90 things Democrats have said Trump could be impeached for

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This list is unbelievable! 

1 For potentially ignoring court orders on his travel ban 02/01/2017 MSNBC Joaquin Castro
2 Because "we have to" 02/06/2017 Grabien Maxine Waters
3 For "creating chaos and division" 02/06/2017 CNN Maxine Waters
4 For potentially supplying damaging information 02/20/2017 MSNBC Jerry Nadler
5 For trying to "undermine Hillary Clinton and therefore undermine our democracy" 03/23/2017 Grabien Maxine Waters
6 Because his "motives and actions are contemptible" 04/15/2017 NTK Network Maxine Waters
7 For "collusion" 05/11/2017 MSNBC Maxine Waters
8 Because "he regards himself as above the law" 05/14/2017 ABC Lawrence Tribe
9 For firing Comey 05/15/2017 MSNBC Al Green
10 For allegedly disclosing classified info to Russia 05/16/2017 The Washington Free Beacon Maxine Waters
11 For Comey saying Trump asked him to drop Flynn probe 05/17/2017 MSNBC Jerry Nadler
12 For being "mentally unstable" 05/22/2017 MSNBC Ron Reagan
13 Because they've been able to "connect the dots" 05/28/2017 MSNBC Maxine Waters
14 Because "a plurality of polls" supports it 06/07/2017 ABC News Al Green
15 For being "abnormal" and possibly "crazy" 07/07/2017 NTK Network Maxine Waters
16 For banning transgenders from serving in the military 10/11/2017 Grabien Al Green
17 For "disrespecting and disparaging women" 10/11/2017 CSPAN Al Green
18 For saying NFL athletes should stand for the national anthem 10/19/2017 CSPAN Al Green
19 For being "friends" with Putin 10/24/2017 CNN Maxine Waters
20 For being "a clear and present danger" to Americans 10/25/2017 MSNBC Tom Steyer
21 For "putting the health and safety of Americans at risk" 10/28/2017 MSNBC Tom Steyer
22 For being an "inciter" of "ethnocentrism" 11/08/2017 CSPAN Al Green
23 For promoting "xenophobia" 11/08/2017 CSPAN Al Green
24 For inciting "bigotry" 11/08/2017 CSPAN Al Green
25 For being an "inciter" of "hatred" 11/08/2017 CSPAN Al Green
26 For "undermining the federal judiciary" 11/15/2017 Grabien Steve Cohen
27 For mocking a disabled journalist 11/16/2017 Bloomberg Maxine Waters
28 For the "Access Hollywood" tape 11/16/2017 Bloomberg Maxine Waters
29 For "threatening the media" 11/18/2017 MSNBC John Yarmuth
30 For "taking money from foreign governments" 11/26/2017 CNN Tom Steyer
31 For "dereliction of duty" 12/03/2017 MSNBC Ted Lieu
32 For being incompetent 12/04/2017 MSNBC Ezra Klein
33 For bringing "dishonor" upon the United States 12/06/2017 CSPAN Al Green
34 For being "psychologically deranged" 12/16/2017 MSNBC Richard Painter
35 For being "racist, sexist, and Islamaphobic" 12/30/2017 MSNBC Anushay Hossain
36 For not believing in the Constitution 12/30/2017 MSNBC Karine Jean-Pierre
37 For being "unfit" for office 01/08/2018 MSNBC Tom Steyer
38 For saying some countries are "shitholes" 01/14/2018 MSNBC Al Green
39 For his aides talking to Russians 01/26/2018 CNN Cory Booker
40 For urging Sessions to investigate Hillary 02/28/2018 MSNBC Chris Hayes
41 For not being respectful 03/04/2018 MSNBC Maxine Waters
42 For being "the most dangerous president in American history" 03/05/2018 MSNBC Tom Perez
43 For name calling 03/12/2018 MSNBC Maxine Waters
44 For A.G. Sessions firing Andrew McCabe 03/16/2018 MSNBC Danny Cevallos
45 For violating the "emoluments clause" 03/20/2018 MSNBC Tom Steyer
46 For possibly considering "firing" Mueller 03/23/2018 CNN Ted Lieu
47 For being "unwilling to make it clear" Russians can't hack America's "critical infrastructure" 03/26/2018 MSNBC John Garamendi
48 For being "unworthy" and "despicable" 03/27/2018 MSNBC Maxine Waters
49 Because "we have the grounds to do it" 06/27/2018 CNN Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
