Yeah, whatever you do, Barack Hussein Obama, do not be ashamed of your failures...

-The death of Aid worker Kayla Mueller

-The death of others by ISIS

-The deaths of Ambassador Christopher Stevens, Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty

-The death of Border Patrol Agent and Veteran Brian Terry

- The death of Border Patrol Agent Jaime Zapata

- The rise of ISIS

- Losing Yemen

- United Arab Emirates originally pulling out of making airstrikes aimed at halting ISIS advance

- Failure to make a deal with Iran in America’s and our allies’ best interest regarding their nuclear program, so big a failure that the Israeli Prime Minister accepted an invitation to come to speak to our Congress (where Progressive Democrats can't objectively consider the facts and must ignore them by failing to appear at the Israeli Prime Minister's Address). Mr. President, if not for your disdain of Benjamin Netanyahu, such that, by domino effect of the Barack Obama concern for optics (akin to the Obama OCD toward “adverbs” and parsed speaking), you place political operatives in Israel to aid the opposing party against Prime Minister Netanyahu. By all standards, this is an act of interference with the governance of another nation, identical to the exact reason many of these groups hate us, claiming past American interference in their internal affairs. But of course President Barack Obama makes an overt affirmation of this previously considered loony conspiratorial claim by these groups, most of which are islamic and/or Socialist.

- Your making claims about the Crusades, as though it was a one-sided effort, yet, now, and this is the greatest thing you've done, Barack Obama, you expose the truth, that you overtly show you are so willing to aid and abet the enemy on the basis of your ideological political world view that you cite the Crusades followed up with a description emphasizing a moral equivalence to ISIS today. The failure, President Obama, is to bifurcate the differences between the Feudal Era when all power was centralized, when people were mere subjects and had no right to property, and the world today, which is after America's Founding of a nation with a government governed by a Constitution imposed by her people, the single act that began the end of Feudalism as a world government order (known as the “Age of Enlightenment,” as opposed to the “Dark Ages” of the Crusades). The Age of Enlightenment is that time when America established the fact of Individual Liberty with requisite Private Property Rights necessary to secure that Liberty. So, Mr. President, understand it is not the centralized power (and thereby oppression) by Feudalism, that your very Progressive ideas embrace without question, that ISIS opposes today, but Individual Liberty and Freedom. Mentioning the Crusades is Barack Obama doing all he can for re-distribution “fairness” even for ISIS and, irrespective of the cost to mankind because he prefers tribes of centralized power fighting over their issues where a “community organizer” can come in and claim to have the solutions, exploiting and centralizing the energy of the controversy as a political issue that, once legislated, becomes a power of the government. The Progressive end goal is to regress the world to the way and order of the Crusades, to re-achieve a slave/subject populace to wear the whims of a leader's power as a millstone around their neck. There is no moral justification for the acts of ISIS, but of course the “little Jakarta street kid” could never see islam lacking any semblance of morality (note: there is no “Arabic” call to prayer, please see regarding Obama touting his muslim childhood in Jakarta), and that you, Barack Obama, cannot appreciate the actual progress of America as the most stunning contribution to mankind ever made, belittling the absolutely unparalleled accomplishments by Individual Liberty that have been achieved in the 200+ years of America's existence. This solely because you are sure America would be better as a “community [State]” organized with some central cabal (at best) calling the shots, irrespective of Individual Rights, especially choice and Individual use of there own mind, as though allah forbid. Right, Mr. President?

These highlights of the failures by President of the United States Barack Hussein Obama that we would think he would be ashamed of, establish, “to be clear,” it is not ISIS who wears the blood of their victims alone, for ISIS would have never reached the point to be claiming nationhood if Barack Obama would have taken action early, instead of “lead from behind.” Make no mistake, Barack Obama, as the “Passive-Commander-But-Aggressive-Golfer-in-chief,” wears the blood of everyone who has died at the hands of ISIS on his head, and in perfect sociopath socialist fashion (such as Mao, Che, Hitler, the Castro Brothers, Hugo Chavez, etc.) has no guilt, no conscience, no care, and of course no shame.

