UPDATES on Accuser.......Brett Kavanaugh vows to ‘keep an open mind in every case,’ after chaotic confirmation hearing day

Judge Brett Kavanaugh on Tuesday vowed to be a “a neutral and impartial arbiter” if confirmed to the Supreme Court, after a chaotic first day of hearings on Capitol Hill amid political theatrics and protests from Democrats.

“If confirmed to the Supreme Court, I will keep an open mind in every case,” Kavanaugh said. “I will do equal right to the poor and to the rich. I will always strive to preserve the Constitution of the United States and the American rule of law.”

Kavanaugh's confirmation hearings started Tuesday and are set to continue through the week.

Before he spoke, Kavanaugh was introduced by former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, Ohio Republican Sen. Rob Portman and attorney Lisa Blatt – a liberal Democrat who said she voted for Hillary Clinton for president but supports Kavanaugh’s nomination.

Democrats, in their opening remarks Tuesday, sounded the alarm about Kavanaugh’s past work in Republican politics, including as a lawyer in George W. Bush’s White House.

But Kavanaugh said Tuesday, “I don’t decide cases based on personal or policy preferences.”

Earlier Tuesday, protests from Democratic lawmakers and demonstrators delayed the formal start of proceedings by more than an hour. Within moments of Tuesday's confirmation hearing kickoff, top Democrats tried to sideline the session with a rapid-fire string of objections concerning access to the nominee's records.

The spectacle underscored the political nature of the confirmation hearings, coming two months before the midterms and as some senators gear up for a possible 2020 presidential run against President Trump. Several of those senators led the charge Tuesday in objecting to Kavanaugh.

When Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley first tried to deliver opening remarks, Democratic California Sen. Kamala Harris raised objections to the committee just receiving a batch of 42,000 documents relating to the nominee's work with past administrations.

“We cannot possibly move forward," Harris, a potential 2020 Democratic presidential contender, said.

Grassley told her she was "out of order," but other Democrats chimed in to back up Harris, including Sen. Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn., who moved to adjourn.

This prompted applause from some in the audience, and touched off protests and shouting. Then, after New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker added his voice complaining of a "rush," Grassley countered: “I think you are taking advantage of my decency and my integrity.”

The chaos led Republican Sen. John Cornyn to remark, "This is the first confirmation hearing subject to mob rule." The Texas senator suggested Democrats would be “held in contempt of court” if they behaved that way in a court of law.

More than an hour and 15 minutes after the hearing began, Grassley moved past Democratic attempts to delay and finally delivered his opening statement, over the sustained shouts of protesters who were being escorted out of the room.

"Judge Kavanaugh is one of the most qualified nominees – if not the most qualified nominee – I have seen," Grassley said.

The disruptions continued as lawmakers attempted to make opening statements. There were 63 interruptions before the break for lunch.


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Brett Kavanaugh, wife and Christine Blasey Ford all receiving death threats: GRAPHIC LANGUAGE

Christine Blasey Ford and the wife of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh have both received death threats after Ford, amid the judge's confirmation process, accused him of sexual assault.

In the days after she accused Kavanaugh, 53, of pinning her to a bed in the 1980s and trying to forcibly remove her clothing, Ford, a college professor in California, has reportedly received threats against her life.


Ford's lawyers told The New York Times that in addition to threats, her email account has been hacked and she's been forced to leave her home.

Kavanaugh's wife, Ashley, has also been on the receiving end of graphic death threats, sent in emails obtained by Fox News.

"Please tell your rapist, lying, cheating, corrupt b---h of a husband to put a bullet in his ugly f-----g skull," one email read. "My condolences to you for being married to a rapist. Although you probably deserve it."

Do 'red-state' Senate Democrats see allegation of sexual assault against Brett Kavanaugh as political cover to oppose President Trump's Supreme Court nominee? Capri Cafaro, former Ohio State Senate minority leader, and RNC spokesperson Kayleigh McEnany join the debate.Video
Sen. McCaskill says she'll vote 'no' on Judge Kavanaugh
Another email, with the subject line, "Did your know your husband is a rapist?????" stated: "Hey b---h, did you know your husband was a rapist before you married him? F--k you and your f-----g family."

