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Leadership Matters When it Comes to Reining in Spending

By FreedomWorks President Adam Brandon via USA Today

When Americans visit our nation’s capital, they are guaranteed to encounter a few things: Metro delays, overpriced beers and Republicans talking about cuts to spending. Fiscal responsibility is as quintessentially Republican as quoting President Ronald Reagan. But there is a difference between saying the right things on the campaign trail and making the tough votes in Washington when they matter most.

Congressional Republicans made good on their campaign promise to lower taxes with the “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act,” which saved a typical family of four $1,200. A temporary spike in the deficit was to be expected following these cuts. It’s simple kitchen table economics: If you bring in less money but keep spending the same, your credit card bill is going up.

Cutting taxes was only half the battle. House Speaker Paul Ryan was supposed to finish the job with corresponding spending cuts, but instead he forced through a $1.3 trillion spending bill that will bring trillion dollar deficit. Let this betrayal of Republican values serve as a reminder that leadership matters. It’s not enough to have fiscal conservatives at the wheel; they must have the courage and discipline necessary to move the agenda forward.


Medicare-for-All: Buyer Beware

Via Townhall

Everybody wants to see health care costs lowered, but about the worst way to achieve that would be to pass a “Medicare for All” plan. Enacting such a scheme would be a fiscal disaster, adding upwards of $3 trillion in new spending annually and painfully-high tax burdens to finance the massive expansion of the federal government’s budget and regulatory power. This would burst the budget, necessitate European-style levels of taxation, and would only be able to control costs through government fiat.

Medicare for All (M4A) achieved notoriety as the centerpiece of Senator Bernie Sanders’ run for the White House in the 2016 Democratic primary, and later after the surprise primary win of Congressional candidate and M4A supporter Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Think tanks from the right and left have analyzed the proposal and each of them have concluded that costs of the program would be enormous, with the average of estimates constituting a projected ten-year price tag of $30 trillion.

How would Sanders pay for this? His legislation also doesn’t specify, but the simple truth is that financing such a massive program would take unprecedented tax hikes. In total, the taxes that he had proposed in 2016 to finance Medicare for All would impose a $1.3 trillion annual burden. This would roll back the relief provided Tax Cuts and Jobs Act that has already contributed to an expanding economy. And even before considering the dynamic impact of enacting such massive levels of taxation, the revenues would fall short of covering the full cost of providing universal coverage through Medicare. To be fully-financed, upwards of $3 trillion in tax increases would be needed.


Listen to Episode 19 of Freedom Files with Adam Brandon Featuring Cleta Mitchell!

FreedomWorks' lawyer Cleta Mitchell joins Adam to discuss the Deep State, the fake Russian dossier, the Supreme Court, and her time in the Oklahoma state legislature.


President Trump Takes Positive First Step in War on Federal Waste

By Former Sen. Tom Coburn and CEO Adam Andrzejewski via The Hill

Recently, President Donald Trump declared war on federal waste. The president pledged to cut spending and asked his agency heads to cut five percent of their budgets. It’s a great first step and an achievable goal. Under the previous two administrations, the federal debt has tripled. The last Bush administration began with a $5.7 billion national debt and ended with $10.7 trillion. By the end of the Obama Administration, the debt had reached $19.5 trillion. Today, our national debt exceeds $21.5 trillion.

Economists differ on how much of a threat the debt poses to our economy. We share the view of President Obama’s chairman of the joint chiefs of staff Admiral Mike Mullen who said the debt is a our greatest national security threat. However, everyone can agree that misallocating tax dollars for activities that produce no benefit keeps tax rates artificially high and deprives investors and innovators of scarce capital.

Our recent investigations and oversight reports show that the president has a target-rich environment. 


President Trump Leads GOP into Midterms With Best First-Term Economy in Three Decades

Via The Washington Times

President Trump will lead the GOP into the elections amid the best first-term economy in three decades. Real gross domestic product grew at an annualized rate of 3.5 percent in the last quarter, which ran from July through September, the government reported Friday. The last time a president had such a hot economy heading into the congressional elections in his first term was President Carter in 1978, who was sitting on a 4.1 percent growth rate.

