Fundamental Refounding STILL being stalked by another site owner!

Hello folks!

After thinking long and hard about doing this post, I have decided that, after all these years, and, long hours spent, I deserve to voice my opinion on things that I have read the past few days with regards to another site where I, and others here on FR used to be a members. 

This is our stalker! WE SEE YOU! 

First, let me say to that "other site owner" that said this: 

I kept the site going through good times and bad, even during three coups, when members thought they could do it better- those spin off sites are now closed!

Let me say this to you!  WE ARE NOT CLOSED! So that's a lie! We do not beg for money, WE PAY FOR OUR SITE OURSELVES! 

The so called "coup" was of YOUR OWN MAKING!

You HAD good people who did MOST of the research. I KNOW, because I was one of them that worked nonstop on research, writing letters, making petitions, etc. I did not do this alone. There were others that helped and did the same things that I did.

You HAD others that are extremely intelligent, and, who wrote eloquently.  It was you that took those articles and used them as YOUR OWN WORK, after you changed words around, from what I understand. 

You had LOYAL people that you actually abused, by dumping all the work on them, while claiming ALL the credit. YOU did not earn that award, WE DID! 

YOU did not keep the site going on your own. Members PAID to keep the site going. I guess threatening over and over that your site is "being sold" gets members to pony up more $$$.

YOU LOST the person that could have designed your site. Seems that your constant stalking is to come and COPY off of him yet again. Your header is now the same as our, only a different color, and, a bit smaller. You changed other things to mimic our site as well. We are Refounders, yours are now Reformers. It is actually sad, and, laughable at this point. 

Your header!  Have someone change the word "ASSULT to ASSAULT" It's spelled wrong! 

One another note: I was informed that you spoke about me like a dog. You actually said that I was lying that my husband Rick had cancer, because I couldn't be at your beck and call at times, due to his cancer! What kind of evil witch says a thing like that? If anyone knows ANYTHING about NHL cancer, they know that NHL, depending on the stage, can take a long time to actually kill you. My husband suffers daily, and I am his caregiver. When just last year I took him to over 90 doctors appointments, not including transfusion days, I guess he and I are just faking.

I have ZERO respect for you, and, I think you are actually a leftie in disguise. That is how THEY talk and act.

The BEST thing I ever did was get away from you. We don't have all the drama any longer. We actually LIKE each other on our site. Our site may not be a huge one, but, it is HOME! 

So, do me and yourself a favor, STAY OFF OUR SITE! Go pilfer ideas elsewhere. I don't want you here. 


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Hi all, I haven't been active for a long time online but just had to comment here because OMG is this the same woman (first initial S) for whom I spent hours and hours writing articles, proofreading her stuff, rounding up fax numbers for fax campaigns (which was my idea but I posted it and promoted it on her site so she probably took credit for the whole thing), etc., etc??? And is this the same woman who then banned me from her site because I refused to stop posting about my main issue (Obama's ineligibility) because she had "very important people" visiting her site and that subject made her look bad??? It sounds exactly like her right down to the misspelled word and the "toodles" LMAO I haven't given her a thought in several years but this just HAS to be about that same crazy woman. I can't believe she's still pulling this crap and I'm very glad that I got away from her downright mean spirit and all the online drama!   

Dotdotcom--You hit the wicked witch on the head

Dotdotcom, I’m so glad you weighed in!  I remembered that there were others who worked as Robin did so thanks for the memory refresher! Mahcookie and MollieB worked tirelessly on research for her too! I remember her trying to squelch eligibility conversations, and any other that she deemed ‘conspiracy.’

Hey DotDot! Long time my friend! So great to see you online. I mean that!

OMG is right! I know that she did you dirty as well. I know you worked your butt off too. I remember talking to you all the time while you were doing work. Her "very important people" was,in her mind, herself. I have encountered some pretty ugly people in my day, but, she is at the top of the list for me. Looking back over the time I spent there, all I can see now is how toxic it all was, to me, to the rest of you, and, to the movement!

Don't be a stranger! Love you!

Robin, I left that other site for the simple reason that woman is nuts! After you guys left, the site became one of unfounded and off the wall conspiracy theories, with you know who leading the charge. It was so tiring hearing her whine about how unappreciated she is after all she had done for everyone there. She is quick to insult and attack anyone that didn't recognize her greatness, or anyone that challenged her post. The only liar that I know of is the one from that "other" site. I think you are right Robin when you say that woman is a secret leftist. 

FR is where sanity is restored. I am so grateful for you guys. Your hard work has made it easy to stay abreast of threats made to our liberty. I have no doubts about your honesty and integrity Robin. As for that "other woman", I have serious doubts about hers, as well as her sanity. 

Hiya Kwic! 

I totally agree with nuts! I think maybe she baked in the sun one too many times. LOL  It seems now looking back, it was always about her and her greatness. Bow down and kiss the ring, because she was the greatest website owner to ever live. Puke! 

We are thankful that you are here with us. Jerseygal, Rahth and myself, as well as the rest of you all that are here, only ever wanted a place free of drama, where we can stay connected, keep up on what is happening to our country and take action where we can. It has always been about the country for me, and, I know for you and the rest of the members that are here.  We have to stick together. 

Thank you for the kind words, Kwic! Love you!  

Thanks Robin. Love you too.

Hello everyone,

Let me first say, it's good to see you all!  I'm glad you all have enjoyed and are still enjoying our website. 

Robin, Suzie probably didn't steal ideas from our website.  No, if emulation is the highest form of flattery, then I think Suzie is flattering the holy hell out of this website.

You all have been great.  Please excuse what might be the most uncharitable sentences you've probably seen me write to date.

I think Suzie is crazy.  I think Suzie is a liar.  I think Suzie is user and a manipulator. Frankly, I think Suzie is a worthless bitch.  I'm sure she has some good qualities.  However, she must hide them well, because I can't think of any after spending two plus years putting up with her nonsense.  I certainly haven't seen the hint of one based on her actions since then either. 

Just my two cents.


I love how you string those words together! You totally rock! 

Hiya Rahth,

It's great to see you on here. Missed your face.

She sure is flattering the hell out of the site! She always knew that you were the go-to guy for most everything. That's why the stalking!

I also do agree with every single word that you said on here.

You DO have a way with words, Rah! I laughed right out loud, and, ya made me "snort" laugh! Thank you for that! Hahahaha

LOL Rahth! Well said.

Thanks ladies.  ;-)





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