A third email, typed entirely in capital letters, read, "F--K YOU AND YOUR RAPIST HUSBAND."


Ashley Estes, who served as George W. Bush's personal secretary during his years in the White House, married Kavanaugh in 2004. She currently works as a town manager in Chevy Chase, Maryland.


Does anyone else see this whole thing as part of the left’s WAR ON MEN?

That, and, they KNOW that if Kavanaugh is confirmed, it's another Conservative Justice on the Supreme Court, changing it for decades. They also KNOW that if Trump wins re-elections he will probably get to nominate 1, maybe 2 more for the Supreme Court. It's a delay tactic. Wait Trump's term out and get a Progressive Justice on there.

You mean the war on WHITE men that has been going on since the '70s?

That’s exactly what I mean, JB!

Kavanaugh accuser Blasey Ford’s high school yearbooks scrubbed of info about wild sex parties, drunken blackouts, and more http://www.dcclothesline.com/2018/09/22/kavanaugh-accuser-blasey-fo...

Those are also my expectations -- but said better than I could have said.

Her story has more holes than swiss cheese.

Blasey Ford's Female Classmate, Her Last Named Witness, Doesn't Recall Ever Attending Party With Kavanaugh

Christine Blasey Ford has claimed that four other people attended a small gathering at which she was allegedly assaulted by Brett Kavanaugh. Three of those people, PJ Smyth, Mark Judge, and Kavanaugh, have already denied any recollection of attending such a party.

On Saturday night, Leland Ingham Keyser, a classmate of Ford's at the all-girls school Holton-Arms and her final named witness, denied any recollection of attending a party with Brett Kavanaugh.

"Simply put, Ms. Keyser does not know Mr. Kavanaugh and she has no recollection of ever being at a party or gathering where he was present, with, or without, Dr. Ford," lawyer Howard J. Walsh said in a statement sent to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

CNN reports that " Keyser is a lifelong friend of Ford's."
Keyser previously coached golf at Georgetown University and is now executive producer of Bob Beckel's podcast. Keyser is the ex-wife of Beckel, a former Democratic operative and commentator. A search on OpenSecrets.org reveals Keyser's only political donation has been to former Democratic senator Byron Dorgan.

Keyser's denial, as a female lifelong friend and Ford's last named witness, is the most consequential development that has occurred since Ford publicly stepped forward last Sunday and detailed her allegations to the Washington Post. Ford's allegation of the 1982 incident was told to no one until a 2012 therapy session, when Kavanaugh was first touted in the media as the most likely GOP Supreme Court nominee.

All of Ford's named witnesses of the party, both male and female, have now denied any recollection of attending such a party.

IT WAS ALL A DEMOCRAT PLOT: Christine Ford Adviser Told Democrats in July Call About Plot to Take Down Kavanaugh

AUDIO) https://t.co/hyfrItHlxg

Creepy Porn Lawyer is BAAAACK!

Michael Avenatti Drops 2nd Kavanaugh Victim Bombshell On Twitter –

Michael Avenatti has made quite a name for himself taking on a certain corrupt president, namely Donald Trump and those in his crime syndicate. When Avenatti hints that he has damning information on someone, his hints always pan out. After what Avenatti tweeted today Brett Kavanaugh should be quaking in his shoes. Avenatti hinted that the woman who accused Kavanaugh of sexual assault, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, isn’t the only woman who has suffered at the hands of Kavanaugh.

Michael Avenatti

All indications are that Dr. Ford is not alone. Buckle up - that includes you Mark Judge. #Basta

8:09 PM - Sep 22, 2018

His second tweet on the subject indicated that he may be getting involved in the case too.

Michael Avenatti


All indications are that Dr. Ford is not alone. Buckle up - that includes you Mark Judge. #Basta

Michael Avenatti

And to those that have criticized our media strategy: this will be yet another example of why we used it - because it works!

8:18 PM - Sep 22, 2018

The latest accusation is yet another bllsht hail mary.  It's as ridiculous as the leftists accusation that Trump had "urinated" on Obama's bed in Russia!

I'm watching Mark Levin's show on Fox. He's on fire!  He's laying out a fabric of behavior that even a college kid could follow! 






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