Here is my litmus test... many fatal riots erupted over the Piss Christ?

There was a metric f#ck-ton of liberal tree huggers lining up to defend that ass-bag and his right to artistic freedom, as well as his first amendment rights. Where is that same crowd now?

The US of A sponsored that fine piece of art work (via a national endowment for the arts grant) and offensive religious art seemed not only acceptable it was even bought and paid for by our tax money.

Now all of the sudden we can't express our artistic freedoms without being accused of being accessories to global strife? Why was it ok for the NEA to pay a grant for some ass face to produce art, but now we need to act mortified that anyone would offend someones religious sensibilities? Offensive Christian or Jewish art is ok but not when it comes to the religion of tolerance?

What would happen if that same artist took a picture called the "Piss Koran"?
Would the NEA give me a grant to produce some art?
I am certain I can offend someone on the taxpayers dime...

Like Bob Dylan said, "The times they are a-changin'"

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Comment by Jerseygal on September 22, 2012 at 5:22pm

Good post, MR2.  Obama funds this, and condemns a movie nobody saw or cared about.  He will use that movie that nobody saw to stifle the free speech our beloved Constitution guaranteed all Americans!

Comment by RNhunter on September 25, 2012 at 11:19am

The other thing that the Muslim media in the US missed is that after the ousting of the peace loving Mubarak (he had to go !!) one of the first moves of Arab Spring was to burn the Churches of Coptic Christians and to kill some of them.  And the media and Hillary gasp that maybe one of them did not decide to simply die quietly like a good widdo Christian?  And instead... gasp .... made a movie saying Muslims might not be the nicest folks?  gasp

But yes, your point is right on.  Some time ago I posted my viewpoint that Obama, the UN and the US media have become extreme racists with at least 6 caste levels in their system.  They are starting at the top:  (1) Muslims, (2) Blacks, (3) Hispanics, legal or illegal, (4) Asians (5) Whites or Christians and (6) Jews.  I find little to tell me that that order is wrong.  Note that the #1 Muslims can kill Christians or Jews and it no longer even makes the paper.  Note that Hispanic Zimmerman was not allowed self defense when Black Trayvon Martin wanted him dead.  And note that Obama and the UN could not care less about 53,00 dead in Mexico but cannot sleep nights if a few Muslims just are not happy and are weepy.  Seems clear to me.  They get away with this since the media preaches that only whites can be racists.  Let me respond to that..... ha ha haaaaa haa haa.  Note that 95% of Blacks voted solely by skin color and somehow that is not racist.


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