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This is just a brief update on Robin’s and my situations.  First, a big ‘Thank You’ to Watchman for taking care of the site in our dual absences.  Good job (and keep posting please!)!

Robin has been quite ill, and taking care of Rick too.  He is often hospitalized with cancer treatments and complications.  Robin’s health has suffered in the last year with a blood clot and she is still quite weak as a result.  She hopes to replace her computer and be back soon.  Please keep both her and Rick in your thoughts and prayers!

My son  Ethan came down with Covid around Thanksgiving.  He got very, very sick, and was hospitalized from 12/7/21 through 3/8/22.  He became unable to breathe even with high-flow oxygen and a bi-pap machine.  He was placed on a ventilator on 12/24 and life-flighted to higher level hospital (2 hours away), where he was slowly weaned from ventilator support over the next 31 days.  For a few more weeks, he began some physical therapy to regain his strength as his lungs continued to heal.  He was transferred on 2/14 to an acute PT and OT rehab facility (4 hours away) and finally discharged on 3/8.  He is now walking without the walker, and no longer requires any oxygen support.  Thank God his lungs made a full recovery, and his physical strength is improving daily.

God bless you all!

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I will keep Robin and Rick in my prayers as well as your family. God Bless you my friend

Thank you Robyn!  Please keep stopping in - it’s always good to hear from you!

I just read your update, Jerseygal. I'm so sorry to read about Robin's, Rick's, and Ethan's health crises.  I will pray for them all. Edie

Thank you Edie! It’s good to see you here again!  I’m looking forward to seeing you here more!  

Hi JG...so happy to hear of your son's recovery, after what sounds like a dire, long and exhausting situation.

And please tell Robin that she and Rick will remain in my prayers.

Thanks so much for the update. 

(hugs to you both)

 Thanks for the update. Prayers for both you, Robin and your families JG. So glad to hear your son is doing better. My oldest son went through something similar during Nov & Dec, and it was a very scary time. Thanks to much prayer, my son is much better now. The only problem, the Remdesivir they gave him in the hospital shot his blood sugar up, and now he is being treated for diabetes. God Bless you guys.

JG, I'm glad to hear your son has made a complete recovery. I've slacked off a little from posting because I've been dealing with my dad's own health issues. But I will continue to post when I can. Also, get well soon Robin and Rick.

Hello everyone, 

I hope Ethan is continuing to improve, and Rick's surviving Robin's cooking. Lol  My thoughts and prayers are with you. I've been working my ass off. I hope all are doing as well as our current economic, social and political climate will allow. We have some tough times ahead.

Stay strong. 

Good to hear from you Rahthrae. Praying you are well. God bless





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