A Few Sassy Questions by Lee Duigon

Lee Duigon writes a short column like this almost daily, sometimes more than one daily, and I have his permission to re-post here. (He also writes fantasy novels, the first of which my son is enjoying immensely!)

A Few Sassy Questions

by leeduigon

You might like to try these out on your liberal friends and family members. These are questions that can't be answered using prog ideology. Watch the fun when they try!

1. If the public schools are as great as the teachers' unions say they are, then how come private "learning centers" are springing up everywhere you look? My home town is only two miles across, and we have several of them, including a new one that just opened.

1a. If you need to send your kid to a "learning center" because he or she is not learning bupkus in school, why do you continue to send the child to that school?

2. If "the people want gay marriage," as our media and politicians and movie stars tell us, then how come 31 out of our 50 states have amended their constitutions to ban same-sex imitation marriage? It would be banned even in California, if the forces of evil hadn't, as is their custom, found a friendly judge to nullify the people's vote.

3. If human activity really is causing the climate to go out of whack, and if we really do have only 500 days before we're all destroyed by "climate chaos" (as agreed recently between the foreign minister of France and the idiot John Kerry)... does that mean that if we pay real high taxes and let the government control our lives, we won't get any more hurricanes, droughts, tornadoes, floods, forest fires, or earthquakes? Can government really keep those things from happening?

3a. If John Kerry and Al Gore and all the rest of the Climate Gang really, truly believe in what they're telling us to believe, then how come they still live in colossal mansions and zoom around in private jets?

4. If the leaders of the Democrat Party sincerely believe the government ought to create "income equality" in America, does that mean I'll be given an income like Nancy Pelosi's or Harry Reid's?

4a. Or does that mean that their incomes will be brought down even with mine?

Go ahead, ask these questions. It'll be fun to see what answers you get--if their heads don't explode first.

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Comment by D.A. on May 16, 2014 at 2:07pm

"Go ahead, ask these questions. It'll be fun to see what answers you get--if their heads don't explode first."

Sad to say, but I don't think any Liberal's head can explode.  There is nothing up there to combust!

Comment by Robin on May 16, 2014 at 9:25pm

Great questions that need to be asked! 

Comment by JeansBrother on May 18, 2014 at 9:42am

Great ideas for several different letters to the editor!  It certainly stops the head from nodding -- yes, yes, yes,     WHAT?

Comment by RNhunter on May 20, 2014 at 11:44am

Yes, he makes a great point.  No one asks the right questions.  Here are a few more that could have been asked:

  1. No one seemed to ask why the BP oil rig was so far out in the water that not even Godzilla could fix it.  Most odd when in industry no one is rewarded for adding costs and risk.  The answer?  In about 1994 or 95 Bill Clinton signed a bill giving big tax breaks if wells went far off shore.  Since Bill is not a stupid man, he was likely pushed by the environmentalists.   And so the environmentalists were too stupid to see that they made oil wells irreparable and were the main cause of the environmental problem.  And of course when the BP spill happened, there was silence from the idiots.  My guess is BP was told to shut up if they want to do business in the US.
  2. The Left loves to say that Timothy McVeigh, the Oklahoma City Bomber, was a right winged guy and that is why he killed people.  No one asks why or why Oklahoma City.  McVeigh was a Waco sympathizer when Janet Reno had 80 innocent people massacred including 10 children and 2 pregnant women in Waco.  McVeigh even visited Waco during the siege.  He was upset and wanted revenge.  Okay, he was crazy and of course did the wrong thing.  He blew up the building in Oklahoma City since that is where the agent who was the main spokesperson for Waco worked out of.  The left had to execute McVeigh quickly, unlike the killers they love.
  3. The left says huge Obama deficits are fine and are just loans.  No one asks who is buying the loans.  And if they do we get the lie China.  Well, China total has been around $1.1 trillion to $1.3 trillion, not even enough to cover one year of Obama's really bad years of adding $1.5 trillion each.  Plus China no longer believes in the US and is selling off lately.  When Geithner went to China and told a class of like 10 year old Chinese students that investing in the US was a good idea, the kids laughed at him.  China only has about 7% of US debt.  Japan who used to be second has its own financial issues plus then a tsunami.  Europe has its own issues with Germany bailing out Greece and the like.  Who is buying our debt if a person has any brains?  Some Americans in their 401Ks.  The US was printing $85 billion a month, $1 trillion a year of fictional money to cover, calling it Quantitative Easement.  That cheats the other 191 countries and sets the US up for a giant fall in inflation and interest rates.  No one notices.  No one asks the questions.  Seems to me that after Obama and the shooting of job creators, we have become a nation of bums who can only print money.  No one seems to notice.
  4. We hear that Bush lied about WMD in Iraq.  Really?  There were chemical weapons there used against the Kurds at one time and perhaps also used in the 7 year Iraq Iran war.  Chemical Ali did not get his name from High School Chemistry.  Okay, Sadaam hid them, as they did some jet planes he was not supposed to have.  Then the dumb husband of Valerie Plame said Iraq was not buying plutonium in that African country.  No, they likely were buying wooden giraffe carvings.  Idiots.  That was about the only product that country has.  And if Iran was going nuclear, their arch enemy Iraq would not be trying to?  Anyone have a brain any more?  Not the Plame family or reporters.  And then later chemical weapons in Syria were called weapons of mass destruction.  And even pressure cookers in Boston were called weapons of mass destruction.  But no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq?  No pressure cookers?  The chemical damage on the Kurds was faked?

There is much more, but I agree with this man.  No one is asking logical questions but a few of us left in America.  The rest believe the BS they are fed.  If the left lived in N. Korea they would believe that the last dictator when he golfed mostly made hole in ones, since that is what that press said.  If the US left lived in Russia they would believe Putin catches the biggest fishes in the history of the planet since that is what that press said.  If the left lived in radical Muslim countries they would believe that it is just fine to kill Christians and Jews.  Oh wait .... they already believe that since Obama does.


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