It'd be funny if it weren't so literally sick and twisted that it is the Liberals, the Progressive Ilk that are obsessed with money while the death march of Obama's Victims continues. It is the value of life, be it at conception and throughout its course that has been established of inestimable value since America's institutionalization of Individual Liberty as the premise of right government. These deaths at the hand of ISIS are their prodding to see if America still values life enough to fight for it. Instead of fighting for life the Liberals go on and on about their failed healthcare plan, ignoring that it is now known that Obamacare will leave the same amount of Americans uninsured as prior to its alleged passage (see

Healthcare Process & Legality— An Indictment Of Progressives In Government, And, of course, the Progressives propagandize worry about wages and the erroneous claim “global change” is the most “existential threat” (see Climate Change, Democracy, & Slavery, Aren't all these Progressive displacements to reality, to genuine existential threats like Iran having nukes and islamic terrorism by ISIS, illustrative that these Liberal talking points are just ruses, fake, phoney, baloney, and the problem with populist government (democracy)? And with the advent of the Internet and Social Media, isn't the wrongful ability to repeat a lie enough and it becomes the truth exacerbated? Answer: the whole point of these Progressive issues is a centralization of power through influence, especially pleas to the emotion. As the number of leaders of any nation and their military is still miniscule to their entire population, these things are about power, the power of voluntarism invoked by playing around the edges of Altruism, of willing sacrifice due to overwhelming emotional effect, be it anger over low wages, or jealousy of those who have more, or fear that the end of the world is coming, all tools to be used by government to achieve voluntary subjugation of the population – an abuse of power that uses the fact that most of the population rightfully has a conscience, as well as rightfully has pride, that can be manipulated, usually against each other, dividing a person, and thereby all the people, from the inside out. A double-minded populace who accept their role is one of sacrifice in bondage under the institutional slavery of altruism, especially when imposed by government as a mandate/edict by those elected by the people. Progressive and unconstitutional government doesn't care if the Individual is without knowledge of any real value of who they are as Americans, what they have as their means of securing their Freedom, and that people see their own achievements as the challenge to surpass and that the People are without any duty to appease government's designs to take what they can for the sake of political pockets. To be sure, we should not be surprised a government would do this after Christ went, knowingly and intentionally, to be crucified as The Last Sacrifice, and God resurrected him to make that point – the exercise well illustrating the oppression of Roman “Democracy” and the people's reversion into tribalism as a reflex of survival under Democracy enforced by a Caesar who is enforcer and judge all at the same time (i.e Sadducees & Pharisees, similar to sunni and shia in islam)

Oh yes, I ramble, or so it appears... Read, learn, and discover your moral authority in Individual Liberty, why Capitalism and Private Property Rights guarantee Freedom, and why it is by enforcement of our Constitution upon government alone that Individual Liberty is preserved.

Thank you for your time, for sharing and reading this, God Bless you,

Toddy Littman

P.S. Though the UN will “flap its dress” about the fact more muslims are being killed by ISIS than anyone else, and, so too, will President Obama mention this to justify not getting very involved, as though it is the number of deaths that should motivate a government, and implying that if most of the deaths by ISIS were Americans he'd be acting, all of which is a fallacious argument. The simple fact is that an American is far more valuable by the American People's standard which is built on Freedom of Association than any other and that is because we aren't raised to be political, tribal, or “religious doctrine” (mystical dogma/propaganda superstition) divided from birth. No, instead Barack Obama sets a standard for number of deaths, that says we don't care about the deaths of those who are American Citizens, citizens of our allies, our friends, and/or our trading partners, and tells the enemy, tells ISIS, that they have a license to hurt America indirectly, and that a few American deaths will be permitted without incident. Expatriate if you're not incensed about this.

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Good post, Toddy. Obama has failed on so many fronts. One of his first actions was to cancel the building of missile defense stations in Poland and Czech Republic. I think that served to further embolden Putin. He fails to respect many, if not all, of our solid, long-standing allies.

Great post, Toddy! Thing about Obama is, he has no shame! He does not care at all what the American people, or the world for that matter, think of him! The world is on fire and this man is taking selfies in a dirty mirror for a commercial for his uncontitutional healthcare law! ISIS is murdering Americans and he does nothing! Our troops , the few that are over in the middle east, are sitting ducks! The world is on FIRE and HE is the cause of it! 

I submit in rebuttal *crickets* :p

The Progressive end goal is to regress the world to the way and order of the Crusades, to re-achieve a slave/subject populace to wear the whims of a leader's power as a millstone around their neck.

I contend that we can move from the general to the specific by substituting "Obama's"
for "The Progressive" -- Obama's end goal is ....

Sure you can, but then we would be moving our focus from recognizing the threat is the erroneous positive assumption of collectivism by those who believe in centralization to achieve redistribution, and deem private property amoral and wrong.  Sets and subsets, the set is Progressivism/Communism/Feudalism/Tribalism/Collectivism, where all work hard, even by force, and are never acknowledged with a mind of their own or right to any fruits of their labor.  Obama is a subset of ideas that began long before Marx, but resurrected by Marx, and again by Alinsky, it's the opportunist snake oil salesman, who sees an industrious people of a village or city and decides to sell his wares.  The difference, however, is the salesman moves on after he stole, it's a one time affair in a town for each salesman, but with the philosophy of Altruism and few knowing the moral authority of Capitalism, to answer by filling the void that leads to the assumption of Collectivism a positive by those who will not embrace the Law of Nature and their Natural Rights, there is no response that silences the tried, tested, and failed, method of some enslaving man by promises of the lofty goal of survival, to which Altruism, the philosophy of sacrifice, is the tool exploiting an overdeveloped (and inculcated by education) sense of humility, of Collectivist Hive Mind.

