1) The economy continues to improve despite the best efforts of the Democrats trying to stifle it for political gain. Trump has proved he can build a robust economy whereas Biden has not. This makes Trump the best candidate to lead the way for economic recovery.

2) There is no visible enthusiasm for Biden whereas Trump supports are energized. Trump supporters routinely put on boat parades and car caravans to show their support for the president. Such shows of enthusiasm are non-existent for Biden.

3) Biden has no charisma and is low energy. His responses, when coherent, are rehearsed and generic. His cognitive skills are so bad that his campaign keeps him out of the spotlight as much as possible.

4) The Democrats have no message beyond orange man bad. That may appeal to the far-left but it’s not good enough for the rest of Americans, especially the independents and those sitting on the fence. Their message is one of despair, taxation, and loss of freedoms. Republicans are the party of hope while Democrats are the party of dopes.

5) Trump has retained his core supporters and has even gained new support from campaigns such as #WalkAway and Blacks for Trump. Additionally, many conservatives who didn’t vote for Trump in 2015 will be voting for him in 2020.

6) 2020 has revealed the biggest contrast between Republicans and Democrats. In their coronavirus response, Democrats have shown themselves to be authoritarians. Unless of course, you were a protestor or rioter then you were given a free pass. They treated their citizens like criminals and their criminals like citizens. Red states, on the other hand, were the first to open and have not allowed lawlessness. People are taking note of this contrast.

7) The Democrat party has gone too far left. Democrats support everything from defunding police, socialism, to supporting mob violence and chaos. Democrat policies are so bad that Democrat cities are literally imploding. This is not going to appeal to mainstream Americans and is pushing people into Trump’s corner.

8) The lawlessness and violence that the Democrats support has awakened the silent majority. Patriotic Americans know what’s at stake and will come out in droves to vote.

9) Trump has proven to be a far better president than anyone thought possible. His message of making America great again, bringing back jobs to America, and not getting involved in any new wars resonates with most Americans.

10) It’s the 60’s all over again. This election is reminiscent of the 1968 election between Nixon, Humphrey, and Wallace. It was also a time when the nation was divided with protests, riots, and civil unrest. Nixon’s message of law and order resonated with the silent majority and won him the election. People will choose Trump for the same reason.

Not only do I predict Trump will win, but it will be a landslide for Republicans, possibly even historic. Democrats will of course try to steal, cheat, and contest the election at every turn possible. I expect there could be more violence as they try to contest the results. Don’t worry, this is just the Democrat party in their last throes of death. In the end, I believe their efforts will fail just like Russian collusion, impeachment, and everything else they have tried before it.

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I love all the reasons and Pray that he will win. My problem is I live in NJ and don't trust a Democrat as far as I can throw a Elephant! I've seen so much criminal activity even without this Mail in Election. We have the dead rise from their graves to vote, threats to families of employees (city, state and county) to vote the "right" (Democrat) way, and even The Black Panthers outside of polling places (with Rifles) to threaten people~! If their doing all this in NJ how much of it's being done in other states???

That's a valid concern Ruthann though I suspect not even a mountain of voter fraud would help Biden.

Ruthann and Watchman, I agree that fraud is a concern.  I also think that Trump will overcome it handily. 

Thought I'd chime in on this. These facts are going to get Trump re-elected by a very wide margin. There is a huge silent majority out there that won't say they are voting for him to avoid the rath of the democRAT left. I've never seen such lawlessness and crime go on and not be accounted for. The left including "heels up" Harris that are paying for bail of these anarchist so they can continue their crimes is beyond words. The Harris/Biden administration(stated that way because that's what is going to happen) will continue the destruction of America, but, I must say, there are to many vets and combat vets (me included) that won't allow them to destroy what we, and millions of others, have fought and died for. Follow the money trail and go after those that are paying for all this, with extreme prejudice!

Hey Duke! Good to see you!   I agree!  I think Trump wins bigly!

Good to be back with the group. I like the word "bigly"!

Now that Ginsburg has passed, RIP, we can get another conservative on the Supreme Court. This will make a huge difference in how we conservatives go forward. Looking forward to seeing more of our values and the Constitution being followed for a change. The democRATS heads must be exploding right now. I hope a new justice gets appointed before the election, MAGA, Duke

Great post.  I call today’s silent majority the Trump Underground. They were present and voted in 2016, and they’re stronger today. 

I may be out on a limb here, but I believe the Democrats are pushing this mail-in voting so they can lay blame for a loss on the post office and the ballot counting staff.

I definitely think they are going to try and use voter fraud and contest the election in states where it is close. I hear Biden has an army of lawyers just waiting in the wings. They know they can't win fairly so they are going to try every dirty trick in the book.

These are certainly unprecedented times.  There's no doubt that the cRATS and their cohorts (media, Hollywood, big tech and the destructing left) will do EVERYTHING to stop Trump from getting 4 more years.  I believe they're terrified of that which makes them like a cornered rabid animal.

I mean, have you heard about the Color Revolution? 

Those Who Specialize In Regime Change Overseas Are The Same People ...

CIVIL WAR: The Way America Could End in 2020 | Glenn TV

Very frightening stuff.  While my eyes tell me that Trump is gaining support...the rallies, boat parades, etc...and may have an army of supporters (for all the reasons in Watchman's post), what the left has planned really worries me.

Time to get on our knees and pray for our country.

I've heard about that and I can't lie that it doesn't concern me a little. I don't know how much of a possibility it is. Glenn does tend to gravitate to the worst case scenarios. I know there have been Democrats who have expressed their desire for such a scenario, but how much of it is realistic and how much of it is just their own wishful thinking? I don't know. But if anything I think it will motivate conservatives even more to get to the polls. They have fully awakened the sleeping giant.

I think of other times America has been on the brink yet managed to bounce back, as during the Cold War. I still have hope that things are going to be okay. And I agree that above all we should pray for the best possible outcome. I don't know how it's all going to play out. But my own gut feeling tells me Trump will win in a landslide, the Dems will contest it in some way, and Trump will prevail in the end.

All my fingers and toes...and eyes...are crossed, Watchman!

All very good points Watchman! I did not vote for Trump in 2016, but have watched him and realize for the first time that I can ever remember, I see a president that has kept his promises, and actually fought for the American people! There are several in my family alone that didn't vote for him in 2016, but will be voting for him in Nov.  





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