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Self Defense An Intruder at Night in my home

Hello all I have a Story to tell and could use your Help. March 12th 2017 at 11:30 PM an intruder entered my home uninvited.My Son Jacob age 19 was sleeping on the Couch in the Living room.The Individual was known to us and had worked for me a few times.And had eaten at my Table.He and my son Jake had never had any kind of beef until March 8th 2017 when on facebook this Kid stated he was gonna come to my home and beat my son down. Sun. He came in called my Son a "Smart ass" and said "I am…


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DOJ Report disproves media gun Lies

DOJ released a report this week that shows Gun crime is on the decrease and gun ownership is on the increase.The Media and its blatant lies are on the ropes,I say we go for the Knockout punch and call all media Outlets and demand they report on this DOJ Document and the Truth it carries,It would give me great pleasure to see the media eat Crow and it would be vindication for all the Legal law abiding gun owners out there. its Just a Thought, What say you all?  

Added by Kevin Ian Black on May 7, 2013 at 6:39pm — 2 Comments

Lies and damned Lies

Have you noticed that the Media is doing any and all to propogate the Lies eschewed by the Obama Administrration?Some days I find it hard to wade into the battle against the Progressive Trolls because thier reality and mine are so vastly different. The Biggest lie as of late from Obama is that the Sequestration will decrease Govy spending when in fact it just freezes spending at 2011 rates. The Low information Voters and the Commies are buying anything the Snakeoil salesman Obama is…


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Immigratrion reform= Amnesty

Well folks the Dems and a few Reps are in vote buying mode and we are paying the Tab.I know many Mexican workers who are good folks and that are probably illegal, I see them on the Construction jobs I deliver supplies to.To be Honest I think they deserve a shot at Citizenship However I think they need to go home and apply just as any other Immigrant does.We Have 23-25 Milliom Americans out of work and I think if you sent the Mexicans home and told folks Unemployments over we would fill the…


Added by Kevin Ian Black on January 31, 2013 at 9:30pm — 1 Comment

Would the Govt Create a Crisis to disarm us?

I have been checikng out Videos On You tube and other sources that do make me wonder about the Authenticity of the SandyHook shootings.I am hearing many online Bloggers and pundits saying that some and or all of these recent shootings have been false flag Operations,To be Honest some of the Information is believeable.Now I am no fool,Iknow there are websites saying the world is flat and that the moon landings were faked Etc... But as corrupt as our Govt has become one indeed has to wonder…


Added by Kevin Ian Black on January 19, 2013 at 12:53pm — 2 Comments

Gun Control,Building bad Legislation on the Graves of Innocents.

I have been measuring my Response to all the Hulabaloo being spouted by Progressives and the MSM about Gun Control. I am Uncertain that there are enough good and True Patriots inside the beltway to prevent Bans and possibly confscation of Firearms,Therefore the task of defending or God Given and Constitutionaly Guaranteed rights Will fall Squarely on our shoulders.If so remember if the Feds or Local Swat is at your door your allready screwed and unless you want to go out in a blaze of Glory…


Added by Kevin Ian Black on January 10, 2013 at 8:42pm — 3 Comments

Christmas Spirit and a Santa Named Norman.

Dec 24th 7:30 AM At the Local Grocery store, I was in Line when I realized I did not have my bank card, so I told the Clerk I was going to leave my cart beside her Checkout and drive home to get my Card. The Fellow in Line behind me was a Big Burly Biker guy he had maybe 15 dollars worth of Merchandise.I told him to go ahead of me that I had to get my ATM card He spoke up and said go ahead Hoss and put your Purchases on the Belt. "Merry Christmas" he said.I insisted I could pay but he…


Added by Kevin Ian Black on December 25, 2012 at 8:12pm — 2 Comments

A Christmas wish for you all.

I Pray for you much happiness and Love I hope you get everything you need and all that you want.Treasure these Moments with Family and friends. Give Hugs and kisses to all,Charity to those in need, Friendship and Guidance to those who are Lost and Lonely.May God Bless you all in this Holiday season. in the Coming New Year may you Prosper and Grow in Faith,Family,and Fortune.    Feliz Navidad, joyeaux Noell, Merry Cristmas and (Happy Festivus)     Kevin 

Added by Kevin Ian Black on December 23, 2012 at 12:09pm — 3 Comments

Sad Truths, a Follow up to Whack job with a gun

A few days later and 28 Innocents are killed By another Crazy.I am sick to death of hearing about these CRIMES.Yes Crimes thats what they are not Tragedies though the results are Tragic.Now the Liberals and the Media are acting like all of us Law abiding firearm owners are gonna hunt them down at work or School with our, "Assault Weapons" WTF is an Assault Weapon?.The Agenda being pushed by the left is a Kneejerk feel good reaction to a senseless crime.Obamao and his cronies are,and have…


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Another Whack Job With a Gun

Yes folks, yet again some mentaly unstable fool decides to use a Gun to get his 15 Minutes of Fame.So again begins the Liberal drumbeat of Gun Control when in fact Mental Health is the real issue.Face it people this guy stole the AR- 15 he used to wound one kill two and himself.Yet the Libs will say its the Guns fault, I can lay a Firearm on a table and leave it and it is nothing more than a paperweight.When someone picks it up it can be used for good or bad just like any other tool.Tragic…


Added by Kevin Ian Black on December 12, 2012 at 8:33pm — 3 Comments

Unemployment myths and deceptions of Obamaos Administration

The Obamao Admin and the MSM are Touting Jobs Growth when we in fact have a net loss of Jobs Each Month.This month alone New Unemployment claims are over 360,000 and there were 146,000"New Jobs" Created if you do the math folks we are being misled and probably out and out lied to. Sad thing is the Underinformed think things are just Rosy. Thier lack of Knowledge and apathy have led us to the Reelection of a Socialist and so the Republic Fails.We need to educate the masses concerning thier…


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An Introduction

Hello Names Kevin all I am a Father of four sons, married 19 years to the love of my Life.I am a God fearing man who works for what little he has and I am Honest to the Point of Brutality.I am Fiscaly Conservative and Socialy all over the map as many folks are, I have Opines on everything from Politics to Physics and about anything else.I am a Fierce Patriot and believer in the Constitution.I hunt Fish and enjoy playing with my sons in everything from Football to Video games.I like Chess but…


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