50 For staffing Trump Tower with park rangers 01/16/2019 MSNBC Rashida Tlaib
51 For the BuzzFeed report on Cohen 01/18/2019 MSNBC Eugene Robinson
52 For the "so many things" he has done 01/20/2019 MSNBC Maxine Waters
53 Because Virginia's governor wore blackface 02/08/2019 CSPAN Al Green
54 To prevent his re-election 05/04/2019 MSNBC Al Green
55 Because the "system of checks and balances is at risk" 05/15/2019 C-SPAN Al Green
56 To prevent a "monarchy" 05/15/2019 C-SPAN Al Green
57 For not releasing his tax returns 05/16/2019 Campaign Ad Tom Steyer
58 To put a "stain" on his presidency 05/25/2019 MSNBC Karine Jean-Pierre
59 Because it's "critical to our national security" 05/27/2019 MSNBC Richard Painter
60 Because it would be "crazy not to do it" 05/30/2019 CNN John Hickenlooper
61 In order to "set a precedent" for future presidents 06/01/2019 MSNBC Karine Jean-Pierre
62 Because we have a "moral obligation" 06/02/2019 CNN Cory Booker
63 Because it will help "educate" and "inform" the American public 06/03/2019 MSNBC Mike Quigley
64 Because the president "is leaving us no choice" 06/04/2019 CNN Dan Kildee
65 Because it's our "constitutional duty" to "have this debate" 06/08/2019 MSNBC Seth Moulton
66 For failing to "produce evidence" 06/10/2019 CNN Steve Cohen
67 For saying the press is the "enemy of the people" 06/10/2019 CNN Steve Cohen
68 For saying he'd take "dirt" on rivals from foreigners 06/13/2019 CNN Steve Cohen
69 For Kellyanne Conway's alleged Hatch Act violation 06/14/2019 MSNBC Richard Painter
70 To ensure Robert Mueller's work is continued 06/19/2019 NTK Network Katie Porter
71 For being "above the law" 07/11/2019 C-SPAN Al Green
72 For "inhumane" conditions at the border 07/15/2019 MSNBC Rashida Tlaib
73 For "high crimes and misdemeanors" 07/15/2019 MSNBC Ilhan Omar
74 For administration officials defying congressional subpoenas 07/16/2019 C-SPAN Ann Kirkpatrick
75 For saying fellow Americans should "go back to other countries" 07/17/2019 C-SPAN Al Green
76 For Trump crowd's "send her back" chant 07/18/2019 CNN Al Green
77 For attacks on the judiciary 07/19/2019 MSNBC Steve Cohen
78 Because we're in a "constitutional crisis" 07/25/2019 C-SPAN Al Green
79 For offering to host G7 summit at Doral 08/31/2019 MSNBC House Judiciary Committee
80 For influencing the decision of the new FBI building's location 08/31/2019 MSNBC Mike Quigley
81 For publicising his own assets 08/31/2019 MSNBC Mike Quigley
82 For suggesting a company for Army Corps to award wall production contract 08/31/2019 MSNBC Richard Painter
83 For talking like Hitler 08/31/2019 MSNBC Richard Painter
84 Because every new impeachable offense makes it harder to take action 08/31/2019 MSNBC David Cicilline
85 For investigating Hunter Biden 09/22/2019 CNN Adam Schiff
86 For "hijacking" American foreign policy 09/23/2019 MSNBC Chris Hayes
87 For betraying his oath of office 09/24/2019 Politico Nancy Pelosi
88 For "coercing" a foreign government 09/25/2019 MSNBC Matthew Miller
89 For "extorting" a foreign government 09/25/2019 MSNBC Matthew Miller
90 For "intimidating" the whistleblower 10/01/2019 ABC Jon Karl

Thanks for posting this Robin. Wasn't sure it would post well the way they have it formatted.

No Republican would ever get away with doing that stuff! 

You got that right, Native!

No problem, Watchman.

Well, ya know, the last guy in office didn't have one iota of corruption.  Or maybe...they just took Barry's stuff and made the Trump list?

Unbelievable.  TDS on steroids.

Thanks for posting, Robin.  Adding to tids.

You know the media....lie to us enough times, and they consider it truth.





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