Fundamental Refounding STILL being stalked by another site owner!

Hello folks!

After thinking long and hard about doing this post, I have decided that, after all these years, and, long hours spent, I deserve to voice my opinion on things that I have read the past few days with regards to another site where I, and others here on FR used to be a members. 

This is our stalker! WE SEE YOU! 

First, let me say to that "other site owner" that said this: 

I kept the site going through good times and bad, even during three coups, when members thought they could do it better- those spin off sites are now closed!

Let me say this to you!  WE ARE NOT CLOSED! So that's a lie! We do not beg for money, WE PAY FOR OUR SITE OURSELVES! 

The so called "coup" was of YOUR OWN MAKING!

You HAD good people who did MOST of the research. I KNOW, because I was one of them that worked nonstop on research, writing letters, making petitions, etc. I did not do this alone. There were others that helped and did the same things that I did.

You HAD others that are extremely intelligent, and, who wrote eloquently.  It was you that took those articles and used them as YOUR OWN WORK, after you changed words around, from what I understand. 

You had LOYAL people that you actually abused, by dumping all the work on them, while claiming ALL the credit. YOU did not earn that award, WE DID! 

YOU did not keep the site going on your own. Members PAID to keep the site going. I guess threatening over and over that your site is "being sold" gets members to pony up more $$$.

YOU LOST the person that could have designed your site. Seems that your constant stalking is to come and COPY off of him yet again. Your header is now the same as our, only a different color, and, a bit smaller. You changed other things to mimic our site as well. We are Refounders, yours are now Reformers. It is actually sad, and, laughable at this point. 

Your header!  Have someone change the word "ASSULT to ASSAULT" It's spelled wrong! 

One another note: I was informed that you spoke about me like a dog. You actually said that I was lying that my husband Rick had cancer, because I couldn't be at your beck and call at times, due to his cancer! What kind of evil witch says a thing like that? If anyone knows ANYTHING about NHL cancer, they know that NHL, depending on the stage, can take a long time to actually kill you. My husband suffers daily, and I am his caregiver. When just last year I took him to over 90 doctors appointments, not including transfusion days, I guess he and I are just faking.

I have ZERO respect for you, and, I think you are actually a leftie in disguise. That is how THEY talk and act.

The BEST thing I ever did was get away from you. We don't have all the drama any longer. We actually LIKE each other on our site. Our site may not be a huge one, but, it is HOME! 

So, do me and yourself a favor, STAY OFF OUR SITE! Go pilfer ideas elsewhere. I don't want you here. 


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Since I'm pretty new here, I'd just like to say that, I am thankful I found your site. It is one that I feel welcome to be a part of and I thank you so much. 


Robin, I can't believe that after all this time that person is still causing problems. She is nothing but a liar and thief.  You  worked on the Obama Care Bill practically alone and on other projects but she never gave you any credit. The people on this site have had no fights they are only dedicated to revealing the truth. GOD Bless and Protect the founders of Fundamental Refounding  for their great work.

Ruthann, thank you so much! You called it!

Ruthie, I can believe it. People always show their true colors eventually. If I hadn't been SO BUSY doing all her work for her, I would have seen through her much earlier and got away much sooner.

Oh and I couldn't have done the Obamacare research without you! Do not sell yourself short, my friend. We were in it together.

Love you girl!

I am chomping at the bit to weigh in on this one!  I’ll reply when I get home from work but for now, I must just say this.  That woman Robin is talking about used all of Robin’s work on letter composition and petition set up, then took the credit and received an award....that’s right, she got the award on the backs of others who did everything, believing her to be a patriot.   More later!  

Uh oh! Somebody better be prepared for to comeuppance she's worthless and just out for her own greater glory. Somebody should take her down!!!!!

I know you are chomping, girlfriend! Chomp chomp chomp. LOL

Thanks for saying all of that, but, I did have help from Ruthie and others doing it. You, Rahth and the rest that actually CARED about the movement and our country and not just self promotion and how much money we could get to take vacations or fix up our house.

Like I said, I held it in for far too long. I feel free now from my past blindness to this person.

Love you!

Whoa...THAT'S "murrieta"??? 

There was a reason I came to this site from the other.  It was only because it was started by my dear cyberpals: Robin, Jerseygal and Rahthrae.  I wanted to stay connected to the three of you because of our common interest in trying to learn, educate, VENT and because of our love of country and our fear of losing it.

Since being here, I've found new friends and I truly enjoy the discussions we have.

I can't thank all of you enough for your continued hard work and dedication to the site.

You've made a difference in my life...and I'm sure I'm not the only one.

So...screw them.  I mean that sincerely.


Oh YES it is, Jodi! I have held this in for so long, and, when I was shown what she just recently said about a "coup" I blew my stack. How she used all of us for self promotion is disgusting. You put your trust in people and they turn around and shove it right in your face when you are no longer bowing down and kissing butt. She never took into account that I was caring for my husband and he was getting worse by the day. Horrible human being in my book.

I have to thank YOU for all of your hard work as well. You are a tireless patriot, you are a friend and I love you!

Right back atcha, my friend.

And as always, prayers continue for you and Rick.

Thank you so much, Jodi! :)





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