Fox News Commentators - my picks and why

My Pick of Good Commentators

It is my opinion that anyone can call themselves a commentator. I only like the ones that seem to be correct over time. Sometimes party does not matter. Note that Dick Morris who was high on the commentator list but who claimed sweeping GOP victory in 2012 now seems Missing in Action. We should put his face on a milk carton. But some rise to glory, while others die. This is my take on the better ones.

While several people on Fox News have had panels, Brett Baier seems to get some of the very brightest, but yes he tries to throw in a liberal each day, some of them brighter than others, and some are a waste of time. He even lets them know how they are doing since he uses Bing for people at home to tell what they liked from what the commentators said and what they did not like. As you can guess, some of the bizarre dumb liberals get quite low grades.

His panel does change each day - not sure if it is rotation or whom is available - but yesterday (Tuesday - Nov 5, 2013) I was surprised to see of the three on the panel:

Dr. Ben Carson - the soft spoken very bright man also high in common sense who put Obama in his place when speaking at an Obama dinner. Soft spoken, but brilliant and ethical. A nice combination.

George Will 72 who I am getting quite impressed with after just a few outings, and he seems to be revered by the other panel people. I am not ready to say that George Will is my favorite commentator, but he and Charles Krauthammer, whom even Obama knows and invites to the White house, is in the running of my all time most impressive.

Mara Liasson from NPR radio was the token liberal. But Mara is not stupid. Yes she gives the Democrats every possible slant she can but unlike a few clowns like Juan Williams, Alan Colmes and some others, she never crosses the line into "stupid". So she is not a bad liberal to have on since she at least will not go along with stupid. In fact, it might be nice to hear what reasonable slant the Democrats could get. She also looks somewhat bug eyed when she switches to serious "watch my lips" mode, but ha ha, she could likely say worse than that about me.

Some others on at times that I think have merit:

Charles Krauthammer (Syndicated columnist), a very smart man who went in between being a PHD psychiatrist to a political news commentator switching back and forth is highly regarded by many. Yes I heard him make a financial error... once...but finance is not his field, and he in my mind is always worth listening to. Since he likes politics, he sometimes digs and has interesting tidbits and scoops. "Bing" results show him as being greatly revered by many.

Judge Jeanine Pirro who has been I thought a few times on the Baier panel is a total force and no one to fool with. Few people can get away with being extremely outspoken since what she says always seems extremely correct. She takes chances, but yet, I have never to this date found a day when I thought she was wrong. She of course also has her own show on Fox News weekends, that I find ... most interesting. Riveting might be another word.

Megyn Kelly who has her own show also shows up for Fox News commentator slots - but not sure I recall a Brett Baier spot. She is very bright, generally also quite polite and as such can be used in Fox News for sensitive things - like controlling election debates along with Brett Baier. There are days when I think Kelly and Baier are the same person, different genders. They seem to both understand fair, polite, and yet do not go in for "stupid" - and hence are both hard hitting while maintaining politeness. I cheered when Megyn Kelly got a better prime time news spot on Fox and now record her show... also. I understand that MSNBC complained to the ratings bureau when Megyn Kelly's ratings doubled the second day or so in her new prime time slot. Maybe instead of complaining, they should ask why.

Steven Hayes (Weekly Standard) is one that I would say is well above average. He might not be a Ben Carson, Justice Jeanine or George Will or Krauthammer, but he certainly is not stupid. I usually care about what he says. Like some of the others, Krauthammer included, he polls politicians and people in the battles and just does not make things up. Steven sometimes has some insight (scoops) that is not available from others - just as Krauthammer, George Will and Ben Carson do.

AB Stoddard (Magazine and Online "THE HILL") is a lady who is no dummy. I like listening to her and I honestly do not think I ever heard her saying anything dumb. Like the better commentators, ideology does not come before an obvious issue. I am not sure she has any scoops, but just is a very intelligent commentator who can put common sense together. Sometimes that is what we want, or I want, someone who takes stray information and make sense of it.

Andrew Napolitano (former Judge) pretty much goes straight by the constitution bill of rights and the law. I had seen him attack Bush in the past, and now he is all over Obama. He seems to not allow any legal nonsense. He might not be the best commentator, but he sort of provides a base line in keeping things in Washington from getting really stupid.

