Are Americans Stupid?

Bill Maher says that Americans are stupid. Now I am a polar opposite of Bill Maher and I certainly do see oddities that too many Americans miss. But I have come to the conclusion that Americans are not stupid. There are just some subjects that they refuse to think about. Some say only a fool talks about Religion and Politics. That I guess makes me a fool since I can never get that stuff right and continue to talk about it. But I see something more disturbing than being a fool - and that is never having lived. If all we do is be born, watch American Idol and die, I am not sure what the point is.

Well, there are some obvious things most Americans miss and some that are subtle. I will cover some of both. Sorry if this gets long. But again, I do not see people missing these things since they are stupid, even if that may seem to be what it looks like. I think they just want to go about their lives and believe their TV set (even though world rating of freedom of US press is now ranked 47th in the world - making news similar to the Kings talking points).

Things Americans should not miss that are obvious Politician Lies:

Obamacare is free. Really? Hospitals build themselves? Doctors and Nurses work for free? Medicine is free and equipment? Who knew? Then just make it free for the whole world.

Our deficit does not matter. We all learned about minus signs in second grade or so. We see Europe going under since they spend more than taking in, and we all can see people around us getting hurt since they spend more than taking in. Government is no different. Two huge issues no one talks about - our yearly interest cost of our debt is $454 billion. And so the first $454 billion in taxes you pay goes to the rich. Odd? The news does not say that. Also our yearly debt is now so high it cannot even be covered by loans and we are printing money. Can I do that as well? My wife and I want to print money just like Obama. OF course there is the minor issue that printing money leads to inflation, higher interest rates, killing seniors on fixed incomes, driving more people out of their homes when their variable interest loans go bad. And then of course, next the banks go under. But why think about this?

Obama said he would take $500 billion out of Medicare to make it stronger. Really? I am not so certain. How about if we take $500 billion out of politicians pay first to see if it works.

There are no death panels in public health. Really? There always are death panels; there are death panels today. A death panel is anyone who decides NOT to see a doctor or take action and that results in death. The death panels today are ourselves and our doctors. We accept our errors, and we sure make them, but we accept them since it is our decision. Have any of you ever said something similar to "Uncle Fred was just frikin stupid! He should have gone to a doctor!" Now only a total fool would want to insert themselves in this stuff, but the government is a total fool. They want to decide if you see a doctor or not. BzzzzzzzzTT . Wrong. You see, the problem is that we will forgive ourselves, but we sure will not forgive a bureaucrat sitting on their butt telling us Mom is okay and does not need help.

Windfall profits. Two issues. If windfall profits did exist, every evil rich clown in the world would invest in the US to get some of that big money and there would be zero unemployment. High unemployment means the opposite - that politicians have made investing in the US a piece of crap. Sorry, but true. And secondarily corporations can be thought of as a building and a separate entity for taxes. A building needs large profit why? The building wants to buy a yacht or sip rum drinks in the Caribbean? Corporate lawyers will often tell you the day you begin a company to never have a big profit. You have a small profit to give a return to stockholders to keep them off your back, but small is all you need. Before profit happens, first reward your good workers, and then spend the money to expand and hire more. And so, windfall profits would mean hiring people. Oh God no! We cannot have any of that !

The US goes to war in Muslim countries a third of the way around the world for 1000 or so dead. And yes, I do not want anyone dead. But 47,000 Mexicans are dead right below our border - about 80 miles from me as I write this. beheadings, dismemberment, and most of Mexico is now considered a red zone for travel. But Obama covers this up? And gives 2000 guns to the cartels? Eric Holder says not to question him about an estimated 301 deaths (300 Mexicans, 1 American) due to Fast and Furious since Eric Holder is Black? Eric says anyone bringing this up is racist? Now I admire many, many Black people and have worked with them. The ones I worked with took responsibility and in fact were often as stand up or more than white people. This is all ... beyond BS. It is not caring at all about human lives and again simply flunking math. Let me be clear here. I care far more than Obama does for those dead Mexicans, and I am thoroughly disgusted at him and the press. And if anyone raises a finger to try and help the border situation like Gov. Brewer did, she is called a racist b*tch. How sweet. (my note on that famous photo of Brewer raising a finger to Obama regarding border deaths).

