Time to Prepare for Economic Collapse.

As we get closer to the so called "Fiscal Cliff" that is coming January 2013, I am wondering if it will happen quickly, or be a slow drip of the destruction of our economy.  I would hope that it is slow, as to give all of us the needed time to prepare as much as possible for the hard times ahead.

With so many people oblivious to what lies ahead for all of us, those of us that have been preparing need to be mindful things could get out of hand once this collapse occurs. People will be scared, hungry and desperate. They could also become violent and come after what others have. Just keep that in mind, as you share any information on what you have been doing.

Those of you in survival groups have a network of people to rely on. That may make it easier for you to sustain an extended collapse, as your group would hopefully act like a community and help one another. 

I have come to know how important it really is to be prepared. I recently went through Hurricane Sandy and was pretty much ready for long term power outages and food and water shortages.  I can not tell you the peace of mind that comes with knowing I could survive for months if need be. I have been stressing the need to be prepared to all of my family members as well as friends. I do not want to be dependent on the government to help me in any situation. Self-sufficiency is best!

First: Water is the most important thing you need to survive. I have my own well on my property that can be used via either a generator or can be switched over to hand pumping.  Also, make sure you have some type of water purification system. You can also catch rain water in drums for use. I also have stored bottled water as well. You can only survive 3 days without water.

Second: Food.  The time has come to store food for you and your family. Most households could not make it past one month if we have economic collapse. Just think about how fast store shelves empty out at the threat of a snow storm or hurricane. You don't want to try and compete with hungry, desperate people during a crisis. Do the smart thing and stock now.

Of course, you can grow food, and if you are lucky, you may have hunters in your household or extended family. What if you don't have a hunter or any place to grow your own food? You will be looking for something to eat, along with everyone else who hasn't prepared. Pick up extra every time you shop. You will be thankful you did.

It is also wise to have things for barter if we have total economic collapse. You can barter your services in exchange for food or services, or you can barter things like coffee, etc. for food or services as well. So, when you shop, pick up things that you can use for this.

Third: Energy. I have a generator that is hard wired into my home. When we lost power during Sandy, I was very thankful that we had taken the time to make sure we had a way of keeping some things running in the home. Although we could not run everything, it did keep my fridge and freezer running so I didn't lose all our frozen foods. It kept some lights on and we could run one TV to keep updated on the storm. It also made me realize that I could use a bigger generator.  I have also invested in a solar radio as well. Maybe think about having a source to charge your cell phones and other small electronics if we lost power for extended periods.  If the power goes off, it may not be long before phones and Internet are gone too. Emergency radios are great to have so you can monitor what is happening in your area.

Fourth: Medical issues. I have made sure that we have enough medicine, (prescription and non-prescription) to last at least 3 months. I would like to have more for a longer period and am working on that. You can also get a good book on natural medicine and what can be used from your surroundings under the "Prepare" tab up top on this site. 

I will also add that I have made purchases over the past months for survival. I now carry an EDC kit with me whereever I go. I have a bug out bag too. I have purchased needed items for survival for my home.  Before the election of Barack Obama, I was happily whistling through life. I never imagined that I would turn into a survival woman. Unfortunately, these are the times we now find ourselves. This is how serious I believe things will become. I can't stress enough the good feeling I now have, knowing that I have made huge steps towards being self-sustaining. I sleep better at night knowing I am aware and prepared.

Please, feel free to add your knowledge to what I have written here. I am like a sponge and always willing to learn more.

Take care,


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Comment by Jerseygal on December 4, 2012 at 9:25pm

Great post, Robin.  An item for barter is non-aspirin pain relievers ~ they have a fairly lengthy shelf life, and take up little space.  You certainly would want to keep enough for yourself!  I know you have the fire starter, and have practiced with it.  One thing that happens here is that hubby is frequently looking for one my cig lighters for fire starting (I don't have them in every corner since I quit smoking..but he keeps losing the ones I did buy for him.)   As for a demo, why not add the link for your EDC kit here? 

I can't stress enough how important some basic prep can be.  It literally can turn a potential disaster to an inconvenience.  God bless!  JG

Comment by Robin on December 5, 2012 at 11:28am
Comment by Robin on December 5, 2012 at 11:31am

Thanks JG! I'm a novice.. I try! You are exactly right too. Prep can go a long way. Link for my EDC kit.



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