Monday, December 30, 2013


Nothing screams louder than a voice telling you "There's nothing here for you to see."
  When does a lie become the truth?  When it is told enough times, to enough people.  For example, if I took all of the kindergartners in America and began showing pictures of the sky, and telling them it is black in color, in less than 20 years, at least half the population would argue with you, if you tried to tell them that the sky is actually blue in color.  In essence, that is where we as a nation are today.  Lies have become acceptable as fact. 
  Take the simple lie I was led to believe as fact when I was young and in elementary science class.  That crude oil is the by-product of rotting dinosaur carcasses and dead plants.  Are you kidding me?  That scientific theory is about as outlandish as the moon is comprised of cheese.  I didn't mention this lie to start an argument regarding fossil fuel, but to show how statements made long enough and to enough generations of people, are destined to become truth and factual, even though they are not, and can be proven they are not.  A perfect example is the "global warming theory".  It has already be disproven and debunked and labeled "false science", which it is.  So why are we still being starved of coal and coal fire furnaces?  Why are we being forced to use squirrely fluorescent light bulbs?  To save energy?  Save it for who?  Can you store your home's energy for later use?  Of course not.  Energy is produced and it is used, you cannot save it for later.  So, the world is being forced to "go green" because of some already debunked false science, and the world is following like lemmings and sheep to the slaughter.  The LIE of global warming is with us to stay, it shouldn't be, but it is.  Global Warming a perfect example of a lie becoming factual acceptable truth, even though it is not even remotely the truth. 
  I guess my point is this; if you believe anything the present administration tells you, whether it be from the NSA, the State Department, Justice Department, EPA, DHS, CIA or FBI, you are as naïve as they come.  All information being passed along to the public, is false and at best misleading.  All press releases from any of the above agencies, comes directly from the Oval Office at behest of Obama and his handlers who groomed him, and put him in the office, not only once, but twice.  The simple fact that Barack Hussein Obama was re-elected to office, after a disastrous first term, should be enough evidence to give even the staunchest skeptic pause.  If you didn't come away with, "hey, there something fishy going on here", then maybe the rest of us are wrong.
  There is so many diabolical clandestine schemes in this administration, I don't know who keeps track of what, or worse yet, who keeps track of whom.  You can bet on one thing, there are but a few who are in the know, and they are controlling everything from finance, to insurance, to industry and agriculture.  They have super controls over almost all law enforcement agencies regardless of how large or small they are.  If you are skeptical, ask your local police department, sheriff's department or state police for a tour of their facilities and check out the vehicles in the back parking lot of the station.  If you aren't seeing military then you are fortunate, or you are being led through the labyrinth of lies.  
  I am convinced that there is a plan to destroy America's economy.  I am convinced that the plan has been in the works for decades.  I am convinced that local, state and federal law enforcement agencies are either knowingly of unknowingly preparing for civil unrest in this country, as never seen before.  I am convinced that DHS, NSA and even the TSA are being equipped to forcibly bring government dissenters to their knees, and are equally ready and able to use deadly force if ordered by the White House against U.S. citizens.  I am convinced that our military will be deployed within the borders of the United States, and they will be ordered to quell any and all protests at all cost, and by any means necessary.  Now, am I detecting more skepticism, are you thinking "wait a minute that would be a violation of the posse comitatus act.  Well of course it would be, I won't argue that.  But give yourself a moment and try to find one part of the U.S. Constitution that this administration has shredded or attempted to shred.  Believe me, posse comitatus will be repealed or ignored due to the administration's concern for the public safety.  Can you call it Marshall Law?  Oh yes you can!  Now I know someone out is still questioning the ability of the Oval Office to activate U.S. military troops within our borders.  I have a question for those skeptics.  Explain to me why Obama has fired so many Command Generals and Admirals and other Command Officers in the past several months?  I'm not making this up, Google it if you have doubts.  In my files I have a list of at least 100 command officers that have been fired, forced into early retirement or simply passed over for promotion.  Why, why do you think Obama has more or less gotten rid of these officers.  Those politicians who have a penchant for more and more power and control, surround themselves with generals and lieutenants who are deemed loyal to the dictator in question.  If there is any doubt as to whether an officer will do the bidding, then he is removed from his command.  Have we not seen a huge drop in funding for our armed forces?  Have we not seen huge increases in funding for Obama's civilian militia.  Billions of rounds of hollow point ammunition purchased by DHS, hmmm, there's a clue worth following.  Hollow point bullets, yep, forbidden by the Geneva Convention.  Yet DHS has just lately acquired them.  What would they do with billions of rounds of ammunition that they can't use in war.  Because the war they expect isn't going to be on foreign soil, it's going to be right here on American soil and against the American citizen.  There is no other reason for a civilian federal agency to stockpile hollow point bullets.  
  If you are waiting for the truth to win out over the lies, you are wasting your time.  The plans have been laid, the overseer (Obama) has been placed in the exact right position.  All we can do is prepare for the inevitable.  They will come for our guns, they will starve the people and destroy the economy.  That is the plan.  UN Agenda 21 is being implemented as we speak, while we are worried about the future coming 2014.  The future is now, prepare for it!
God help us.

The Watchman

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Comment by Rahthrae (Admin.) on December 30, 2013 at 11:46am

This post currently has no content.  You may wish to fix that.

God bless.

Comment by Jerome on December 30, 2013 at 2:21pm

Strange, very strange.

Plz see:

Thanks for the "heads up".

Comment by Jerseygal on December 30, 2013 at 8:41pm

Hello Jerome.  Good post.  I edited it to show the text, which is what I think is what Rahthrae referred to.  Semper Fi.

Comment by Fundamental Refounding on December 31, 2013 at 8:17pm

Great post, Jerome! Tweeting this out! 


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