Brit Hume, Fox Commentator seems on the Fox payroll and shows up on many shows. I would put him lower than all of the above, but still, not a bad head. He sticks with the obvious and normally says nothing dumb, but unlike some of the above, is not likely to have a scoop.

Jonah Goldberg (LA TImes / National Review) is not at the level of the above folks, but is not stupid and sometimes has some good stuff to say.

MORE THAN THE ABOVE - There are more people, and some of them are decent, but the above I think are the big ones that impress me. I was just blown away yesterday seeing Dr. Ben Carson and George Will both on the panel together - a lot of power. And the liberal was Mara Liasson who is certainly no dummy. If you can get past Mara's bug eyes, she does at least "stay out of stupid" and I have to give her that much credit. She does not try and sell a dead horse, ha ha


Kirsten Powers ("Daily Beast") used to be way far left and openly lied for Obama. I am guessing but I think she got super low ratings for saying dumb things, like one day when very smart but also normally very polite Megyn Kelly sort of ripped Kirsten apart for being stupid. So now like Mara Liasson Kirsten at least tries to stop pushing liberalism when it goes from silly to stupid. She has gotten better. I still feel uncomfortable with the woman since she might be appeasing us in order to get a few votes and make some money. Mara Liasson was smarter in that I do not recall her going through a stupid period where she backed Obama regardless.


(not on panels) Debbie Wasserman (where is my hyphen) Shultz, Demo party head and that seems all that is in her head. Her lies are so obvious that I would not be surprised if people throw up in front of her.

(sometimes on this panel) Juan Williams formerly of NPR until they fired him for not being left enough would back Obama if Obama killed and ate little kids on TV.

Alan Colmes? read the above on Juan Williams but add an exclamation point or two at the end.

(not on this panel, has own show) Sean Hannity - on the right - but he seems too low IQ level of an attack, and bites legs and gets repetitive. I was glad when Fox moved him more out of prime time to later and moved in Megyn Kelly who I think is far far smarter and a sort of female equivalent of Brett Baier meaning she sticks to the facts. It is no surprise to me that when Fox News wants a panel that should not be offensive to the left, they pick Brett Baier and Megyn Kelly

The Sunday version of this show, not Brett Baier also often picks on similar panel members.

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Comment by Jerseygal on November 6, 2013 at 6:38pm

Wow, RN.  I would add Dennis Kucinich, former Congressman from Ohio, and former presidential candidate.  While I do not agree with him politically on anything, he is very consistent, and not a dummy.  Call me crazy, man, but I want to hear the lib side of an issue too.  As for the libs, I also liked seeing Joe Lieberman on the panels.

Now.. you mention George Will.  The man has a far better gift for the written word than the spoke word, and he is no slouch when speaking!  He would likely be mortified that I used the word 'slouch' in the same sentence as his name.

Comment by RNhunter on November 7, 2013 at 2:05pm

No, of course you are not crazy JG.  I agree, a rational liberal commentator is good to hear.  I think one of the problems is that with having the very evil Obama, a good number have decided to back him on everything rather than giving their opinion.

Kucinich I agree is not too bad, especially after his time on the UFO.  But yes, there are worse than him.  I was on the same UFO by the way.  I sat between Elvis and Bigfoot.  Well, I guess I am picking on Kucinich.  People in public offices should avoid saying things that sound crazy - even if true.  Sort of like the GOP candidate lady who kept yelling that she was not a witch.  :)  Well all anyone remembers was that she was a witch.

Douglas Schoen I think is one of the most reputable who mostly sticks with logic. Mara LIasson usually sticks to the facts as I say.   Bob Beckel sticks with logic half the time.  As for Jon Stewart and even Bill Maher we have found limits of stupidity that even they will not go along with.  And so yes, I sometimes listen to Jon Stewart.  Recall that it was Bill Maher who said something like:  "The Muslim thing is liberal BS.  There is only one religion that kills people and that is Muslim".  So if a person has a brain and even if they lean far left, there will be a line somewhere, some time.

But you are correct.  It would be good to listen to both sides.  Well, liking liberals or not, the only news network I know of that shows at least some of both sides is Fox News.  So those that want to hear both sides, that is about their only option.  Fox does have many liberals commentators as you and I both know.  Some are reasonable, some are not.

But you are correct.  We should listen to both sides, and on Fox, I think we get much of that.  For my tastes Democrats are like a judge who only listen to one side during a trial -the defense or the prosecution depending on the issue - and does not even allow the other case to be heard.  And then they are surprised that they always win in the outcome.

