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We're Seeing the Death Rattle of the Revolution, Not Its Birth



Let’s start with what the left thinks they are doing:


They think they’re bringing about their utopia, their heaven on Earth.


They have been programmed – indoctrinated, really – from birth via the media, education, entertainment, and – heaven have mercy – even churches and synagogues into believing what amounts to a heretical Christian sect.


There are many variations of the Communist mythos, mostly Marx, but with its roots firmly in Rosseau. They range from racial ones (one to each race) to feminist ones. There are probably others I haven’t even heard about.


The myth goes like this: in the beginning, there was no capitalism (the cult’s quaint name for any free buying and selling or trade. (This is why they call monarchies capitalism or private property.) This was the dawn of man, the perfect state of humanity. Because there was no property there was no envy and no crime. Man (and particularly woman) lived in a time of innocence. In this perfect utopia – feminist version – women ruled, sex was free, babies were brought up communally, and every woman could do as she pleased. In the racial version, the poor now-oppressed race were the rulers, and therefore there was no property, etc., etc. No crime.


Now that you have the decoder ring, it is probably starting to make sense why Black Lives Matter immediately jumps to “abolish capitalism”; why feminism jumps to “abolish capitalism”; and why Hollywood has a love affair with making the homeless the repositories of wisdom.


Once your eyes are open you’ll see it everywhere. Which is good, because this stupid mythos, this tissue of half-baked wishful thinking and the toddler’s scream of “it’s not fair,” has permeated society to such an extent that you’re looking at the current spastic insanity from the left as they are.


Yes, I know, a lot of what they’re doing echoes revolutions from the French to the Russian, to a lot of other revolutions throughout the 20th century. I know. I lived through one of the later ones (though this being Portugal – basically the D&D alignment of chaotic neutral with borders – it was the international socialists rebelling against the national socialists). And all of them have the same “touch-feel” and the same incidents. For a long time now I’ve been telling people to watch for a pregnant woman being shot and becoming a martyr of the revolution. If they can manage it, she’ll be black and Latin too. It’s one of the touchstones of the kabuki theater revolutions of the left.


What you should ask yourself, actually, and give an honest answer to, is how these revolutions can all be so similar to each other, step by step and touch by touch in completely different times and societies.







Why the Left Fears Tom Cotton


It is alarming how quickly, and shamelessly, the left and its media allies have concocted their latest smear against Senator Tom Cotton.


In an interview with an Arkansas paper about the historically illiterate 1619 Project, Cotton said (correctly!) that slavery was "the necessary evil upon which the union was built, but the union was built in a way, as Lincoln said, to put slavery on the course to its ultimate extinction."


Cotton's argument is not controversial: The Founders believed they could not have both abolished slavery and united a country. But the constitutional architecture they built laid the groundwork for its abolition.


Lincoln himself saw it that way, describing the Constitution as the "frame of silver" which enveloped liberty for all, an "apple of gold," and famously linking the struggle of the Civil War to a "new birth of freedom" that renewed and expanded the Founders’ promise of liberty and equality among all people. The principles were there, even if the sad realities of 18th-century politics prohibited their full realization.


In our current cultural moment, this anodyne point has provoked several days of outrage from the left, with dishonest partisans twisting Cotton’s use of the term "necessary evil" and suggesting he believes slavery was morally justified.


The outcry is so thin in its justification that it suggests the left is hell-bent on discrediting the senator from Arkansas because they fear him—at least they are right about something.


The attacks have spread predictably, moving from the left-wing media to the mainstream and then to Democrats in Congress, as Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D., N.Y.) cited it on the floor of the House. The grifters at the Lincoln Project are simply calling Cotton a supporter of the Ku Klux Klan.


Maybe this outrage is just the naïveté of today's politicians and "reporters," who consider themselves more noble than our nation's Founders.


More likely, though, it's a calculated attempt to tar Cotton's character. The same was true when New York Times staffers raised selective outrage at Cotton's op-ed calling for order in the streets, or when left-wing journalists called his opposition to D.C. statehood a racist "dog whistle."