As the younger generations are not learning the lesson, are instead organizing "Occupy" blah blah, to use force of presence where they do not belong as a means of claiming a right, we are watching the tribes form, tribes of ideology who have upset the tribes of color, and the tribes who believe in rights without earning it but within the context of "we were here first Occupy."  The chaos that affirms to those who want to snake oil us into believing government is our Master (especially while they are in charge) is occurring, and it is up to use to claim our Constitution, to stand by our system and determine to enforce it, by all means necessary (Civil Remedies pursued first) and to never give up on the one and only nation that reversed the role of government from Master to Servant that ruled since the first tribe had a Chief.  Barack Obama isn't old enough to be and encompass all of that.  Not a one of us is God to take on some mythical demon, which, so far, isn't demonstrable as a reality on Earth.  So let us recognize the limited span of President Obama, who is just a man, which causes him to be a subset irrespective of office, and recognize the set, is the Progressive movement, and the primary directive is to exploit humility by claiming Altruism a grand good to the world, so those who believe in Individual, and not Collective, Liberty, those who believe in Capitalism which requires them to be resolute in assuring their Private Property Rights, are viewed as amoral and wrong, selfish and greedy, and if they incorporate, they should be ashamed for trying to protect their property from a variety of liabilities that they would otherwise lose all they have to the 90+% Liberal Trial Lawyers.

Take up the cause against the ideology by embracing the moral philosophy of Capitalism, for the man, Obama, is merely a man, who will die and be remembered by historians for the sake of history and nothing more.

Toddy:  A great reply, with excellent points, none of which deserve disagreement.  As I read it, recognizing the truth and value of what you said, two thoughts occurred to me which I share below.  I offer this not necessarily as an argument but more along the lines of additional ideas.

1)       While you are absolutely correct that Obama is just a man and a man who represents just a subset of the whole Progressive ideology, his current placement in history is important to Progressivism and those of us who do not support it. The march of Progressivism in the USA since Woodrow Wilson has had some setbacks but its proponents have learned from their missteps, steadied their steps into a march and given us all kinds of organizational structures and a nation eager to elect Obama.

If we were to ask those who voted for Obama why they did so, few would be able to point to the tenants of progressivism and say he supported those.  Instead, they would conjure up what they had hoped he would achieve and proclaim his need to change the government to support them.  Examples might be free abortions, free college, free housing, free child care, free health care, blah, blah blah.  None of them voted for Obama because he wanted to support the family unit, encourage charitable giving, enforce immigration law so that the best applicants helped meet the needs of the nation, raise the Black population from the ghettos and resolve disputes without the need to involve the court system.

For these reasons, it is important to be able to identify the man (and hopefully his failures) with the Progressive ideology.  When voters can see the policies that have failed and identify them with their parent ideology, then non-Progressives have made progress.

2)      Secondly, when we take up the cause against Progressivism by embracing Capitalism, we, in this modern world, may have to be more careful than our predecessors of the 1800s, 1900s and early 2000s.  In those days, capitalism was nationally constrained.  Since then, it has broken out and has become international in scope.  Thus mega-corporations are Capitalist in fundamental nature (as opposed to state run enterprises), but are the leaders of those organizations economic capitalists, societal socialists, and cultural dictators?  Who is it that is funding the Progressive movement?  I think the answer is that it is those who run capitalist organizations and wish to have more societal control than their corporation allows them. If you are a capitalist who wants a social advantage or a competitive advantage – buy a politician or buy an official study.  Most of the time this does not enhance the position of those who practice retail capitalism like the corner bakery but it does favor those who practice wholesale, international capitalism.  So, the argument seems to come full circle regarding ideology and who supports it.  The symbol of a snake eating its tail comes to mind.


Thanks for plowing through this pile of verbiage.  Your thoughts?

Correction: 1800s, 1900s and 2000s should be 18th, 19th and 20th centuries.

See also

You need to get this book,

Capitalism is the most moral system in the world. What you see today is not a capitalist economy, and, in fact, early Capitalism was the least constrained.  What you see as an expansion is the reverse, it's the government after the National Bank Act of 1865 using the banking system to begin destruction of Capitalism.

