Disappointing Jobs Report Diminishes Obama Acceptance Speech

The latest Labor Department report shows that job growth in America slowed abruptly in August.  Economists expected payrolls to increase by 125,000, but instead, new hires rose by only 96,000.  That is not enough to keep up with population growth, much less brighten the picture for millions of out of work Americans.  The unemployment rate dropped from 8.3 percent to 8.1 percent, but that was due to the large percentage of the American labor force that has given up trying to find work.

Over the past three and one half years, America’s economic growth has been tepid at best, with a jobless rate that has remained above 8 percent for more than three years.  That is longer than any period since the Great Depression.


The latest bad news about the American economy has dealt yet another blow to Barrack Obama’s re-election chances.

When Obama and fellow “progressives” Democrats held un-opposable majorities in the House of Representatives and the United States Senate, they passed a $787 billion stimulus package that they promised would “save or create” millions of jobs and keep unemployment below 8 percent.  They told Americans that if the stimulus passed, unemployment today would be down to 5.4 percent.

Neither has happened.

This is why the disappointing jobs report diminishes the nomination acceptance speech Obama gave at the Democratic National Convention.

After three and one half years of economic stagnation, a minority of Americans still believe a litany of unfulfilled promises recycled from 2008 presidential campaign speeches.

Desperate “progressive” assertions that “It could have been worse” can easily be countered with “It could have been better without all that spending and future generations of Americas would owe a lot less money”  “It could have been worse” hold as much water as “I could have been rich.” Easy to say, sounds good, easy for low information/headline reading/sound-bite voters to remember. And it is impossible to prove.

Democratic “progressives” can go ahead and brush aside their candidate being reduced, at the last moment, to moving his acceptance speech into a venue that is 55,000 seats smaller than the one they originally planned to use.

The fact is, on the 2012 campaign trail, the largest crowd Obama has drawn is 14,000.

Where are the Greek columns? Where are the invitations for Obama to take his tour to European cities? Where are the females planted in the audience, fainting on cue to wow adoring crowds of impassioned, fervent believers?

Can you say phony Beatlemania?

What of the message coming out of this DNC? The only people who believe what was being said in Charlotte NC are the remaining low information/headline reading/sound-bite voters who believed what they were told back in 2008.  Obama having to relocate his speech to a smaller arena shows that today there are fewer “true believers.”

It was a disorganized, mishandled convention where thousands of “progressives”, while on national television, booed reinstating God and support for Jerusalem as Israel’s capitol into the “progressive” Democratic Party platform.


Members of the “progressive” Democratic Party should start getting used to hearing the words: “President Mitt Romney.”


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Comment by Robin on September 7, 2012 at 6:26pm

Hi Michael,

I watched Obama last night, only for the entertainment factor! Same things he said 4 years ago! Only now we are another 5 Trillion in debt! Most people on food stamps at 49 million and 23 million unemployed or underemployed, and all I heard was SPEND MORE! And the people rose and clapped and cried! Was hoping to see a fainter or two, but alas, my hopes were dashed. Oh yes, give us MORE SPENDING!  And they didn't even have a highwire act to watch. No ponys either.

Will be nice to say the words, President Romney!

Comment by Michael J. Fell on September 7, 2012 at 6:45pm

But Robin, didn't you hear? You belong to the government.

Comment by Jerseygal on September 7, 2012 at 6:59pm

Michael, we all belong to the government.  Here I was, thinking we all belonged to God.  Leave it to Democrats to try and change that!


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