As Biden and various states are mandating vaccines for employees, employees are being fired or resigning on the principle of opposing a mandated vaccine. 

Here are some of the areas impacted. 

Border Security

Health Care

Public Safety

These are just a few stories I found with a 39 second search. What else is happening! Let’s discuss!

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This administration is terrorist group. Government has told more lies about covid than anyone in history. Government wants everyone but themselves to get this poison. Why is this? Because they know it is killing people. Why has exempt big pharma from lawsuits? Because we they know it kills. Democratic terrorist party wants de population which is funded by NWO, United Nations, George Soros,Bill Gates, DEMOCRATIC TERRORIST PARTY.

In my Honest opine they are trying to Force Socialism and Control through Fear porn and poverty. All the Dems want Basic Minimum Income And the more unemployed there are the easier such Ideas are to push. So many I encounter outside the prepping community are sheep wearing masks outside on a sunny breezy day waiting for a bus alone lol WTH . Be aware be safe and prepared Be armed at all times and trained and prepared to use them. Gday and God bless

I agree, Kevin.  They’ve scared the crap out of tons of people, and those people remain scared, they have no intention of un-scaring them, and they will be compliant going forward.  I see more and more people resisting, so perhaps we will prevail.

I wonder too, about those people alone in their cars, all masked up.  It’s crazy.  No data anywhere suggests any meaningful gains in stopping virus transmission, yet some have made Covid their religion and they worship at the altar of the face diaper.  

I’m wondering if anyone else is seeing pushback from all different segments of society and the workforce.  I know nurses who have resigned because they refuse to get the Covid shot. My neighbor is a cancer center manager and got the vaccine, but resigned because of the mandate. I know people who are homeschooling children because of mask mandates.

I think every American, regardless of politics, has at least a thread of loving the freedom and liberty that defines America.  People are standing on the principle of freedom for their medical choices, and I must commend them, and pray for them!

Jodi, are you seeing anything like what I am?


This vax mandate has brought us to the "I'd rather die on my feet than live on my knees" moment.  IMO, people who resign rather than comply are being leaders by standing by their convictions.

I don't believe this is about Covid any longer. 

The left is trying to purge the military of 'wrong-think', but that is taking too long.

They want to defund and get rid of the police.  This will speed it up.

The Dept. of Indocucation has no desire to keep teachers who won't pass their Marxist ideology onto the children.

As for the doctors, nurses and first responders who refuse because they know MEDICINE...well, they went from heroes last year to zeroes today.  I don't believe there's shortage of hospital beds.  There's a shortage of people to take care of people in hospital beds. 

Without the above people, what is to become of us?  Ask the people pushing this because they know.  I'm just waiting for them to actually come out and say it.

Those ‘people’ pushing this saw how easily many regular people could be manipulated by scaring the crap of them.  At this point, they see no benefit to un-scaring them. As usual, Democrats will overplay their hand with mandates. Here in New York, already short staffed in medical fields, we will have our medical care administered by 1st year nursing and med students.  I’ll add the link as soon as I find it.  

This was posted publicly on Facebook by my neighbor, Ben Hull:

You may have noticed I’ve been rather vocal about my concerns related to vaccine mandates. I resigned from my healthcare job effective tonight. I’ve written about it in the local media and spoken to our county legislature... this is important. And this is the time to engage.

I want to state this unequivocally: I believe that it is wrong for the government to force citizens to be vaccinated for COVID-19. I am not anti-vaxx; this isn’t about whether you should or shouldn’t be vaccinated. This is a denouncement of our government's unconstitutional and harmful attempt to control individuals' medical decisions.

There are two types of consequences of these mandates... the concrete and the abstract.

The concrete consequences are already upon our doorstep with the state’s mandate now in effect... severely under-staffed hospitals, cancelled non-emergent procedures, healthcare professionals forced out of their profession and denied unemployment.

The concrete you can read for yourself in the news...
Strong Memorial in Rochester has cancelled non-emergency surgeries.
University of Rochester is consolidating lab services.
Rochester Regional Health is diverting from at least six lab locations.
Highland Hospital in Rochester has already postponed non-emergency procedures.
Upstate in Syracuse is closing operating rooms and postponing procedures.
Lewis County Health System has already shuttered their maternity ward.
Ogdensburg EMS Director is talking about the collapse of the EMS system.
The list above shows that the costs far outweigh whatever benefit that has brought about. And the politician or bureaucrat who claims otherwise is either blind, ignorant, or wicked.

Our healthcare facilities are already struggling to keep up with an actual crisis (there’s a lot of Covid cases, and people are sick with a heck of a lot of other things too). Stripping them of needed staff at this critical time is nothing short of sabotage. It will lead to avoidable loss of life. And I’m sorry, you don’t have to be an “expert” to see that that is not public health.

So those are the concrete consequences, the ones you can see with your eyes.

The abstract consequences are more subtle, more insidious but you already feel them. Loss of individual liberty, an intensified fear of speaking up, the advancement of an adversarial culture pitting neighbor against neighbor, selfless heroes being stripped of their dignity and turned into fugitives.

The abstract consequences are quieter. But we need to say the quiet thing out loud.

Have you felt this? There is an oppression… don’t speak up, comply. Don’t oppose, conform. That’s not novel, it is an age-old coercion tactic.

I can tell you from my own experience and countless conversations that almost to the person, healthcare workers in our community are against government mandates for this vaccine. But there’s a pressure to stay quiet. Just comply and the storm will pass, then we can get back to normal. It’s the echo of “15 days to slow the spread.”

But this is the time to speak up, in every way you can. Speak up for those losing their jobs now, if, for no other reason than tomorrow your job will be on the chopping block.

We also are seeing that this mandate has inequitable impact on young working women. Among those who’ve reached out to Frontline Defense, the ratio of women to men is about 20 to 1. Twenty to one. Let that sink in...

Of the many women in our region whose lives are being devastated by this mandate, here are two personal stories...

“I am a healthcare worker and a single foster mom. If I lose my job, I will not be able to care for this young child who I’ve helped overcome a multitude of issues over the past year. Since the start of Covid, there has been an influx in the number of foster kids in the system. The children are struggling with stress and anxiety and severe mental illness, relapse in drug use... There aren’t enough people willing and able to foster right now. Who will stand for her and the others if I lose my job and income?”

“I'm a 29-year-old RN. Eight years ago, I was diagnosed with a severe autoimmune disease. Without my job, I will not have the insurance I need to for my treatments. I cannot afford to have any vaccine negatively impact my autoimmune disorder or health in any way. I need my job. I need my insurance. I need my treatment. I need these things to continue to be the healthiest nurse I can be for my community and the healthiest mother I can be for my family.”

There is a third woman who has spoken on the issue of women’s right recently... Governor Kathy Hochul. Earlier this month, Gov. Hochul was speaking on another issue, but she touched upon a ray of truth... She said, “Women all across this nation have had to confront this prospect that rights that we just took for granted our entire lives... have been ripped apart, shredded.”

1) These mandates (even if well-intentioned) are wrong and will cause great harm to our community.

2) You have the right to make healthy and thoughtful decisions for yourself and your family. Do NOT let anyone bully you.

3) Speak up for those who are being persecuted for their medical decisions. Your voice matters. 

More on this:

Looking for Compromise: Pennsylvania Health Heroes Face Consequences of Refusing Vaccine

Unvaccinated Teachers in NYC Blame Union for Losing Their Jobs

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