Tax the Rich to get money? No proof of that. Stores run sales, lower price (taxes) in order to get more money by encouraging more participants. That is the opposite. In 2003 when Bush lowered taxes for all, according to the US Dept of Commerce, US income did not drop, but went up by $1 trillion a year by 2007. As for the rest, someone please show me how taxing a few billionaires that we have is going to fix $15 trillion in debt. Can I see the math please? It is all a lie. One day I added all of the Forbes 400 top US rich people. If you take all of the money and shut down all of their businesses likely in the process, you do not even pay for one year of Obama excess - and that is taking 100% of the wealth. And then... you do what next year? The only thing big enough to fix this is the economy itself, and the data in the US Dept of Commerce indicates that 20% of the US economy is already destroyed - and therefore no longer paying tax. That... is the real issue... that no one talks about. Obama destroyed the economy with regulations, unions, environmental hoo hah, and then says it is someone else. Nope.

MORE SUBTLE - you won't get these without research

Environmentalists helped cause the BP Oil Spill. Yep. Why were the oil wells so far out that not even Godzilla could fix them? In 1995 under fire from environmentalists Bill Clinton signed a bill giving huge tax breaks if your oil wells were far out. But the enviro nazis did not consider that that makes things worse - that now they cannot be repaired, and holy cow, they kill the whole coast. But thank God that Bill and the environmentalists came forward to share the blame! Not. I do not hate Bill Clinton. But this is one of his big 3 mistakes my opinion.

The news says The Kansas City Bomber is a far right loon. Nope. The last I checked even the far left Wikipedia knows and states that his issue was payback for the WACO massacre and he was even there during the siege. Now this does not condone Timothy McVeigh. Even if Janet Reno is a mad killer of 84 people including 20 children and 2 pregnant women, the right answer is not to do the same with even more innocent people in Kansas City. But the media could try and tell the truth. Nope, the media says if you are a conservative you just want to kill someone.. just like Timothy McVeigh. Really? Now again, I do not condone Timothy. But consider what would happen if the US cavalry killed 299 of a village of 300 Indians but missed one. And the one still alive was an explosive expert. You would not think Houston! We have a problem here?

The news wanted Bush's head and did get the head of our highest ranking Spanish person Antonio Gonzales (so Democrats do not like Spanish People?) for firing about 9 lawyers. Well, Bill Clinton fired 93 and some other presidents almost as high and those lawyers serve at the pleasure of the president so no crime possible.

Sarah Palin was convicted by the media of an ethics violation for firing a state trooper. What the media seldom said was that the trooper was still employed. So .. this was a thought crime? Sarah thought about firing the trooper but did not? This is like that Tom Cruise movie where he arrests people before the crime. Now I was never a governor, but I was a VP. If I wanted someone fired they were gone. HR just would tell me how it would go down, so to speak. A governor has less power? Sure ABC, NBC, CBS. And I am the Easter Bunny. When Obama wants someone gone, they are gone immediately even if against the law it seems - like inspector Walpin.

Bush, Cheney and not even Scooter Libby had anything to do with the outing of CIA Valerie Plame. The article "outing" her was written by now deceased author Robert Novak. Before Robert Novak died, even I watched his lips on TV (Fox News) when he clearly said that his source was Richard Armitage. But Richard Armitage who disagreed with the Bush war policy went free and Scooter Libby went to jail. Huh? Yeah I agree. Huh? Add to this that special prosecutor Fitzgerald knew at the time it was Armitage, as did Colin Powell whom the cat got his tongue, while Scooter Libby paid and the confessed person went free, and SNL and other media convicted Bush and Cheney and Rove - as usual with no evidence - and in fact the real evidence was to the contrary. Also Valerie Plame's husband who was in Africa who said no way Iraq was in that African country buying yellow cake uranium. Really? That is about all that country has. Iraq was there to get wooden carvings of giraffes? We also know that Iraq and Iran hated each other and just had a 7 year war. If Iran is going nuclear, duh, does anyone think that Sadaam was not looking into it. Now that is really a hard question if you are a liberal. So let me answer. YOU BET !!!! Was he far along. No. But the idea that he was not thinking about it and planning it well, bizarre. He also buried much under the sand, including people as well as jet planes he was not supposed to have, and perhaps some of the chemical weapons he used against the Kurds.