Comment by Edie Boudreau on November 7, 2013 at 4:38pm

The problem mentioned above is the reason I feel that we must give The People a voice. The following is the second idea I passed on to NV Gov. Brian Sandoval.

Five years ago I created, along with a wealthy friend, the skeleton of a multi-layered political Web Mall to educate and provide FREE communication to all Americans, providing access to each member's local, state, and national political representatives, as well as their media. The Home page would also be their sign-up page, along with their zip code. The next page would have all POLITICAL ISSUES, with link titles.

A member could click on an ISSUE link, which would lead to a page with many available ARTICLE links about that issue, written by professionals. After choosing and reading one or more Articles to become educated about that Issue, the member could click on the link LETTERS. Each Article would then lead to a page of interactive letters that the member could choose from (and modify if desired) before adding their name, address, and email url. The three SEND boxes at the bottom of each letter would be "Email," "Fax," and "Both."  After clicking, preferably on Both, the Member's Personal page would open with all their politicians' names, titles, addresses, phone and fax numbers, according to their zip code. The member could click on one or many boxes, or the box for "ALL," and FREE OF CHARGE, send possibly thousands of their letters with ideas, requests, demands, or complaints.

Politicians all over the country would be overwhelmed every day, and they would have to be aware that they work for WE THE PEOPLE!  Unemployed or impoverished citizens, as well as employed or wealthy citizens, could make themselves known without cost or spending more than 1/2-hour. Being too poor or too busy to become an activist would not be an excuse.

However, is still a skeleton except for the Logo, the design basics, and the Executive Summary, which is the link "About This Site" on the top-left of the Home Page.  It contains the goals, the design, and instructions on using each page for the members and for Strategic Partners that we planned to send Proposals to, requesting that they join us to fund or provide the required technical, marketing and management talent we need to get this major undertaking online. 

Maintenance costs thereafter (as well as any profits) would be paid through banner ads above each Article and Letter (with members' zipcodes correlated to each advertiser's location). Though profits are not guaranteed, partners could be rewarded financially as well as by knowing that they have helped to save our Constitution and the freedoms of America.

My partner dropped out of the project after a year (leaving the cost and possible profits to me), but I have continued my efforts to find one or more Strategic Partner(s) to finish this project (with free links to all other Conservative websites), and get it online. If one or more Conservative organizations or wealthy patriots would pay the startup costs, I could help find the writers who would share their archives of Articles, as well as write more. Writers would also help write the letters. My share of any profits could be used to help expand our efforts.

If anyone knows of possible partners, you can contact me through this site, through Facebook, or LinkedIn. You could also email me at

Comment by Jerseygal on November 8, 2013 at 8:34pm

LOL RN, and as to that UFO ride, well, the Democrats don't bring that up at all.  Thanks for making my point!   With Kucinich, you will always know how far left he is.  That is also my point.

Comment by Jerseygal on November 8, 2013 at 8:37pm

Edie, that sounds like a great project!  I am a technodummie, so it sounds very difficult to set up to me.  From that standpoint, if it were made very user-friendly, folks like me would surely appreciate it!

Comment by RNhunter on November 8, 2013 at 9:53pm

To your point JG, I do think Dennis Kucinich's heart is in the right place.   By that, I mean that I do not believe he has any intention at all to hurt anyone.  As for myself, I am sort of in the middle with him.  As one of my bosses once said to me "The road to hell is paved with good intentions" and my question that I have not decided is ... does Kucinich avoid that description or not?  I am not ready to vote either way.  But let me be clear of this next part.  I trust him 1000 times more than Barrack Obama, Michelle Obama, Valerie Jarrett, Debbie Wasserman Schultz and many others.

As for the road to hell being paved with good intentions, I think that now include many Americans helping a radical dictator destroy America.  I get it that the thugs in Washington control the media - including some of Fox News.  Recall that recently CBS apologized for being rough on Benghazi.  Really?  So no one cares if Americans die any more?  And even though Obama is essentially printing money at the rate of $85 billion a month, the snakes at Huffington Post list 12 reasons or so why that does not hurt.  And so I get it that the public is confused.  But again, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.  The public, and perhaps even Kucinich needs to check things out more carefully.  I know, I am a meanie.  But I see America dying in front of me - its economy, the value of its currency, our allies, our medical care, our energy and all associated issues such as jobs, life savings and more.


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