Hello everyone,

I have had a couple conversations recently with some folks, and now realize that there are many people that have a lot of mistaken notions concerning handguns in general, and also lack the knowledge on proper fundamentals and techniques.  There is no way for me to illustrate the vast majority of this in text, but I will be happy to point you all to some videos that may indeed be instructive. 

James Yeager knows far more about guns than I do, and has a lot of valuable information presented for free on his Youtube channel.  I wanted to introduce you all to him, if you were unaware of him, and also provide you with links directly to some videos, he has created, dealing with proper fundamentals and technique.  I hope this helps get you all started.  As a side note, Youtube videos can be helpful, but they can not take the place of proper training nor practice. 

This video discusses proper fundamentals:  http://bit.ly/1QT4AMI

This video is the start to a series of proper grip technique:  http://bit.ly/1NQJXuN

This video demonstrates how to properly clear malfunctions:  http://bit.ly/1RLJsYU

This video contains some useful general information:  http://bit.ly/1J9YMvU

I hope you all find this information useful.  I walked Robin through all of this and more, and she has really made tremendous gains recently.  She has reason to be proud, and I am proud for her.

God bless.

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I will let you know it goes when I get the range. Ethan and go less frequently than I'd like, especially in the winter! That will give me time to learn from the videos.
Thanks! I shared it with the members.

Hello JG,

Watch the videos multiple times.  Practice what you learn multiple times.  Make it work for you.  Then go to the range and practice what you learned multiple times.  Invest the time because you and your family are more than worth the time in that investment.  That investment will help bring about the security that money cannot buy.  Believe that!

God bless.

Hiya, Rahth!

First let me say THANK YOU for all of your help you have given me on this! Between you and Yeager I am now quite comfortable with handguns.  I have shot guns many times in my life, but they were always loaded for me and handed to me to shoot.  Having nerve damage in both hands, with a loss of 50% strength in my right, and 45% loss of strength in my left hand, it was very hard for me to rack the slide. That is, until you taught me that I was doing it wrong! I was making it harder for myself to rack the slide by the way I was trying to do it. Now, even with my hands as they are I can do it with ease! For years, having the guns loaded for me didn't teach me HOW to do it myself and left me fearful in handling the weapon. With your help and with watching James Yeager, who is pretty awesome by the way, I feel very comfortable in using the handguns in my home! And yes, I will be getting a Glock 19 Gen 4 pretty soon as well.

You are the best, Rahth! I owe you a lot! Thank you for teaching me!!

;) Robin 

Hello Robin,

You have done really well.  I am also going to get a gen 4 Glock 19 as well.  I am going to put XS tritium sights on mine.  I also plan to use a Viridian C5L-R w/TacLoc for Glock found here  http://bit.ly/1NQOTjd .  I have some custom holsters in mind, but that is just to get me started.  I plan on using Corbon Urban Response ammunition as my self-defense load.  You may want to use that or powerball depending on your state laws.  I hope this helps.

God bless.

As an added note, Rahth! Before you and Yeager, the only handgun I was comfortable with in the house was my Colt Revolver, because it was easy to load for me and I wasn't afraid of it. I didn't have to rack a slide and I didn't need help!  That is no longer my ...go to...gun!  

Robin, the only reason that revolver seemed easier was because you had barriers to overcome with regard to the use of a pistol.  The Glock you plan to get will be far easier for you to use, deal with malfunctions and reload.  The difference is monumental when you are under stress. 

The gross motor movements required when using the Glock are far easier than the fine motor skills required when doing the aforementioned with a revolver.  It works the same with using skills in a survival scenario for the exact same reasons.  Stressed people that are tired, hungry, cold or wounded cannot accomplish fine motor skills.  Train until it becomes like breathing.  Do everything 1000 times.  Do them under stress because it makes all the difference in the world.  I know you now know all this, but I am simply stating this for others who may come across this post and the replies that do not know better. 

Simply stated:  Just like all things relating to survival and preparedness, there is far too much stupid internet crap out there.  Dangerous, life-threatening, crap!  Quality information is hard to find, and my goal with all of the things that I have tried to introduce people to on this site has been to help people find it in the hopes that they make use of it.  You have.  Be proud of all you have accomplished.

God bless.

Lock and Load!

Hi Rahth,

You are exactly right on my barriers to overcome! I now know that the Glock will be far easier for me. I am pretty excited about how comfortable I am now! I also agree totally about all the bad information peddlers out there. Some are very dangerous. People need to be careful! 

I really am kinda proud of myself and THANK YOU again! 

;) Robin

Hello everyone,

D.A. had a reply on this post, but he apparently deleted it.  There is one segment of that reply that I was logging in to comment about.  That is that "revolvers NEVER jam".  This is quite simply not true.  Rather than me explaining this, I'll let a couple people explain that this is not the case with examples. In the videos I am about to post, they provide some food for thought comparisons between a Glock and a revolver in combat situations.  It is extremely important to me to always provide people with the best possible information.  The "revolvers never jam" thing is a very popular myth propagated on the internet, and also stated by people who do not know much about guns or what it takes to actually fight with one.  You will have to do your own research of course, and decide on what is best for you and your family.  My goal here is not to sound smart, which is why I am deferring to those who know more than I do, nor is it to make anyone feel bad.  However, I would rather have bruised egos than have dead friends and/or family.

Here are the videos:

Stupid Internet Gun Stuff - Revolvers are more Reliable - http://bit.ly/1Ps4fxq

Glock vs Snubby - http://bit.ly/1Ps4ubN

Revolvers? - http://bit.ly/1ZwYzXu

Snubby tips - http://bit.ly/1Ps4AQz

I hope everyone finds this information informative.

God bless.

I was raised around rifles, shotguns and pistols.  They are tools and should be used as might be appropriate to the task at hand.  Like other tools, these can be dangerous in the wrong hands or when used incorrectly.

A true short story: First, Arizona is an open carry state and I agree with that.  I recently  spent the afternoon at the dermatologist getting a Mohs procedure performed on my ear.  The whole thing took longer than was planned and I was finally released to go home at around 6 pm.  Since it was mid November it was getting dark outside and there were no people to be seen outside the dermatologist's office.  Since I had a 45 minute drive to get home, I decided to use the men's room before departing.

I can tell you that I was surprised when I saw on the top of the toilet tank a .32 Ruger automatic.  Rule 1 -- I didn't touch it.  Rule 2 -- I got the highest ranking person in the office at the time.  We all entered the men's room together (me, three nurses and a nurse office supervisor) where I took charge of the weapon and disarmed it.  We put the weapon and the 9 hollow-point rounds in a plastic bag, and it was all secured in a locked container.

The people in the office were terrified at what I had found and they had no clue what to do about it.  Fortunately for all of us, I had a skill set that was useful in the situation.

As I have reflected on this event I have often wondered what would have happened if: 1) someone else had found the weapon and decided to put it in his pocket and walk away with it; or 2) one of the cleaning crew had picked it up and assumed it was not loaded.

The end of the story (for me) was that I had helped some very frightened people.  As it turns out, had I not found it, it would have been retrieved by the owner and the mall security guard who came looking for it about 20 minutes after I left for home.

Tools are precious things.  They should always be treated with respect and never left alone in a strange place.

Hi JB,

Good story and sound advice.  Thanks for sharing.  :-)  We should have a national right to carry.  Period.  I believe we do, and the 2nd amendment protects that God-given right, but we are all aware of the reality of the situation in our country right now.

God bless.

Thanks for posting, Rah.  Now I can't stop watching the vids!





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