We are going to hear an astounding number of people from both sides of the political isle & ideological mountains scream at the top of their lungs “compromise, give & take whatever you do … we have to compromise”.  What do we do with this, how do we process this, where does this idea take us?

The definition of the word compromise to the best of my knowledge is:

  1. a.   Settlement of differences in which each side makes concessions.
  2. b.   The result of such a settlement - a.
  3. c.    Something that combines qualities or elements of different things:

Now there are also a few other definitions for that very same word compromise:  

1. A concession to something detrimental or pejorative:

2. To reduce the quality, value, or degree, weaken or lower.

3. To expose or make liable to danger, suspicion, or disrepute

4. To impair by disease or injury:

5. To settle by mutual concessions:


So exactly which COMPROMISE is anyone referring to? I contend that the majority of people doing the screaming and exercising their lungs really don’t KNOW! The masses on either side of the isle only see a blood pool - - - a winner and a looser Roman style. Just how effective or efficient is this approach going to be? I can honestly say I have friends all over the map on this one. The singular problem I see here is this ….. When you evolve ideologies around idols instead of values, you’re end result is going to amount to failure in the end.


What were the values our Country was founded upon? Contemplate the character of our founders; think about where each one of their differing ideas originated from. Not a single one of our founders was perfect, and – surprise – there isn’t a single one of us presently that could claim perfection either. We can all agree than man is full of faults. Is there anyone who would deny that statement? If there is such a person in our midst, let him cast the first stone …..  We were founded on self-sufficiency, tenacity, and a desire to be free to choose our own unique destiny. Our relatives all those generations ago depended upon themselves, not anyone else. Family supported each other, neighbors lent each other a hand, townsfolk bartered their unique services and soon a community began to form around each other.


What our great-great-great-great-great (you get the idea) grandparents centered themselves on all those years ago amounted to character, courage, fortitude, honesty, honor, morality, and standards. One word to sum up all these ‘words’ = VALUES. These in a nutshell are the foundation points this country was created with.


Now let’s venture back to the original question - - - compromise. Which one of these values is anyone willing to compromise on? Is there a value here that we can afford to do without? Let us start with Character? That value begins to set the table doesn’t it? How about Courage? Taking a look at what we will be facing in the next few decades is going to take a bunch of this. We can look at Fortitude?  Mental toughness & resolute firmness … kind of goes along with courage and we already know we need that one. Honesty, how about that? I would contend that if we sacrifice this one we’ve thrown in the towel, we need honesty for ourselves, between us and among us. I believe most here would admit this is a pillar value. OK then, what about honor? Hum, without honor we have no dignity, without dignity we have no self-respect. I would say these are necessary to help us keep ourselves on the right path, so we can’t compromise our honor. We down the list to morality. The choice here is to follow a moral life or an amoral life. I would prefer to lead a moral life so that the rules I live by will help me make the best choices for my life. I seem to be running out of values I could compromise on. We’re down to standards, the last value on the list … following standards is a requirement of moral conduct. If we fail to uphold our standards we would lack moral conduct. We had already decided that morals were important and necessary –so- we need to keep our standards.


We have run out of values that we could compromise on any given idea. It appears we really can’t compromise on any of them. We really need each and every one of them. This does not appear to be working out as well as we thought when we examine our initial premise. Now that I’m thinking about it, why would any human being ask me to compromise ANY of these important values? We all need these values for our humanity. I can’t think of a single reason why I would ask anyone to compromise their values, and I’m dumbfounded that a fellow human being would ask me to compromise my values. Hum, this is a really perplexing question.


You know, maybe it’s not the widely accepted definition of ‘compromise’ some people are talking about. It may be that instead, those individuals who are going to dig their heels in and insist on me compromising my values are really talking about their desire to have me make some concession that is detrimental or pejorative to my values. It may be they have a desire to weaken or reduce the quality of my values for their own gain. They might just want me to compromise my values to expose me to suspicion and disrepute, kind of bring me down to or below their level to make themselves feel superior. It could also be that they prefer to impair my values so they don’t appear to be so bad. I don’t know about you, but none of these alternate definitions of compromise are very appealing. To the contrary, these alternative definitions seem out right destructive to me.


I think I’ve convinced myself that my values have greater meaning to me and are not worth compromising them with ANY ideology. I’m comfortable with my values and the moral compass they lend me. I suppose the question now becomes, do the political elites in Washington have any values and just what would those values be? We hear the leaders of the political elite state that ‘we the people want bipartisanship, cooperation, and compromise in Washington’ it makes you wonder just what they are referring to. I can only believe at this point that the allure of political office with all its perks, power and remuneration have blurred the ability of once reasonable honest human beings to see their values have deteriorated and need reexamined.

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To Democrats, 'compromize' means doing it their way or not at all.   That's what Obozo means when he utters the word. 

Great post, Richard, and good to see you here posting!  Compromise... as great topic.  As far as I can tell, that word has meant (for conservatives) giving in to the left.  The left seems particularly skilled at getting conservatives to give something for a shallow promise of a return favor, usually at a future time, and it sounds like the right is falling for it again!

Sometimes we do need to 'pick our battles,' but compromising principles and values is not one of those times, not for you, not for me, and I'd bet not for the members who post here, and folks who read here.

God bless,

and Happy Veterans Day





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