Faulty Iraq Intelligence? Only If We Engage Syria!

First, I must tell you all that I've had to take a hiatus from being as active as I have been. I apologize for the absence but, as previously, I can't guarantee it won't happen again, between computer viruses, human health issues, and strained resources, the capacity for ChangingWind.Org to be a loud voice of Christ, Conservatism, and Capitalism, and not merely a whisper, has been affected. I'm delving in once more only because I'm tired of the “there were no WMD's in Iraq” lie.

Where's the truth begin? Well let's see what the Canadian Media has to say about Al Qaida working with the Iraqi Republican Guard...

Link to the uncut version for those that think something is being hidden from them is here, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ItqE9yQi4yw.

Hmmmm, where's Fox or the alphabet brigade from ABC, CBS, NBC, or even CNN, MSNBC, etc.? They didn't see the reports from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, the public radio and television station (government funded) http://www.cbc.radio-canada.ca/? Apparently a company of this magnitude is merely a stool sample on the boot of the American media, no follow up or even mention of this revelation that (and it must be repeated) Al Qaida, who controlled an area of Iraq, were working with Iraqi Republican Guard to learn how to distribute SARIN GAS prior to the U.S. Invasion of Iraq, which apparently broke up AQ's tutelage in dispersing CHEMICAL WMDS.

But please, don't take my word for it, look what USAID had about it, confirmed by Amnesty International too, regarding the almost 400,000 found in mass graves, and further documenting the killing of 5000 Kurds a day in Northern Iraq, http://www.usaid.gov/iraq/pdf/iraq_mass_graves.pdf. Oh wait that link isn't good anymore, apparently taken down since Barack Obama and Democrats who coined “There were no WMDs in Iraq,” to which we reply: Thank you Wayback Machine, http://web.archive.org/web/20040207052634/http://www.usaid.gov/iraq/legacyofterror.html. If you're someone who cares about this make sure to download the pdf of the report as this link might disappear from the Wayback Machine if the Democratic Party has their way.

And then let's look at General George Sada, 2nd in command of the Iraqi Air Force, the man Sean Hannity and Jon Stewart both interviewed (though Hannity's interview was taken down from youtube), where Iraqi General Sada explains how Saddam Hussein had done false commercial jet liner manifests for 2 and a half years before the U.S. invasion, using 2 planes every week to ship his WMD arsenal to SYRIA...

And last, and to me more convincing than all, is when Charles Faddis, a man who was part of the first teams into Iraq, explains on a Blog Talk Radio show, when questioned by your humble blogger/writer of this article calling in, that, at first, there were no WMDs in Iraq, to then explain that this meant “nuclear” or “nukes,” and then, when brought to a point about Saddam's Chemical Weapons, he is clear to explain that Saddam had mass stockpiles of WMDs, http://www.blogtalkradio.com/2020radio/2011/12/02/stay-mad-radio-on-20-20.

Evidence enough that this should have been investigated a long time ago?

Evidence enough that the line being sung as though a fact is disproven?

Evidence enough to say that the standard of “WMD” was being filtered by the Left, and other anti-war minded free speech hypocrites, as requiring only nukes to be counted as WMDs for sake of their rhetoric, their brand of political correctness?

It appears to me that from the above, the answer to these questions is a resounding “Yes!”


Then again... Considering that the WMD argument is being propagandized as a “righteous use” to which the “1429” dead required Secretary Kerry, with the perfectly timed somber pause, to then add “with over 400 of them children,” it appears to me that the double-standard Left has decided that the very same WMDs in Iraq's hands, and to which Al Qaida was gaining access (see first link above), were to be dismissed for sake of politics, meaning: This whole issue with Syria, including for Obama to later change his mind, IS BEING DONE SOLELY FOR OUR DOMESTIC POLITICS, THE 2014 ELECTIONS!

To suggest this with no reason would be wrong, so my reason goes like this....

Is a White House Chief of Staff a war strategist? Is this person a general or related to the Pentagon? No they are not. Instead, this person brief's the president on statistical data of a domestic character, and for a 45 minute walk about the politics of Syria, to see how well this is getting the attention of the American people and nullifying concerns over the IRS, Benghazi, NSA, the deaths of Seal Team 6, and a number of other domestic scandals/investigations, to then have him decide to hand the matter over to the Congress, infusing the political into a situation where the Constitution is clear regarding the President not having power to attack a Sovereign nation without Congressional Authority (as that is an act of war).