I've read it a long time ago but need to go read it again, the Sherman Anti-Trust Act.  National government was never given power of control over the economy, for that's entirely incompatible with private property rights, thus 4th and 5th Amendent answer this easily:

As taken from the Bill of Rights, offset by 2 because the first 2 articles weren't ratified in 1789:

Article the sixth... The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

Article the seventh... No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the Militia, when in actual service in time of War or public danger; nor shall any person be subject for the same offence to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb; nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.

These bold sections are specific to your private property rights and explaining the limits upon government, no one else, in taking your property, in using force and what will and will not be allowed in that use of force.

Government regulating business to the point it can't operate would make anyone who can't survive do something they normally wouldn't: seek to pay off a politician for breathing room.

Most people do not realize it is the suffocating government who was violating the Constitution that made the first trespass and agressive move, that the power of the use of force solely in government's hands, was being abused.  That's what led to business people making efforts for their own benefit and no one else's, and this is what has spiraled into what we have today.  If government had continued to operate within the confines of the Constitution, there would be no mega-corporations in the nature of what we have today.  We may still have had monopolies, which isn't a bad thing, but to the government who wants to end Capitalism, because it is your Private Property Rights that secure your Freedom.

Monopolies have no possibility in Laissez-Faire Capitalism because Capitalism is a political system, as it recotnizes the People as Master and Government servant, which is exactly what's been reversed by regulating Capitalism to death and educating people that Altruism is a good thing (man as a sacrificial animal for the sake of "the greater good," a fictional non-existent, just like "society" and "public interest."  A lot of "Romes" going on here, concepts with no actual basis in reality, and anti-concepts like Altruism to get us to cease from valuing our Rights as Property, (See James Madison,

Blaming the corporations.... Think about that a minute, who hates wealth, and vehicles to protect it?  That's what Corporations do, protect private wealth from liability by creating an entity that operates entirely on debt and whose legally a person, and what decisions are made by it are voted on and therefore not the act of an Individual.  But also not a private act because the Corporation is a legal fiction and creature of the State.  There is no corporation without a charter filed somewhere (most in Delaware) and required to abide by that charter or the Secretary of State can suspend their charter and put them out of business, just like that.  Can you see who has the power?  Can you see government and the Progressives want us to think like Socialists and blame Corporations, then stop using our private wealth to support them, to buy things and support the capitalist system, as well as no longer invest in them?  This is how there becamse a few who got wealthy when many others could have doing the same thing, because the ones who didn't were poisoned by the Progressive mind, the Collectivist ideal, the notion of making a profit is taboo and one must sacrifice themselves for others.

I leave you with 12 USC 289, first, and these will be links.  12 USC 289 shows the government taking the Profits of the Federal Reserve and putting them into the U.S. Treasury, to the very dollar, kid you not,

In second part because it helps this whole thing hit home, is 12 USC 284 which is "omitted" and the reason why is in the notes, a letter from the Federal Reserve, explaining the Government owns no stock in the Federal Reserve System,

As yourself how the Government who owns no stock can take the profits of the Federal Reserve System, and yet theya re teh scapegoats, of every economic wrong, constantly told by Leftists and Libertarians (who came from Liberalism but don't know it usually) that there needs to be a forensic audit blah blah, while the government is taking their profits without any legal right to do so, just the authority of their might, and having got the banks to sell out and be controlled by the government a long time ago, 1865.

Can you see how much propaganda we been swallowing whole?  How all of this together gets us to hate our political system of Capitalism where everyone can choose trade, association, etc. or not and has Freedom to make their own choices?  They are getting us to hate the very thing that keeps us free, is our expression of our Freedom, and is essential to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness, and it's working isn't it?

We will never win if we are so busy working from our emotions, setting aside reason, and letting others explain what we must go find out for ourselves with a cautious eye to proving what we heard, and instead seeking to find out all there is to know about the thing.  I made this mistake myself, that's why i went to meet Eustace Mullins when he game to Los Angeles (and i was living in California then).  Ever since I found out the truth about him, that Mullins was the legal guardian for Ezra Pound, a British Socialist who hated America and was imprisoned for the Italians paying him to speak against the United States on Italian Radio, and that it was this association that brought Mullins to write "The Federal Reserve Conspiracy" with the story of Jeykll Island, and where it originated as well (book is circa 1940), yeah I've awakened hahaha

Hope thosee links and some reference to my actual experience in this is helpful to you, and thank you for the reply to thread as well :)

Apologies for typos above, was late but had to share what I could.

Gentlemen, I really enjoyed reading the dialog between you on this thread, and look forward to more! God bless you both!





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