Now, as Cotton has worked to delegitimize the New York Times’ crown jewel, the 1619 Project, the left is seeking to delegitimize him. Labeling Cotton a racist creates a chain of "evidence"—made up of allegation and insinuation—to be used later.


Cotton should wear these latest attacks as a badge of honor. Shouting "racist" is the progressive left’s most powerful, and perhaps only, weapon against those who won’t take a knee, and Cotton—even in contrast to his GOP colleagues in the Senate—has been standing tall in this new culture war.


Full article posted.





House Democrats Reclaim Their Time from Bill Barr | SUPERcuts! #792

Vid (1:05)  This little trick makes them look like total idiots.


That Moment When AG Barr Had Enough of Democrats Asking Him Questio...

Vid (1:14)


Martha MacCallum Grills Rep. Eric Swalwell On Barr Hearing: ‘Could ...

Vid (5:38)





Dem Platform Honors Native American Tribes That Fought Against U.S. in War of 1812


The preamble to the Democratic Party’s draft platform formally honors a list of Native American tribes that resided on the land where its convention is being held—but neglects to acknowledge that many of these groups allied with the British and took up arms against the United States during the War of 1812.


The first page of the Democratic National Committee document begins by "acknowledg[ing] that we gather together to state our values on lands that have been stewarded through many centuries by the ancestors and descendants of Tribal Nations," a reference to the party’s August convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


The platform praises Native American communities that resided in the region, including the Chippewa, the Ho-Chunk Nation, and the Menominee Nation—groups that sided against the United States in the brutal 1812 conflict.


The language represents the leftward shift of the Democratic Party, which has voiced support for Native American sovereignty in its party credo over the past two decades but has not included a preamble honoring specific tribes at the top of the platform until this year.


The Native American bands honored by the DNC own a number of casinos in Wisconsin, including the Sevenwinds Casino, the Potawatomi Hotel and Casino, the Ho-Chunk Casino, and the Menominee Casino Resort.


The DNC did not respond to a request for comment. The Ho-Chunk Nation, the Potawatomi, and the Lac Courte Oreilles Band of Lake Superior Chippewa did not respond to requests for comment on the platform.


Over 100 Police Agencies Pull Out Of Agreements To Guard DNC Conven...

 in part because they are concerned about recent efforts to limit law enforcement’s use of tear gas and pepper spray in responding to violent riots.


Iowa Dem Scrubs Business Experience From Campaign Site After Local Business Owners Slam Her Record

Theresa Greenfield came under fire for evicting small businesses from a local strip mall


Greenfield faced criticism from fellow Democrats and local business leaders after a Washington Free Beacon report detailed her role in evicting small businesses as a real estate executive. While her campaign has downplayed the eviction controversy, calling it "desperate" and a "smear," Greenfield's business record was scrubbed from her campaign site in March.


As president of Colby Interests in 2015, Greenfield evicted mom-and-pop stores from a local shopping center in an attempt to make way for German grocer Aldi. Tenants were "blindsided" with eviction notices signed by Greenfield, and while her development proposal was ultimately scrapped following local pushback, the Democrat moved forward with an expensive renovation plan that she admitted may "not fit into" existing tenants' budgets. At least five local businesses were forced out as a result of the project.


Greenfield was criticized for the project during Iowa's Democratic Senate primary. Businessman Eddie Mauro said that "instead of fighting for small-business owners," Greenfield "attempted to evict them to make way for big business."


Local business owners have also expressed concern over the evictions. Nearly a dozen Iowa entrepreneurs sent Greenfield a letter in June calling on the Democrat to provide "detailed records of the proposed agreement between your firm and the German multinational corporation."


"How can small-business owners trust that, given your record of favoring a multinational corporation over Iowa small businesses, you would prioritize our needs as a U.S. Senator?" the letter says.





