Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi declared he is exempt from overview by Egyptian courts, saying they cannot overturn any decision or law he has issued since taking office or until a new Egyptian constitution is finalized.  Morsi also decreed that Egypt’s courts will have no authority or oversight over a constitution-writing panel dominated by Islamists.  The Islamists on the panel are striving to impose Sharia Islamic law on the country’s inhabitants.

The general assembly of the Egypt Judges Club is calling for a nationwide judicial strike.  Egypt’s Supreme Judicial Council expressed "dismay" over Morsi's decision.

Morsi's edict was "deemed necessary in order to hold accountable those responsible for the corruption as well as other crimes during the previous regime and the transitional period" by his office.

Yet such claims and assurances that Morsi’s new powers are only "temporary," have not quieted the uproar coming from those who are now describing Morsi as a dictator; Egypt’s new Pharaoh.

Mohammed ElBaradei, the head of Egypt's Constitution Party who had opposed Morsi for president said: "There is no room for compromise.  If he wants a dialogue, he has to rescind these measures."

Thousands in Egypt have taken to the streets to demonstrate against what they call an undemocratic power grab by Morsi.

Islamist expert Andrew Bostom, who wrote the book “Sharia versus Freedom: The Legacy of Islamic Totalitarianism” warns: “Morsy appears to be fulfilling the [Islamists’] and his own long shared desire to re-create a Sharia supremacist Egyptian state.”

Islamist theocracies dominated by Sharia law create a system where Western-style rights are suppressed; where Muslim men rule over Muslim women, Christians and Jews.  Under Sharia law non-believers are permitted to live provided they pay Dhimmi taxes and submit to third or fourth class status, constantly remaining subject to false accusations and acrimonious treatment.

Despite Morsi’s actions being an abrogation of the “Arab Spring” democracy movement Obama supported the White House has remained silent.

Morsi’s moves came while he was still basking in praise from both Obama and Hillary Clinton for mediating between Israel and Hamas in Gaza, helping bring about a cease-fire.

Why no outcry denouncing Morsi’s power grab from the Oval Office?

For two years, has not Obama painted himself a lover of the democratic movement?  Was it not Obama who called for former Egyptian President Mubarak to step down because he was a dictator?

Or was Mubarak only objectionable because he was pro-American?

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