The only faulty “intelligence” regarding Iraq has been the people who bought into the lie that “there were no WMDs in Iraq.” And, if we go to Syria on the basis of the claims by the Obama Administration, we'll have repeated this faulty intelligence once more, and only be saving face for Barack Obama who speaks long before any cognitive knowledge of the situation is available to make any speeches over, and then uses this expressed mindless thought from a speech as a political chess piece and nothing more. Thus we have no reason to go to war in Syria, that our prestige, etc., that we ignored in re-electing Barack Obama, is the price we pay for our mistake, I mean, Obama said “elections have consequences,” to which the People of the United States of America are not immune.

Thank you for reading,

Toddy Littman

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Great post, Toddy, and I'm glad to see you back. Our 'alphabet' media would never print truths that vindicate a Republican and/or damage a Democrat.
Tweeting this out.

Welcome and consider that usaid.gov is a government funded agency, and the records about Iraq have been taken down.  No one would mention this stuff, and I have yet for more than good folks like you to pay attention to what I put out.

Months, heck years ago, I said We The People have the right to amend the Constitution, that it belongs to us, and suggested we set up our own conventions in each state ala the Tea Party.  I got so much pushback and arguing over that.  But now here comes Mark Levine and he's almost got it right, save that he wants term limits (taken out of the original Hamilton plan prior to becoming our Constitution) and he's thinking the State governments can Amend irrespective of the Congress.  This is true to the extent that the national government will not fight it, which it will as it's a rightful use of the balanced power by the States per Article V, however, it remains a limited power entirely within the mechanism of the Constitution regarding both of these created entities, State and National.  The entire clause of Article V is a clause of limits placed on State and National Government, hurdles and explaining the mechanism of the balance of powers.  But there is no mention of the People, and the fact is that when we elect a representative they are to represent our voice in matters brought before the body to which they belong, and are not attaining an exclusive right to represent us in all matters, particularly in regard to the Constitution that We The people ordained and established for our purposes and none other.  We naturally, by the Law of Nature and Nature's God retain our fundamental Sovereign Power, as recognized by Supreme Court Justice James Wilson, signer of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution for the United States of America, http://govote.avoiceofthepeople.com/quoting-the-founders/james-wils....

Yes we have to act.  Yes we have to fight for our Freedom.  And it is this my friend that those who took their Freedom for "granted" abhor.  They'll fight and argue with me tooth and nail because they do not want to believe Freedom requires effort to keep, to maintain, that this goes against their daily routine of automated deliveries of their electronic media to their inbox and therefore must be fought until government can run without them -- never realizing this would be the end of "self-government" the whole point of Freedom to organize a Government and a life in Liberty where good government secures our way of life as a regularity, that "regulation" of our lives being the supportive actions of government and not these malim prohibitum dictates to which the fine (as in fee, tax, sentence) conditions us to act according to the legal standards of a government irrespective of the Lawful Standards of our Right in Being, deemed ours and unalienable from Our Creator.

This is the battle being waged for a very long time, and to which I cannot awaken but a handful at best, and can only hope something changes in the future to accommodate a much greater awakening.

Toddy , We've been living this nightmare for quite a while now and I see nothing that is going to change it .

The fight in Syria is going to happen now that Ocrap put the line in the sand . We have to go now because of the "saving face" so that America won't look like the chump that we are . Don't you feel better now ?

The WMD's in Iraq were being moved as the inspectors were going into the compounds and even before . These were the tractor trailers that were shown and they had over 6 months to move all the cargo waiting for the 17 or 18 resolutions to have any teeth . What a joke !

Taking out Hussein was a mistake from the get go and will be the same with Assad . These people honor only one thing and that is they need to be dominated or every thing gets chaotic .

You are right, Dennis! This Syria war is going to happen no matter what! Saddams WMD's were moved to Syria is right. It was a mistake to go into Iraq, just as it was a mistake to take out Mubarik in Egypt. Now he wants to oust Assad. This is insane.

At least with Mubarik , Assad and Hussein they were a known entity. Iran would not be messing with Iraq and more than likely everything would be the same .
It's much like Putin , love him or hate him you know what to expect and in many ways (most) he'd be my favorite over Ocrap even though we pretty much know what the Prez is doing .

Since we have the oil reserves that are the envy of the world and we have had the fracking technology to get the oil out of the ground and since we have known about these reserves for decades, do world events seem a little odd?

Why was it in our vital national interest to save Kuwait from Iraq? Why was it in our vital national interests to poke around in the Iran/Iraq war? Have our actions in the Middle East incentivized Al Queda, especially the invasion and destruction of Iraq and the invasion of Afgahnistan?





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