Ex-DHS Agent: 10,000 Children Trafficked Into US as Sex Slaves Each Year

And, the left says we don't need to secure our border! 

About 10,000 children are smuggled into the United States every year to be sold as sex slaves, according to a former Homeland Security agent who worked in the child-trafficking unit.

“For a decade of that service, I was stationed at the border office in Calexico, California,” Timothy Ballard wrote in a Jan. 30 opinion article published on the Fox News website. “Based on my extensive experience fighting transnational crime along the southern border, I know that we should absolutely finish building the wall, for the sake of the children.”

Ballard is now founder and CEO of Operation Underground Railroad, an organization dedicated to rescuing children from sex trafficking.

“Human trafficking is the fastest growing criminal enterprise on the planet, with millions of child victims stuck in its clutches,” Ballard wrote. “Indeed, this is no peripheral issue—this alone should be front and center in our border and immigration debate.”

Ballard said his organization rescued a young girl who was 13 when she was kidnapped from her village in Central America and then trafficked to New York City, where she was raped 30 to 40 times a day.

“Had there been a wall, Liliana’s traffickers would have likely been compelled to try their luck at any given port of entry, which are armed with advanced technology and well-trained officers,” Ballard wrote.

He said at the same time the young girl was being trafficked across an unprotected part of the U.S.–Mexico border, a young boy was rescued as his kidnappers tried to smuggle him through a port of entry. The 5-year-old boy had been kidnapped in Mexicali, Mexico, and traffickers attempted to cross the border at the Calexico port of entry to California.
“Alert officers, using their sharp skills and high-tech monitoring equipment, snagged the American trafficker … rescued the boy, and then identified an entire trafficking network, allowing us to rescue many more children,” Ballard said.

“The U.S. is one of the highest, if not the highest, consumers of child sex. As such, traffickers know they will become very wealthy by getting their enslaved children into our country. We do these traffickers a great favor by leaving our border virtually wide open.”

The National Center on Sexual Exploitation has collected evidence from numerous studies that prove that pornography and America’s hypersexualized culture are driving the insatiable desire for sex and the purchase of sex, including that with children.


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Without illicit drug users, there would be no need for illicit drugs.  Without sexually perverted Americans, there would be no market for children to be trafficked as sex slaves into the U.S.. Without employers using illegal aliens, there would be no reason for illegals to flock here, although many come for the free stuff.  Wihtout Liberal Leftist Politicians who want an uneducated voting base, and willing to get it by offering free stuff, there wouldn't be a reason for illegals to invade our nation.  One thing that needs to be addressed in America are the number of U.S. citizens who make huge profits off the backs of the rest of us and off the backs of illegals.  Along with a border security device, America needs to begin prosecuting subversive politicians, criminal businesses, and put in place stiff mandatory punishments for sexual perverts and facilitators of criminal activity.  Jerome


Very true statements, Jerome! Outstanding! I live for the day that all of this is stopped in this country. It makes me quite sad and angry to see how far we have fallen.

Like the saying goes Robin, it isn't the fall that hurts, it's that sudden stop at the end.  I'm with you, morals aren't taught in schools or in many homes anymore.  However, a nation without God, will soon become a nation without laws.  Frightening, isn't it?

That brought back memories, Jerome. My father used to say that all the time. LOL

I agree with you that morals are not taught any longer in the home, nor, school. It all starts in the home. My parents were the best. They taught us morals and respect, along with hard work from a very young age. We also went to church regularly and were active in the youth fellowship in church as well. School was very different back then too. It is quite frightening looking at our country today. It truly makes me very sad.

Child sex trafficking ring operating blocks from White House shut down by federal agents

A child sex trafficking ring that operated blocks from the White House was one of the trafficking rings broken up by federal agents over a two-year period, WRC-TV reported.

The TV station examined U.S. Justice Department data on trafficking cases between 2015 and 2017 and found that the number of people facing federal trafficking charges increased by 20 percent, according to its report. Case files from Virginia and Maryland showed that trafficking crimes often turn into federal cases because the criminals cross state lines while selling girls for sex, the TV station found.

"Traffickers move people up and down the East Coast, traveling through Richmond, Washington, D.C., and Baltimore," Zachary Terwilliger, U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia, told the news outlet.

