Looks like California is sliding further down the rabbit hole. Gov. Hairdo has signed a bill AB145 into law, basically allowing the pedo's more freedom to to abuse children. What a guy. Now in 2035 you can't buy a gas powered vehicle, yeah right, that's not going to fly. Welcome to the "New Green Deal".

I've lived in SoCAL since '58, great place to live. But in 1970 when I got back from Nam I saw a distinct change, and it has been going down hill since. We moved to Prescott AZ in '07 when I retired, great town (legal open and concealed carry, minimal crime), but due to some family concerns we moved back (choke) in'18. property taxes double what we paid in AZ, along with more expensive everything! The people in this state keep voting for the same criminals in office at every election, I guess when the whole thing collapses they must think it won't involve them, well wake up my friends, your rights are being stripped away slowly, just like the democRATS have planned. Just wait until he gives illegals free health care and the right to vote. 

I bought a firearm in AZ and the usual background check was done and in 45 minutes I walked out with my firearm. I just bought a firearm here in commiefornia, had to take a ridiculous 30 question test, show my birth cert, fill out 3-4 pages of paper work, and had to wait ten days to pick it up, and also had to wait to get the ammo for it. I wonder if the criminals have to do the same thing?

And now they want to tell us what kind of car to drive, we will be leaving this once beautiful state, along with hundreds of thousands of others, for one that free as soon as possible. Disgusted to the point of nausea!

This country turned to crap after John Wayne died....Duke

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The more I see of vids coming out of California, the more it looks like California could flip RED for Trump! The car/truck parades, the boat parades. Massive turnouts. I think people in CA have had enough of Newsome and the crazy left! I'm seeing the same here in New Jersey too. All Trump signs and parades!

It's great to see folks line the streets just to watch his motorcade pass by like in Laguna Beach a few days ago. Folks here have had enough of his socialist lock downs, just read his Christmas mandate, I think he copied it from Hitler, it's stupid! My property taxes have gone up $300 in the last two years, Gov Hairdo wants to raise the state tax from 13.3% to over 16% and give reparations to all the folks that were never slaves paid by, you guessed it, by all us folks that have jobs and never owned slaves. Also, you won't be able to buy a gas powered vehicle after 2025. So, King Newsum just keeps killing the most beautiful state in the union, I'd move but all the movers and U-Haul don't have any trucks available because they are all rented by folks leaving CA for free and less expensive digs.

Wow Duke, that is horrible. I thought NJ was bad, but, you have it far worse than we do here. I have seen all the U-Hauls are taken coming out of California. Our governor is raising our taxes as well here. can't wait to see what I'm going to be paying now. Hang in there my friend!





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