Where has the American Voice of Sovereignty Disappeared To?

Has the elitist in our America government flown so high that it has finally touched the sun blinding all to the truth? Have the musicians of elitist government played so loud that the roar of the masses falls silent upon the ears of the powerful? The nation that conquered the moon, has it become so successful that truth is irrelevant with no meaning and has now become acceptable for the government to give people the back of its hand and the heel of its boot? Why have so many chosen in their ignorance to accept becoming property of government? America’s problems are not impossible to solve and the answers do not lie on mountain tops or at the sea bottom where complex strategies must be employed to retrieve a secret answer. The simple virtues that made this country great are still the answers to our problems today, but only if we chose the path to see and hear them.
America was born from the blood and flesh of individual sovereignty, not group dictatorship. Your voice is guarded by the blood of heroes who sacrificed the very being of their soul so you could be heard and not dismissed as paltry rabble. We can save America from the corruption and lies if we turn our back on progressive policies and reacquaint ourselves with true honesty.

To pitch the constitution in revolutionary times to the common folk, assurances had to be made that the elite, the wealthy, and the powerful would not be in control cutting out the working people. The present forced collectivism is a betrayal of that promise and trust.
The current laws are designed to permit government (republicrats/democans) to select their voters through the act of gerrymandering. Other elections laws and funding anomalies grant these parties a pardon and clearly goes against the honest principles and beliefs of those who wrote the federalist papers. The founders understood immoral character and factionalism would occur, but believed under a republic of our potential the harm caused by factionalism would be mitigated out preventing harm to the minority and the individual. Unfortunately under the forced collectivism of the party system that wields the power of government our system has been contorted and corrupted causing significant harm to the minority and the individual. There is a valid reason why our republic is based on ‘we the people and not we the states or we the parties’. That is to specifically prevent oppression of the minority and especially the individual. Returning to honesty, returning to individual freedom and sovereignty is our way back to the path of healing and success.
Educate yourself and take the time to educate others. If we choose to abrogate our responsibility and refuse to seek out knowledge and drink its nectar then all else falls by the wayside. History can be a very cruel lesson when it is destined to repeat itself.

Original 2011 Nov

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Comment by Robin on December 8, 2019 at 7:31am

These words resonate even greater today than in 2011. How much we have learned since then. To think back to Obama and all of the outrage I felt during those years, pales in comparison to what we are living today. I didn't think it could get much worse. How wrong I was! Good post!


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