I listen to Hugh Hewitt for a bit in the morning.  I always appreciate his insight into the judiciary.  He has been citing some concerns that President Trump and McConnell aren’t moving fast enough to fill the many vacancies. Below I list a few links.  Is he truly the master of timing, and waiting until a most opportune time to appoint and confirm?  What say you?  (Anyone else miss Bill O’Reilly saying that?)




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From what I've read I think Trump is moving fine. Everything he does is timed the way HE wants it! Just my opinion!

I’d have to go along with the statement that Trump is a master of timing....or shot full of more luck than anyone on the planet lol. I don’t always like how he handles some personnel issues, and his is a truly drama driven administration.  All that aside, I am pleased beyond wildest dreams with the overall progress he and his people have made.

JG, Trump cracks me up! He is not afraid of anyone or anything! They know it, they know he has the goods on all of them, they freak out, and, he makes fun of them! I die laughing some days.

The drama is actually fun. The left has no idea how to handle him or what he will do next.

I am VERY PLEASED with the things he has done, and, he has done alot! He is keeping his promises. We have never had any of them keep promises. It's refreshing!

He cracks me up too.  He’s made more progress with things both sides want, but the left won’t even see it because of attacking him.  I think he knows they’re overplaying the (pick an issue) again, and I think he’s on a path for re-election. 

Once Trump finally releases everything, the left will totally explode! They are already eating their own now. Trump will win re-election by a landslide.

Thanks To Trump, The Liberal Ninth Circuit Is No Longer Liberal

These new and soon-to-be judges will have a significant impact on the median political alignment of the 9th Circuit’s judicial compliment, and will likely make a difference in at least three ways: First, because the 9th Circuit decides many appeals in three-judge panels comprised of both active judges and older, often part-time judges — a group of 18 “senior” judges split 9-9 between Republican and Democratic appointees — these numbers mean any given panel will have a nearly even chance to draw a majority of Republican-appointed judges as Democrat-appointed ones. That means the 9th Circuit will boast a political balance not seen in decades, at least since President Jimmy Carter and a post-Watergate Democratic congressional majority added 10 judgeships to the court in the late 1970s.

Second, it means that en banc panels, which are 11-member super-panels typically made up of randomly selected active judges, have a much greater chance of seating a conservative majority than before Trump took office. En banc panels have extraordinary power to reshape the circuit’s law because they can redecide three-judge panel decisions and even overrule the circuit’s own past precedent.

Third, Trump’s group of nominees includes no slouches. They’re all experienced practitioners with stellar credentials. Accordingly, once fully staffed, the court’s conservative wing will be newly empowered with sharp, young minds capable of steering the law in a more conservative direction over time.


Thank you for adding this info.  McConnell needs to move these judges for confirmation.  My opinion, he should be moving faster.  It is also said that McConnell has very keen political mind, so he may have valid reasons for his decisions to move slower.





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