Horowitz: Exposing the maskerade: The questions every American should be asking about indefinite mask mandates


The trope of “just shut up and wear a mask” is not science, ordered liberty, or constitutional governance. It’s what they do in North Korea. We need real debate on the effectiveness of masks, the type of masks, the situations in which they are worn, the duration of time, the benchmarks that need to be met to measure effectiveness, and the process for promulgating these rules. We are no longer 24 hours into an emergency. We are four months into this virus, and it’s time to function like the representative republic that we are.


There are numerous political and scientific questions any thinking person should be asking at this point:


The question we must ask ourselves is this: if our government can now mandate such a personal and disruptive lifestyle change to our bodies with assertions that contradict their own long-standing evidence from just weeks ago and with so many unanswered questions, what else can they do to us without presenting evidence or a transparent and democratic debate? It appears that “my body, my choice” only applies to murdering babies.


We deserve hearings and we deserve answers. We are citizens, not subjects. Just because this virus came from China doesn’t mean the politicians can use it as a pretext to turn us into China.




The Definitive Case Against Mandatory Mask Mandates

Audio: (50:00)  Worth a listen.



Dem Rep. Steve Cohen: People In Tennessee Don’t Wear Masks Because ...



JT And Chad Try To Hand Out More Free Masks In Hilarious Video

Vid (5:17)





President Trump Halts New DACA Applications


Election Interference: Google Purges Breitbart from Search Results


A few days after the 2016 election, at an internal meeting later leaked to Breitbart News, top Google executives, including Sundar Pichai, Sergey Brin, and Kent Walker, lamented President Trump’s victory, comparing Trump voters to “extremists” and discussing their desire to make Trump’s election and the populist movement a “blip” in history.


True to their word, four years later, Google is deliberately working to interfere with the reelection of Trump in 2020.


There are several ways in which Google is interfering in the 2020 election, but this article will focus primarily on one of them: political search bias.


Google Has Been Purging Breitbart Content from Search Results Since the 2016 Election




Ted Cruz Introduces Bill To Withhold Coronavirus Relief Funds For R...


Lincoln Project Co-founder Met With Trump For Campaign Role In 2016


Didn’t get the job and so decided to be a weasel instead. What a hypocrite.


Well, this is a little awkward.


Steve Schmidt, one of the co-founders of anti-Trump political action group the Lincoln Project, met with then-candidate Donald Trump and tried to join his campaign during a 2016 Manhattan meeting, sources with knowledge of the conversation told The Post.


But the Republican operative — best known for his work on John McCain’s failed presidential bid before becoming one of the faces of the “Never Trump” movement — failed to get the gig because Trump thought he was a “total idiot,” one of the sources said.







NFL Will Paint “End Racism” in End Zones For Home Openers


To Hell With Professional Sports



Sports served as a distraction from whatever else was happening in the world and our lives, now it’s the manifestation of the Democratic Party’s demands of conformity. I’m not interested in conformity. A bunch of different colored like-minded drones chanting anti-American slogans is not my idea of diversity.


If I want to be preached to, I’ll call a priest, not millionaires who play a game for a living. If I want to learn something, I’ll read a book, not seek out the “feelings” of someone in a profession known for having proxies take their classes for them. And if I want a distraction from the stress of daily life, I’ll practice self-dentistry before I give these pampered, privileged narcissists a second of my time.


Hear, hear!





Pelosi Claims White House Says ‘Don’t Let Science Get In The Way of...



Dem Mayor: Chicago’s Gun Problem Due To Other States Having ‘Virtua...

Would like to see where she's getting her stats.



Left-Wing Activist: If Police Leave Portland Protesters Alone, ‘The...

Vid:  Delusional.


Dem Rep: U.S. Must ‘Take Responsibility’ For Slavery’s Origin in Br...

Vid (2:35) Shakowsky (IL)


Students say Founding Fathers are villains, can't name any good the...

Watch.  These kids have been 'higher learned'?

Vid (3:47)


Biden Tells Reporters He Doesn't Know Where He Is

Vid (:53)


“I’m more black than you on the inside” – White BLM protester lectu...





