This is in response to the out cry of the American people to secede from the federal government. It has been noted that Congress of the the United States of America in such elected positions, have for 4 years ignored the cries from the people of their respected states. Now, the ramifications of these actions are such that we wish to secede. Our other choice is to demand recall of such Congressmen. In a last ditch plea,we the people by our signatures in petition on the White House website, are now asking your support to secede. Please, do not, insult my intelligence by giving me the poor excuses of why we should not. There are NO viable reasons that we, with the determination and resolve,can't make more of a thriving nation, as the one called the United States of America. There is no united anything in this country called America. There is no respect for the principals on which blood has been shed over the generations to preserve our rights. If you and Congress are in refusal to support the oath that you took, then you are complacent and just as guilty as those of this administration that continue to suppress what's in the best interest of this country. We will have no dictatorship. The anger that will be met in the streets of the nation will be on the heads of Congress. It's now up to you and Congress to stand with the dictator or with the free rights of the majority.

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Comment by D.A. on November 15, 2012 at 8:11pm

Patricia I totally agree with you.  However, if things continue along the same path as they have during the past four years our Elected Representatives might as well stay home!   For some reason they are not interested in doing their job.  

Comment by Patricia Baber on November 15, 2012 at 8:17pm

That's why if your state has recall, really look into it. I know we do here in Florida. It's my next issue to push for. Truly, I have had enough.. God Bless.

Comment by Toddy Littman on November 18, 2012 at 3:56pm

You want to tell me that any effort to explain why not to secede should not be posed.  That sure looks like an irrational and emotional opinion has been arrived at.

Do you know why India, England, well, any other nation in the world has a Prime Minister?  Because that Prime Minister represents those not incorporated in the government, with all the powers assumed of the President or Monarch, except in relation to war, there the Prime Minister has no power.

If we assume Obama is a Kenyan, and in light of his activities on behalf of Odinga that brought about this position for Kenya, I urge you to reconsider on that basis, that if you secede the union the Constitution was meant to preserve, is no more, and Obama becomes your Prime Minister.  Here's the video of how this happened in Kenya,

If you and others in a number of states want to play right into the hands and objectives of what those who want to destroy this nation are doing, and are using to gain unfettered power, nullifying Our Constitution, the written Will of The People, and nullifying Our Nation entirely, secede.

However, if you believe in Our Founders and want to do something about what is going on, I strongly suggest you pursue how to enforce the Constitution over the government it created.  The reality is we're the Posterity mentioned in the Constitution as Americans, and that this document, as well as The Bill of Rights are written in directive language, telling the government its powers with express specific limits, the Bill of Rights an echo of limits already place on government by the existence of Article I Section 8, "The enumerated powers" which is unnecessary if the government has general and all encompassing powers.

It is in discovering what Our Founders knew about how to enforce this document that we have lost through an education provided by socialists, by Alinsky followers, specifically the Teachers Unions.

As a suggestion, remember it is your Secretary of State for your state that certifies elections, and this also means they can disqualify a candidate, even after they took office when new evidence is brought to them that would render such a disqualification the right thing to do for their State and the People in that state.  This might explain why Soros poured so much money into organizations that all the Secretaries of State for each State are a member of, similar to, if not essentially, a union.  But all that money can't afford the backlash for when a Secretary of State is petitioned properly and fails to uphold their oath of office, to which their removal and replacement with someone who will listen, and our influence over the Governor or the electorate if a special election is held, assures a proper selection.

There is much to do that the energy spent on seceding will only further hinder, and is, in my opinion, a great waste when we know what this government does when this happens, and its current ruler is more than happy to oblige ON BEHALF OF China, Russia, Venezuela, the Muslim Brotherhood, etc., against Americans.

Maybe this video of what Bill Ayers wanted to do to this country, a man of intimate association with Obama, irrespective of what Obama claims is the story, will be of assistance to appreciating how the goals of the radical Alinskyite are being achieved when we choose to attempt to running away from our Union of States and its problems by secession, acquiescing to the forces that have joined to destroy our nation by retreat,

Just some considerations that, though you'll likely ignore them as excuses, as you forewarned, I find it is my duty to share as a Christian and an American.  The blood lost for those principles, those Souls who fought for their convictions and belief in freedom, isn't to be wasted on retreat.


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