Donald Trump did more to strengthen America and make it work for its citizens that has any other President in our history.  This is why the Left hated him.  He stood in the way of the Globalists’ planned destruction of our nation, which had been progressing for decades under the likes of Carter, Clinton, Bushes 41 and 43 and Obama.  Trump removed burdensome regulation and got our economy roaring once again.

Last year, I wrote of over 150 accomplishments made by President Trump, for all of our people.  I will bring them out again soon, but please note:  They serve as a harsh reminder of what it has cost us to ignore our election security.  More later on that as well.

The  most important thing Donald Trump did, it can be argued, was do get us out of foreign wars.  He defeated ISIS, and ended the 20-year-long war in Afghanistan – though Biden has managed to kill hundreds of Americans just trying to bring the remainder home.

At their core, the Left/Marxist wing of society fundamentally wants/needs America to be involved in foreign conflicts for several reasons.  First, foreign wars are exceedingly costly.  They waste our monetary and human capital which should be utilized at home.  They also provide a distraction from the many mistakes the Left always makes with the governance when they are in charge.  In the case of this latest mess in Ukraine, a war is also destroying evidence of the criminal/inhuman activities of Obama, Clinton and Biden and their crime syndicates, AND PROVIDING A FALL-GUY by the name of Putin, who will be (is already being) blamed for everything that happens here in this country.  I don’t just mean Biden’s ridiculous and blatantly false comments about how it’s Russian-induced inflation that is eating our wealth, one gas tank or grocery bag at a time.  I mean that the Junta will blame on Vladimir Putin everything that they now intend to do to us – grid crises, food shortages, even a possible nuke or two.  That has already started, when in Europe last week, Biden stood and babbled to the head-shaking few who were listening that Putin was planning an attack on our grid.  Remember when Biden sent Vlad a list of the most critical parts of our infrastructure that he “shouldn’t” attack?? Who does that???  Here, my enemy-who-will-be-my-secret-friend, here’s where you can hurt us the most, babbled Joe in Geneva last June.

Stop and think WHY Putin would want do that? His life’s goal has been to reunite the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.  He wants economic power, yes.  But to destroy American society would be to take away his largest markets for food and fuel.  I have a hunch – and it is just that, based on a lot of observation – that Trump and Putin understood one another.  They both wanted to make their own countries stronger, and they faced a common enemy in China. Each recognized another strong man.  No, conspiracy theorists, Trump and Putin were not working together undercover in some nefarious fashion.  They looked to me like two world leaders who respected one another.  China’s premier, Xi, also stood back from Donald Trump, and the America that was under his leadership. Whether or not Xi respected Trump is another matter for another day, but he stood down.  China signed trade agreements with the USA under President Donald Trump which helped the American economy break free from decades of exporting American jobs.

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Media has controlled the narrative about the Ukrainian/Russia conflict. In one video, where allegedly Ukrainian military shot down 2 Russian helicopters, upon closer inspection, the video appeared to be from a video game. There are other videos and photo's that are suspicious as well. There are also rumors that the Ukrainian military has attacked it's own citizens. So much confusion and untruths coming from the conflict. 

Considering how the left from celebrities, media to politicians are jumping in to protect Ukraine, that sends up red flags those leftist are fighting to protect their self interest. Those same leftist have done everything they can to suppress and control those of us that disagree with their globalist agenda, using the same tactics they are raging Putin has used, so it is obvious there is an agenda. What is concerning, is to see some on the right, claim along with those on the left, that any of us that question the Russia/Ukrainian war are Putin puppets.

While no one wants to see the Ukrainian people suffer thanks to their corrupt government, it is not our war. Millions of Americans are suffering, while those sworn to represent us are representing their corrupt globalist buddies.

Some on our side obviously did not learn what they did with Covid. They're using that same playbook with Ukraine\Russia. When the Democrats, media, globalists, and celebs all tell you to do something, then it means there's an agenda behind it. The powers that be have something to hide, rather it's their corrupt business dealings in Ukraine or the U.S. backed biolabs doing who knows what. 

I don't think Putin is a saint, but I don't think he's the devil they make him out to be either. Putin is Russia first and will do what he thinks is best for himself\Russia. It just so happens that his self-interests appear to be in conflict with what the globalists want. There's a reason why Soros said Putin and Xi are a threat and should be removed from power.

We can assume that Soro's is threatened by Putin and Xi, since Putin nor Xi share in the globalist agenda, but instead, hold tight to their sovereignty, not desiring to be part of the globalist cabal.





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