The country was in a recession in 1982, President Reagan’s first midterm, and was barely growing at less than 1 percent for President George H.W. Bush. President Clinton managed a 2.4 percent rate, President George W. Bush oversaw a weaker 1.8 percent and President Obama had a solid 3 percent. Mr. Trump took office with growth at 1.8 percent his first quarter, then saw it quickly heat up. He’s since posted quarterly growth of 3 percent, 2.8 percent, 2.3 percent, 2.2 percent, 4.2 percent and now 3.5 percent.

“These results are no accident — this is what happens when we pass policies to help American consumers, workers, and businesses generate economic growth and opportunity,” said House Speaker Paul D. Ryan, Wisconsin Republican. He and fellow Republicans point to the stunningly low unemployment rate and high consumer confidence as other indicators of a strong economy.


ALEC-FreedomWorks Legislator of the Week

Via American Legislative Exchange Council

This week, ALEC and FreedomWorks introduce Utah State Senator Stuart Adams. Senator Adams serves as Majority Whip in the Utah State Senate. Before being elected to the Senate, he served four and half years in the Utah House of Representatives. 

He is the Former Chairman of the Utah Transportation Commission and is currently Chairman of the Military Installation Development Authority (MIDA). During his time representing the 22nd District, he championed legislation to address religious freedoms, affordable energy, and clean air and transportation. Prior to his time in the legislature, he served 9 years on the Layton City Council.

Senator Adams is a partner in the Adams Company, a Real Estate, Construction and Development Firm in Kaysville. During his time in real estate, he was named Builder of the Year by the Northern Wasatch Home Builders Association. Senator Adams graduated from Layton High in 1972 and went on to earn my Bachelor of Arts at the University of Utah in business finance. He currently resides in Layton where he and his wife Susan raised their four children: Angie, Kristin, Lizzy and Stephanie. Today they are proud grandparents to fifteen grandchildren.



The regulatory update
with patrick hedger

Sponsored by the Allied Educational Foundation

Reforming Obama's Insane Fuel Economy Rules

On this week's Regulatory Update, Patrick Hedger sits down with Sam Kazman of CEI to discuss the effort to reform ridiculous fuel economy standards set by the Obama administration. 


The American Energy Boom in the Trump Era

Via FreedomWorks

For decades, Democratic policies have crippled America's ability to take full advantage of its abundant natural resources to meet its energy needs. But as FreedomWorks Senior Economic Contributor Stephen Moore shows, Trumponomics has totally reversed that trend and allowed American companies and workers to kick off an unprecedented American Energy Renaissance, securing our future and creating countless well-paying jobs.


More Americans Claim to Like 'Socialism', But a Closer Look Shows Something Else

Via National Review

Fifty-seven percent of Democrats and 51 percent of young people have a positive view of socialism, Gallup reports, slightly more than those who have a positive view of capitalism. That’s frightening. The record of socialist countries, from the Soviet Union and Mao Zedong’s China to today’s Venezuela, is horrific: little or no economic growth, hunger, authoritarian government, people risking their lives to flee.

So why are people talking about socialism again? It seemed to start with Senator Bernie Sanders’spresidential campaign in 2016. Then came a new breed of Democrats fed up with the influence of money in both parties, typified by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s upset victory over a prominent Democratic congressman. The Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) says its membership skyrocketed after Ocasio-Cortez’s June win.

So now half of Americans 18–29 say they have a positive view of socialism. But there’s a lot of confusion about what that means. A deeper dive into Gallup’s latest poll shows a decided lack of interest in the kind of government control that socialism would entail. Asked if they had a positive or negative image of various things, respondents gave very high marks to small business, entrepreneurship, and free enterprise, and 56 percent approval to capitalism. The federal government and socialism lagged far behind at 39 and 37 percent.


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This is scary to read. We can thank the school indoctrination over the last 30 or so years for this.

Fifty-seven percent of Democrats and 51 percent of young people have a positive view of socialism, Gallup reports, slightly more than those who have a positive view of capitalism. That’s frightening.





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