All this week I’ve been witnessing some of the end zone dancing taking place among various groups regarding the recent decision to allow women to fully serve in combat roles alongside the men. There are many variations on the theme, of course, but the editorial board at the Gray Lady probably summed the general sentiment up fairly well.

The Pentagon’s decision to end its ban on women in combat is a triumph for equality and common sense. By opening infantry, artillery and other battlefield jobs to all qualified service members regardless of sex, the military is showing that categorical discrimination has no place in a society that honors fairness and equal opportunity.

Equality is great, isn’t it? Respect and unbiased treatment of everyone regardless of gender or any other metric you’d care to name is a principle which I believe most of us can agree upon. And I still maintain that both men and women should be given a fair and equal shot at any job which they can adequately perform. And yet, when it comes to the idea of American women serving in combat roles on the front lines during war, I am a hypocrite. A throwback. A dinosaur.

I am a dinosaur as well....................

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With regards to more radical change in our military, let's add things up.  Does our military now sacrifice the discipline of Washington, developed at Valley Forge (homosexuals)?  Do military chaplains now lose religious freedom, so that they cannot teach Leviticus 18:22, and other scripture?  Do Islamists in our military have religious freedom to lie while serving?  Now what about putting young women in a hell called combat?   When the questions are answered, and the "big picture" defined, we can see clear intent to hopelessly confuse our military, and compromise our common defense.  And the man in charge of it all---that's Soetoro-Obama, the same one bringing utter confusion to every other issue before us (he even uses an unelected freak to undermine the military,  which he commands).


Well stated and exactly factual . . the press will not tell the people so it has become the task of bloggers. Keep up the fight for in the end truth and facts will prevail.

Or maybe in the alternative - we can just leave them behind - as they are not progressing in the world of technology or advanced studies in Medicine or any science  They will fail on their own - we can just watch them fail - in the FREE WORLD we need to isolate them and let them see what their world is compared to what they could have - quit feeding the hungry and let them suffer their world ways - Just look at the home nations of Islam - none are advanced past primitive . .  if not for oil they would be still be on Camel living in tents and going from water to water.

Is this a "yes or no" question?  Just wonderin'......really.

I guess that makes sense, JB.  I just wish the worldview not be shoved down our throats.


Since the one thing the whole bunch swears to do is uphold the Constitution, it is well to look therein for guidance.  In Article I, Section 8, we find the powers of Congress, which enumerate the following:  "To make rules for the government and regulation of the land and naval forces:"  We may note Panetta is sworn to uphold what is established.  Furthermore, the Constitution empowers Congress, not the President or Secretary of Defense.  Since women in combat would necessarily involve a majority vote of Congress, it does not seem likely in the present circumstances that such law will be enacted, and for very good reason, it should not ever be. 

......and another thought on the subject:

When will women that reach the age of 18 years old be required by law to register with the Selective Service?

Only seems right to me!

Yes, the concept of equality seems to have gotten lost in all the struggle to achieve equality.





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