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Hello everyone,

I thought this was a thought provoking article worth sharing with you all.  It not only makes you think about what supplies you might need to acquire, but also what type and length of emergencies you are truly prepared to endure.

Here is a link to that article:

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It must be a way of life! The last 7 years have proved that! We are on our own! 

I completely agree with your take on things. It must be a way of life! 

Good info. There are many items on the Prepare page to gift someone to get a lived one started!

Thanks JG.  We've been gifted time to prepare, and many signs over the years to wake people up to the fact that they should be doing just that.  I hope all is well hon.  It's good to see you on.

Hi Brentonjoe,

I am glad you were able to make the Prepare page work for you.  You have an interesting frame of reference.  People here could benefit from that. 

As far as what I am prepared for, I am prepared to survive, endure and overcome.  I am prepared to be part of the solution if/when it comes time to rebuild and restore our nation with the founding principles and values that made this nation great.  Am I as prepared as I would like to be?  No.  However, preparation is a way of life that does not end, and I become better prepared with each passing day.  That is whether by learning something new, or acquiring something new or better to help better my own gear and supplies.  I try to share the things I have learned with people here so they can better go about ensuring they and their loved ones are better prepared when something necessitates the use of those preparations.  I hope my efforts have been of use.

God bless.

Thought I'd bring this back to the front and tweet it out again.

Bringing this back to the main page. With all going on, it's time to think about your supplies and gear again. Also, Hurricane season is upon us!

Thank you for reminding everyone about this very important issue. I will be going over my supplies!

With the level of insanity we are seeing now in the country, and, the things that are going to be revealed very soon by the Horowitz testimony in the Senate on Dec 11th, and, also what is going to come from Durham and AG Barr very soon, it may be helpful to revisit being prepared. I put NOTHING past the Deep State. They could take the grid down on purpose. We sure will see the violent left protesters come out again in full force as well. Check your supplies and be prepared for anything folks! God Bless you all!

Great piece! Funny, when my Grandfather first created his Uncle Sam, it was for a 4th of July cover of Leslie's magazine, the periodical of the day (1916), and his caption was just this.

It was only some 6 months later, when it became more apparent we might enter the war, the State department contacted him and asked if they could use it for a recruiting poster. History was made. Wish they taught more of history in our schools. Maybe we can change that, for the sake of this blessed country.

That is really pretty awesome, Cathy! It's great to hear about history! Pretty cool! Thank you for sharing that.

Bubba and I are still preppers, Not on the same scale because we are trying to start a Brew and BBQ place. Good too see others taking it seriously still .. We are pretty well covered.





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