There is much more a stake than the Amish position on vaccines. Whether or not you approve of vaccines, this is a serious First Amendment issue.

NY Supreme Court Rules That The Amish Cannot Exercise Religious Vaccine Exemption To Attend Their Own Private Amish School Of 24 Amish Children.

The petition by an Amish father to the New York State Supreme Court to allow his family to practice their faith and allow his children to attend a private Amish school has been denied.

Jonas Stoltzfus has three children, all unvaccinated, who attend the Cranberry Marsh school in Romulus, NY, a town between Rochester and Syracuse.

Kevin Barry of First Freedoms, Attorney for Mr. Stoltzfus, says that there will be no more appeals in the case.

Barry says that the state of New York has threatened to shut down the Cranberry Marsh School that the Stoltzfus children attend, though the state has taken no action yet.

WSKG has reported that, “Under the rules barring religious exemptions to vaccines, schools can be fined up to $2,000 per day for each student who is out of compliance.”

The First Freedom’s web site notes the unusual choice that the judge made in writing his opinion.

New York law now requires K-12 Amish children to receive a combined 35 doses of 10 vaccines:

  • Diphtheria
  • Tetanus
  • Pertussis
  • Polio
  • Measles
  • Mumps
  • Rubella
  • Hepatitis B
  • Varicella (Chickenpox)
  • Meningococcal

There is currently a bill in the NY Legislature to ad the HPV vaccine, for a sexually transmitted virus, to the mandatory school schedule.

The American Academy of Pediatrics has now joined the vaccine industry, and announced that their number one priority is the removal of the religious vaccine exemption from every state in the US. Participation in the abortion industry is now required for full par... New York, California, West Virginia, Mississippi, and soon Maine will require children to be vaccinated with aborted fetal cell line vaccines to be educated in both public and private Christian schools, and legislation is being presented to do so in more than a dozen states.

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It is a serious 1st Amendment issue. I think they may win in the Supreme Court.

They add something called squaline to vaccines and it causes all kinds of problems health wise.

I personally believe vaccines are necessary, and unless there is an allergy, it should be mandatory.  On the other hand, every single illegal and legal immigrant needs to be quarantined until health stability is established, then they should be inoculated with all primary vaccines that have been SOP for American children since the 1950's.  I understand that there are some religions that suggest vaccines are forbidden, but those are not Biblical in nature, nor is it backed by any proof of detriment to humans.  In essence, these religions are banking on everyone else getting vaccinated so they don't have to take that responsibility on themselves.  If they win in court, more power to them, but if they contract diseases where there are already existing vaccines, then by the same token those parents should be held criminally liable for child neglect.

I strongly disagree with mandatory vaccines.  The vaccines of today are not as safe as the ones even 50 years ago. Do some research on the various adjuvuncts and other ingredients in vaccines today. It will sicken you. Research the negative side effects of these...and I personally believe it is the adjuvuncts that are the biggest culprit, as well as the schedule of so many simultaneous injected vaccines ... it stresses the immune system to a very high degree and can cause great harm to  the host! MMR and several other vaccines are using fetal stem cells from aborted babies as well.

As a child I nad my siblings were fully vaccinated and also again before we moved to Japan with 8 more. They were administered by a very wise physician who gave 1 vaccine a week over an 8 or 9 week period when we were preparing our move to Japan. The most we got was a sore arm and occasional fever. But then again, those vaccines did not have the very scary adjuvuncts that the ones being used have today. If they are so safe, why has the government made sure lawsuits can't be brought against the manufacturers of the vaccines??????

And here's another thought... shedding occurs in the recently vaccinated and can cause the disease to develop in an unvaccinated person. When I was taking an immuno suppressive medication I was told it was a must to stay away from ANYONE who had had a vaccine unless it was at least a  week past the injection.

the absolute tyranny of the fascist left frightening. I pray most sincerely that this never comes to pass  for this or any Amish community nor for those of us who oppose these tactics and indeed vaccines in general. MY BODY MY CHOICE and the AMA, CDC, FDA, Big Pharma and be damned along with the corrupt, complicit, simpering legislators  both federal and state!

My body, my choice, how Liberal is that?  Do you support abortion too, under the same heading, of course?  Abortion advocates use that same argument.  Mandatory vaccinations for illegals coming from 3rd world countries is absolutely necessary.  I'm not talking about new experimental vaccines, these people are bringing back into existence diseases that we in America haven't seen in epidemic form for over 5 decades, thanks to vaccinations.  No, it's not your body that requires concern it's what you can contract and pass on to another unvaccinated individual who either by ignorance or under education feels that only they live in this world.  I totally understand your argument Justfolk, however like you, I strongly disagree with it.





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