"This can be happening in hotels, this can be happening in bars — it runs the whole gamut," he added.

In one of the cases from 2017, two Prince William County men "advertised a 15-year-old girl online and sold her for sex at hotels in Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C.," according to the report. The TV station obtained surveillance footage that showed the men driving the victim to a hotel, where she was sold for sex just six blocks from the White House.

Christian Hood and his accomplice, Abdul Bangura, are serving 11-year prison terms for sex trafficking, WRC reported.

What about this surge?
An anti-trafficking organization, the Polaris Project, reported that the number of cases reported to a national trafficking hotline surged by 25 percent in 2018.

"The significant increase in cases we're handling this year is a reflection of the more targeted and better-informed efforts to raise awareness about the true nature of human trafficking in the United States," Caroline Diemar, director of the National Human Trafficking Hotline, told WRC.

Law enforcement and victim advocates say the impact is severe. The trauma that traffickers inflict on their victims can last long after justice is served.

"A number of victims are still under the control of their traffickers. They've been manipulated. They feel a lot of trauma because of what has happened to them," said Maureen Cain, a federal prosecutor in Alexandria who handles trafficking cases.

What else?
Although the increase in arrests and prosecutions is a positive development, the problem of trafficking is not new, said victim's advocate Elisabeth Corey.

"In the past, there just wasn't a name for it, and there weren't enough people saying this is wrong," said Corey, who also writes a blog on the topic. "That's what's changing."

It never ceases to amze me.  I live in Tennessee, known to be the buckle of the Bible Belt.  Churches abound here, in every city and town, large and small.  Millions of good people, good Christian people, however for the longest time Tennessee had some of the most lienent laws regarding abortion.  Back to the point I was going to make, prior to chasing the abortion rabbit.  A number of years ago, perhaps only two or three I read an article in a Nashville paper, I think.  The article gave statistics on the number of Tennessee children who are confirmed to have been trafficked as sex slaves.  I question how does law enforcement confirm the numbers and yet not know who the perps are?  Leads me to believe that someone, somewhere in local or state government, perhaps even in law enforcement are privy to who, what, when, where and how.  With today's modern advances in surveillance techniques and money following technology, how is it that very few of these traffickers are shut down.  Brings to mind another question:  Who is looking the other way, while at the same time holding their hand out under the table?  Just a thought.

Is this why the dems and some republicans are against securing the border?There is no doubt a number of rich and powerful people in this country that should be in prison for pedophilia, are calling the shots. This is nauseating to think that this evil with money and power can continue unabated to hurt children! How can we stop the evil, when the evil is in charge of the country? 

Count on it kwic!  How else can it be explained.  Millions in drugs that no one sees.  Thousands of young people smuggled and used as sex slaves, but no one knows who, where, when and how???  There's more to this than meets the eye.  How about young teens in the Phillipines who are mutilated in alley ways for their organs.  Who is paying for the organs, where are they being shipped.  Ever wonder how the wealthy who need transplants can find matches while others sit wasting away for lack of donors?  I have zero proof of this, but I know it happens on a regular basis.  Someone, somewhere is profiting from this corruption, and everyone in the know keeps forgetting to persue.  Now and then a story about organ harvesting for fun and profit gets published and always quickly quashed.  I wonder why, I wonder who.  All of these things have one thing in common, "someone's making money." !!!

Jerome, I had not heard of the organ harvesting in the Philippines. I know that the organ harvesting happens often in places like China, to their political prisoners. Organ harvesting from healthy people for money is beyond horrendous! There is a lot of back door evil in our country from people that have bought their way into positions of power. I fear that when all is said and done, we will literally have to fight a second civil war in order to save our country.

There is no doubt in my mind that if war broke out here, those same evil people who are destroying our country, being the cowards that they are, have planned for themselves a getaway to a country where they can live comfortably. At present, they have  a little control. Considering how their party is breaking up and moving from moderate to far left, that control may fracture at anytime, and the old guard, who is responsible, will probably decide to leave, rather than to stay and face the consequences of their actions.

Indeed, kwic, indeed!


So much in the news about child sex trafficking. I'm still waiting for all of those sealed indictments to be unleashed.





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