them as YOUR OWN WORK, after you changed words around, from what I understand. 

You had LOYAL people that you actually abused, by dumping all the work on them, while claiming ALL the credit. YOU did not earn that award, WE DID! 

YOU did not keep the site going on your own. Members PAID to keep the site going. I guess threatening over and over that your site is "being sold" gets members to pony up more $$$.

YOU LOST the person that could have designed your site. Seems that your constant stalking is to come and COPY off of him yet again. Your header is now the same as our, only a different color, and, a bit smaller. You changed other things to mimic our site as well. We are Refounders, yours are now Reformers. It is actually sad, and, laughable at this point. 

Your header!  Have someone change the word "ASSULT to ASSAULT" It's spelled wrong! 

One another note: I was informed that you spoke about me like a dog. You actually said that I was lying that my husband Rick had cancer, because I couldn't be at your beck and call at times, due to his cancer! What kind of evil witch says a thing like that? If anyone knows ANYTHING about NHL cancer, they know that NHL, depending on the stage, can take a long time to actually kill you. My husband suffers daily, and I am his caregiver. When just last year I took him to over 90 doctors appointments, not including transfusion days, I guess he and I are just faking.

I have ZERO respect for you, and, I think you are actually a leftie in disguise. That is how THEY talk and act.

The BEST thing I ever did was get away from you. We don't have all the drama any longer. We actually LIKE each other on our site. Our site may not be a huge one, but, it is HOME! 

So, do me and yourself a favor, STAY OFF OUR SITE! Go pilfer ideas elsewhere. I don't want you here. 


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Ok I’m home and I did a bit of digging into old correspondence and files, just to get the time frame right!

You all are cyber-family, and I’m grateful that we can all be together here, both old and new members, to stay informed and work together for our beloved America!

All of this needs some context.  I can provide that regarding 2/3 of the alleged ‘coups.’

Well, here is one, and the reason it was NOT successful is because of Rahthrae and me!  There was another evil website owner who, back in the summer of 2010, fooled people for a bit, too.  Interesting, but irrelevant, the two had similar names.  I will just go with 1 and 2.   2 was schmoozing members from 1.  She would set up ‘training sessions’ on her site, to include members from site 1, and rope them in, asking them to invite more.  When witch site 1 all but died, and the witch from site 2 had shown her true colors, Rahthrae and I pooled ideas and brought all the members back to witch site 1, so yeah, the ‘coup’ failed, witch site 2 died off in just a few days!  She should thank us, as we saved her sorry site.  Alas, no good deed goes unpunished.     

Fast forward to December 2011.  Witch from site 1 announces that she’s selling and or closing the website.  Many of my friends there came to me and asked where I would go.  I sent a letter to my friends wishing all a joyous holiday season, said I would look around for a ‘landing spot’ for us all, included my email, and suggested any interested members respond to it with their contact information.  Nearly all of them did, and many are here with us now!  She jumped in and directed everyone to Freedom Works (at the time, a very user unfriendly site) and never did close or sell the site, but instead whined for contributions to keep it open....something she’s been doing ever since!  February 12, 2012, after much thought and discussion, Rahthrae, Robin and I started this site, and here we are!  That’s the second ‘coup,’ which she started by announcing her site closure!  She is a narcissistic drama queen!

About two years later, she ‘partnered’ with another much larger site, and clearly got the better end of that deal! That site had her info on its main page, and encouraged her members to join the movement and join site 1 (the witch took a playbook page from that other evil website owner). I know because I was a member there too, until it migrated to another website host. You know what? Site 1 never put that other generous site on her main page (yeah, I did look), she just reaped the benefits, again, from another’s work.  See a pattern?

Thanks for listening! Love you all!

Wow, you spelled it all out quite nicely! What a tangled web she weaved. She had me so darn busy that I was not aware of all the evil at play with her. Yeah, I was like a mushroom, in the dark and fed Bulls**t. No wonder she didn't tell me all of this stuff. I would have left immediately. Then who would do her work for her? This just makes me so sick.

I am so very happy we are all together and I love you!

Love you too Robin! <3

Funny how Murrieta hasn’t shown up on the widget since this post! ROFL!!!

It's baaaaaack!

Well, we both were right! My suggestion in the post was taken. The word that was spelled wrong is gone. Poof gone! I am dying laughing over here, girlfriend. I'm sorry, can't help it.

Thank you for all you do.  ms

You're most welcome, my friend!  We're all in this together.  We are taking our country back. I'm pleased with the progress Trump has made. The lawlessness is on the verge of being exposed. 

JG thinks the world of all of you, and this site has been good for her too!  I’m proud of all you patriots here.  I remember, with no fondness whatsoever, her time with those other people and other sites!  Keep on, Patriots!

Thanks for posting that Herb! I know that she thinks the world of everyone and the site. I do as well. It's a good feeling to be here with so many that put the country first. 

I am also new here. That "other site" sounded horrible. I'm glad I found this one first. LOL

Oh my. This sounds like the other person and site were horrible. I appreciate this site and I am happy to be here with all of you fine patriots.





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