I heard on a radio show yesterday a clip from one of the networks of a commentator claiming that Phil is living in the past, that America is changing, and Phil's world is quickly disappearing. His implication was that homosexuality and sexual debauchery was a part of this 'new world", and those who still insist on holding to a moral Christian worldview will either conform or become irrelevant.

This same asinine idea is spewed by the "new atheists" as well -- the idea that the modern man has, in their words, "outgrown religion" and no longer needs "superstition" to lean on any longer. Science and some sort of mythological self-diluted "reason" has taken its place in humanity.

What I also find very laughable is that I have heard even some Conservative commentators claim that liberals should not be called "liberals" but "progressives". But I would ask my Conservative friends, WHAT exactly is "progressive" about progressivism? Anything? Liberals promote economic destruction, moral debauchery, the murder of the unborn and the infirm, and the subjugation of the population to an all-powerful centralized government! What's progressive about any of that?

Hasn't all of that been done before in the recent and ancient past by civilizations that no longer exist? These deplorable and despicable values advocated by liberals have never ONCE been historically "progressive" and beneficial to societies. They've only brought DIGRESSION. Yet, I am supposed to believe that these "societal murderers" are "progressives"? I don't think so.

Furthermore, for a group of people who continuously mock the traditionalists for wanting to return to the world of the 1950's, (as though the 50's [outside of the plight of blacks in the South] was a horrible time in American history*), when nuclear families sat around dinner tables and prayed over a meal, and church life was a common staple in American culture, liberals sure wish for us to return much further back in history when barbarians and brutal murderers ruled the world; when children were sacrificed to fertility gods and when perverts preyed on women and children for their own sick pleasure.

But the liberal's view of the 1950's is narrowly defined. There were no "knockout games", assisted suicides, school shootings, rampant youth pregnancies, orgies and heavy drug and alcohol use in those days. It wasn't until these monsters of culture were released from their cages by liberals that society began to change dramatically.

And THIS downward spiral is what the homosexual calls "the future'. It sounds more to me like the ancient past before civilizations like Sodom and Gomorrah, Rome, Greece -- a total of 19 in all -- were wiped from the face of the earth. According to historian Arnold Toynbee, "Of the 22 civilizations that have appeared in history, 19 of them collapsed when they reached the moral state America is in today."

We all concede that cultures rise and fall naturally through choices and economics all the time, but ours is falling, not because the Constitution has been found wanting in its ability to stop illegality and corruption, but simply because outside forces are imposing their will upon our culture through a fascistic set of immoral values and a godless ideology through the power of a hijacked government. Liberals use the power of government to impose their will despite the outcry of disapproval from the population. A population they ignore.

And homosexuals gleefully piggy back along while claiming that THIS is the future we should all embrace. Immorality. Greed. Murder. Corruption. Fascism. All are the ingredients in the recipe for the destruction of a culture.

No, folks, the "world" in which Phil lives still exists but will only disappear because it sits at the end of a rifle barrel called liberalism. If it disappears, it will only disappear, because like the Christ that it represents, it advocates no retaliatory violence and wishes no harm; and this position has always been the fodder of murderous and evil dictators throughout history.

No, they are not "progressives", they are liberals, and any value the word might have held at one time is gone, much like the word "tolerance" and the word "gay".

Liberals have spent generations doing all that they can do to convince us that immorality is "freedom" and that abandoning godly morals is liberation from spiritual and cultural slavery. They have to convince us of this lie if they ever hope to build their Utopian cesspool. But what the fools fail to realize is that the statistics are just not on their side nor will they EVER be! Immorality is on the rise and as a result, American civilization is on the decline.

The homosexual's bold-faced lie is in complete and utter contradiction to common sense and historical precedent. The homosexual's entire existence is a lie -- who he is and what he is. He was NOT made in the image of God to be a homosexual. He was NOT "born that way". He is not virtuous when he practices his behavior. And God does not smile on his sin. No, the homosexual must lie to himself to prevent himself from destroying himself. Ignorance is bliss, but denial is bliss as well. So long as the homosexual can convince others of the same lie he's convinced himself of -- that the lifestyle destroying him is OK, he can create and surround himself with a fictional world where his immorality is culturally transformed into a universal virtue -- a place where his sin is no longer sin, but an acceptable contribution to society. The problem with this view, of course, is that it is a self-diluted lie, and all lies eventually fail.

One day the homosexual's lie will play out to reveal the monster behind the mask. The homosexual agenda will spell the end of himself and America, because once that Pandora's box is opened, there is no sealing it up again; society will devolve into lower and lower forms of moral depravity, until just like Sodom and Gomorrah, God says, "ENOUGH!"

The fool and the fools that followed him won't care, because they live for the moment and they could care less who they take with them down into the abyss. But it's the fools who enabled him who will one day awaken bewildered and dismayed that the horrible lie that they bought into ultimately led to their own destruction.

If what this homosexual on the radio said was true, that Phil's world is a thing of the past and that the future is a future filled with moral depravity including open homosexuality, then America, you might want to begin getting your effects in order, because God will not be mocked, what you sow America, you WILL reap. The whirlwind that's coming will be swift and decisive and no one will escape the fire of God's wrath.

*The plight of blacks wasn't the ONLY thing that distinguished 1950's culture, although that is the only vision liberals have, because they lack an historical aptitude. There was more good than bad. More virtue than evil, unlike today under the liberal's sick and immoral cultural model.

Reprinted with permission from stage9@therightscoop.com

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Comment by Jerseygal on December 22, 2013 at 7:05am

Watchman, thanks for sharing this here! I think liberals prefer to be called 'progressives' because the word 'progressive' has a positive (sans the political definition) connotation.  I grew up in the sixties, and it, too had more good, particularly in a traditional family where parents were not undermined by the public schools in teaching children right from wrong!

Comment by Watchman on December 22, 2013 at 11:25pm

JG, it's funny they like to name themselves the opposite of what they really are. But it gives insight into how they think. They believe in looking forward and progressing so they never look back and learn from history. That's why they continue to try the same failed policies over and over again.


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