FYI, I went to our old Weekly Growl page in FB and added this website as it's home website. I have not promoted it at all yet in case there should be any disagreement. I can always change it back. Just trying to re-invigorate our old base. Weigh in on this with me.

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I got em last night and tried for awhile last night to no avail. I will get em on there, Gris.  Don't understand why PDF's are so difficult.  Will try again 1st thing in the morning before I go get my groceries. LOL  I need a staff.  A maid, driver, yard person, secretary, etc. Good grief, if only I was 30 years old again. :)))))

I do want to put this forward ..... Fundamental Refounding has endured for over a decade, the central group here has continued to work with and keep this light shining throughout all that time. Some of us worked on other projects of varying degree and success that coincide with part of the history that built this flagship. To the founders, I tip my hat and say 'Thank You'.

Returning to an active group refreshes friendships and ideas. By no means would there be any attempt on my part to infringe on the foundation you have built here. I will enjoy re-invigoration and help where I am asked, do what I can to further revitalize the things we believe in. 

This said, please accept my gratitude for all your effort and work. I appreciate old friends with like minds and hope that I can contribute within the limits and boundaries the Admin prescribes. I wanted to put this out because I realize that gathering many strong willed people under the same roof can cause consternation and dissension that is not necessary. Ego can be an unwilling participant that colors actions, there is a plethora of evidence in history that underscores that fact. Sadly tootles comes to the forefront as a blistering example. 

Please accept my Thank You in the best possible light and let me know where I can be of service to pitch in where you need me.

I am happy that you came back, Richard!

It is great to have longtime friends come back together. We are stronger together, which is what is needed to combat the unbelievable corruption that we have in our government, that has been festering and growing out of control for decades.

Just know that your contributions are welcomed and any help you give is greatly appreciated! Thank YOU!

Welcome back my friend!

Thanks Richard!  As to consternation and dissension , as long as it’s respectful dialog, we are good to go!



Hey Gris,

I finally got (1) to upload on the site. It has taken me forever to get just that 1 to upload. It keeps telling me every time I try, sorry, file is over 5 mb. I know they aren't. I keep trying. Not giving up! 


Rockin' Robin! 

Thanks a lot.  

It’s so good to see us all coming together again!  Gris, thank you for saving all those editions!  You manage s to actually archive some of our history! (Side note, folks....Gris and Fundamental Refounding and Abraham Lincoln all  share the same birthday!)

Welcome back all!

I have all of the Growl files. My concern was and is the total size of each addition, especially when you put all of them within the same space. As we improved things and added many different multi media facets, the total file sizes expanded tremendously. We, at the time, dedicated a significant amount of band width to accommodate the periodical. I will look into what I can do for this.

Thank you so much, Richard! I have been able to only get the one on for Gris.

The two that I still can't get on are



I'll keep trying.





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