Deranged: CNN Makes John Lewis’s D.C. Memorial All About Hating Trump


Vid (2:43)


POLITICO: Joe Biden Picks Kamala Harris as Running Mate... Four Day...






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I agree with much of this post.  However, the title troubles me.

"This is the Death Rattle of the Revolution, Not The Birth."  

I'm afraid I couldn't disagree more with that statement.  No it's not the birth, because the birth of this revolution began 200+ years ago.  But the indoctrination of America's children and young adults is quite recent in the scheme of things, indoctrination in schools began in the late 60's, as the Left (Hippy generation, if you will) began to infiltrate academia became teachers and professors.  Make no mistake the there has been a minimum of four decades/2 generations of Socialist indoctrination.  Two generations of revisionist history, lies and misrepresentations of events.  

To state that the death rattle is arriving now, is pretentious at best. As these young people are still being corrupted, and one day soon if America is still a Republic, these youngsters will vote.  Right now, however, the young ANTIFA and BLM folks hate our system of government, they aren't interested in voting in a governmental system that they have been taught to hate.  It's not that they hate a Republican or Democrat or even an Independent.  They hate the American system and it's their intent to overthrow it, by force not by vote.  There is already a new generation being groomed to hate their own country, themselves, their parents who are now not Left enough.  Death Rattle?  I think not!

America is still in labor, still there are more and more budding anarchists in her womb, her womb being academia, the schools are not being subject to oversight by political leaders, parents or religious organizations, and the anarchistic riots, threats, demands and destruction are fully the product of indoctrination which is now systemically built into the education system.  No one has even attempted to bring it to a halt.  Death Rattle?  Not even in the near future.

I agree with your post, J.  The 'Revolution' to destroy America has been ongoing for...well, probably since the ink was drying on our founding documents.

I think the author is describing the facts about Socialism/Communism/Marxism and that the theory of Utopian society is a lie.  And it never works the way it's proposed.

That said, it doesn't mean that these revolutionaries haven't been successful in taking down capitalist countries.  Fortunately, so far,the US has seen these movements rise and then fall...because Americans were determined to keep a free and capitalist county.

Your post drives home the point that we are up against an massive indoctrination machine that has been ongoing in its effort to remove the very values that has made America the greatest country in the world.  Nakita Khrushchev's warning in the 60's is chilling:

“We will take America without firing a shot ... we will bury you!
“We can’t expect the American people to jump from capitalism to communism, but we can assist their elected leaders in giving them small doses of socialism, until they awaken one day to find that they have communism.
“We do not have to invade the United States, we will destroy you from within.”

The question is:  are Americans still determined to fight to keep our shining jewel?

Honestly, I'm not sure.  But I pray that it's so.

I agree with you Jodi. We are really up against a massive indoctrination operation that has been going on forever. In today's world they don't even try to hide it any longer. It's in our face, all day, every day! I keep asking, where does it all end.

It doesn't end.  America has already graduated hundreds of thousands of indoctrinated, improperly educated, America hating anarchists onto the streets and into the families where only the grand parents and great grand parents know the true American story.

Case in point:

Ibram Kendi's Board Book Teaches Even Babies To Hate White People
There's just enough vagueness in Kendi's children’s book to plant the seeds for upcoming generations to push for the utopian, false 'equity' he seeks.

Article says this guy's a 'best-selling author'.

Look around your neighborhood elementary and high schools.  Ask a teacher you can trust if this coming year they will be teaching from a training manual regarding Critical Race Theory?  Straight from Karl Marx.  California schools will be, that's a guarantee.  If California schools will be taking their curriculum from Karl Marx, chances are your children's school will be too.  The problem with many Blacks teaching their children to hate whites, is only the tip of the racial divide iceberg. As that has been going for many decades already.  It's when Whites are teaching your children to be ashamed to be white, and that they need to apologize for being born white and for being systemically racist, there lies that part of the iceberg.  America, the core family becomes the Titanic and crashes into the icy depths of oblivion, taking the Republic down with it.  Karl Marx, was also anti-family, anti-God and anti-Capitalist, just to name a few anti's. 





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