YOUR THOUGHTS? Americans stupid? Or just not looking? They sure are not doing research.

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RN, Thanks for this post! Americans are far more in the 'not looking' state than they are stupid, for sure. I do believe that more and more Americans are becoming familiar with the issues than at any other time in my life. I pray that I am right, because this year could very well be our last chance to turn the ship of state around!

You made a lot of interesting points, speaking of issues that are seldom thought about anymore. Good post!

God bless,


The majority of Americans are more concerned about the next (fill in the blank)ball game or Dancing with the Stars! I'll never understand it.

Yep, I think so DA. They are not stupid. They just refuse to look and think. But I can see how Hitler, Lenin and Mao got into power - while the people slept.

Hello RN! Great to see you! :) We sure are awake now! I pray we can stop and reverse all of this! God Bless!

Great to see you here also Robin. I also hope your husband is doing better.

Thanks RN! Umm, Husband is taking things day by day! His Lymphoma Cancer is not curable RN. One day at a time! Its' all we can do! Thanks for asking. :) Great to talk to you again too!

Great post! I still can't go for stupid, but ignorant works pretty well for me.

First of all Bill Maher is total ah and probably swaps loafers with his little buddy on CNN (When I don't like someone I can never remember their name.) Elitest like Maher owe their existance to statistics. There is a certain percentage of the population that is gay and if you can appeal to that portion of the population you can make a pretty good living brow beating the rest of us. Works the same with the divisionist of the races. Point one against the other and you'll get by. Blacks against whites, latinoes against blacks, Asians against Latinoes, etc.,etc., and so forth. If, like Maher, you are just interested in getting by that is easy to do in the present day clime. Some American people are stupid. On the Bill Maher show they are called "Audience". But most are just to busy with their everyday lives defending their families against the onslaught of trash that comes at them by the likes of Bill Maher and the race baiters. I would hate to be raising my two daughters in this trashy environment that is created by creatures of evil with hidden and not so hidden agendas. Seems everything is out of the closet these days and I'll be damn if I don't wish it had stayed there. The age of innocence has gone from about 16 to 8 years old. The youngsters don't get a chance to enjoy childhood like we did. But I still witness acts of heroism everyday. And I still see miracles come to light everyday. We are out of our slumber and into the bright light of thought provoking discussions that people like yourself, RN, bring to share. As long as we can communicate we will swing the arch of enlightment ever higher one blog at a time. Thanks for sharing this with us RN.

Your comment:

Some American people are stupid. On the Bill Maher show they are called "Audience".

Priceless! LOL

Yes, Yes, JG. I can no longer even handle one minute of Bill Maher any more.

I work at not becoming cynical but there are days when the weight of the dumbasses brings me down to a nearly unbearable dulldrums. Still
I rise above it. Be ever vigilent for the small little twists of humor that will lighten your load. Today it was the two elderly ladies hugging in the grocery store. I felt a smile of wonderment come across my face and I said, "See there, worry wart, there are random acts of kindness going on if you stay observent". Got to keep your head up to notice. Bill Maher is pestilence that probably has never witnessed a miracle in his life. If he did he would find some way to make it a negative. We need to focus on the things that matter. And Bill Maher just doesn't matter. There are a few people that come on my TV that get opted out immediately. Him and BO are definetly two of them I, too, cannot handle either one of them for a nanosecond.

God I love my remote.

I agree Homer. I admit that the last few days every time Obama comes on, I just click it off. I realize someone said once that you should spend even more time listening to those you disagree with. But I can no longer handles the lies. They are far too obvious.

What really bothers me about Obama is how he is wrong in almost everything he does - unless of course his plan is to destroy America. Now this makes no sense to me. Even a stopped clock is right twice a day, unless it is on Military time. This guy is wrong on everything - Solyndra, Fast and Furious, the Keystone pipeline, Israel, the attacks on the constitution and Christians. It is somewhat amazing. I find it hard to name one thing he did right. I will admit that maybe just maybe he did not get in the way of the Navy Seals who got bin laden, but then again, neither did my cat. So not sure that counts, even though he will milk that even though one person here pointed out he was calling the navy seals names just a few years ago.





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