Hello Patriots! If the 2016 Republican Primary were held today, who would get your vote? Please leave a comment only on this post, and feel free to do a separate post about your choice!

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Haha! I think Jodi's picture is way cooler though! And, she has a Cruz hat too! I'm jealous! lol

I'll be ordering my shirt next, girlies!

Cruz Gear

LOL  You go girl! Thanks for the link, Jodi! I need to get busy and get my gear! :)

Ted Cruz is the only candidate I am excited about. Honest and conservative. Unapologetic regarding his stances. I like this guy.

I agree with you about Cruz, Jim! I'm pretty excited about him as well. He is running a good campaign. Slow and steady wins the race! He is gaining in the polls too! 

Well, he doesn't have the intestinal fortitude that Donald has.  He would make a dynamite VP, though (under Trump).

Have you ever looked into Trump's past? Ever? I did! For as far back as I can remember he has been a Progressive!  What was his pivot point to being a Conservative? Can you show me that? He has always donated heavily to Dems. Yes, some to Repubs, but, mainly Dems. He is no better than the lobbyists and special interests, buying politicians all his life! He admitted as much!  He is saying the things people want to hear and saying them loudly. Conservatives are jumping on the bandwagon BLINDLY, I might add, without looking into who he really is. What you don't like about Obama, I see in Trump as well! Going after anyone that doesn't like him or agree with him! Is THAT what you want in the White House? REALLY? No Thank you! I will go with a Conservative that is fighting the Establishment every step of the way! 

I have several questions that I would like Trump to answer before he continues much farther:

1) Will your assets be put in a blind trust?  (I can't imagine what a headache that would be.)

2) If elected, will your assets be vulnerable to G Soros?

3) Will NAFTA be a problem when forcing US based corporations to build in the USA?  If not, how do you get around it?

4) Can you use your wealth to squash the Washington lobbyists largely funded by the left?  How do you think G Soros will react?

I doubt he would answer that question. Trump will do what's best to make himself more money! 

I believe that Soros was the one who bailed him out when he went bankrupt. 

He said he would slap a fine on companies that decide to build in other countries! I don't know the answer to that! 

Based on what?  Cruz was standing up to establishment GOP while Donald was still talking progressive, advocating progressive and funding progressives.  Donald has flipped on every major issue that he has run his mouth about.  Since when does that equal intestinal fortitude?  What evidence does anyone have that he will not flip again?  People should be far less easily impressed with crude and loud, and equating that with intestinal or testicular fortitude.  People are looking for a magic pill in a candidate that frankly does not exist. 

The Donald "Duck Dew" Trump didn't do this:


What Democrat was Trump funding when Cruz Fillibustered Obamacare? http://www.nydailynews.com/news/politics/ted-cruz-filibuster-talks-...

4th longest filibuster in history, http://www.washingtonpost.com/news/the-fix/wp/2013/09/24/where-ted-....

Trump says a lot, every salesperson I've ever met has, but how often is it untrue or done differently after the fact?  I believe Trump would be better than Hillary, but not by much, and, as for his wealth, I am glad for it and him, and see no reason for anyone to limit the scope of their wealth, nor any reason for a Progressive tax, but....

Donald Trump needs to hand all his businesses over to his daughter or whoever, have no communications with them, and basically divest himself significantly.  The reason is that all of it can be used to blackmail him to take actions that are in his own best interest long before taking actions in the best interest of Americans.  This is the trouble with a person in office with a vast amount of wealth, that these things they have a true talent and passion with can be used to divide them when objective governance is their job in taking office, in taking Oath to the Constitution.  That government isn't objective now is merely stating a fact that doesn't undermine at all the notion that if we're voting for President Trump, to protect his objectivity, he should volunteer to divest himself on the idea that his business concerns will be there when he leaves office, but putting them out of his mind while he serves as POTUS.

Otherwise we're heading down the trail Socrates warned about in Plato's Republic, of having an Oligarchical Dicatatorship, the normal result after the lawlessness of Democracy.

He knows the Constitution, and he's just a really smart guy, with guts to go against the party when it and its strategy is wrong.





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