Trump signs executive order to impose sanctions against any election interference

Yet another thing you won't hear reported on the MSM.

President Trump signed an executive order Wednesday authorizing sanctions against any country that interferes with U.S. elections, declaring election meddling efforts a “national emergency.”

The executive order, signed just two months ahead of the November's midterms elections, addresses not only interference with campaign and election infrastructure, but also propaganda efforts.

The order, which is considered a national emergency due to sanctions authority requirements, instructs the Office of National Intelligence and the intelligence community to conduct regular assessments about potential foreign interference in elections.

The process, according to Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats and White House national security adviser John Bolton, would take a total of 90 days.

Following Election Day, the intelligence community would have 45 days to collect data and assess whether interference had occurred.

At that point, the agencies would pass the findings to the Justice Department and Department of Homeland Security, where officials would have 45 days to make their assessment based on the intelligence information, and decide whether to pass sanctions on potential actors, countries, or institutions that participated in potential interference.

After the reports are complete, the Treasury and State Departments would decide on the appropriate sanctions to impose on the potential actors or countries. The order, according to administration officials, is broad in terms of who and what can be sanctioned.“We felt it was important to demonstrate that the president was taking command of this issue,” Bolton told reporters Wednesday.

But Coats stressed that the order was not country specific, noting that there have been a number of occasions where threats to U.S. elections have come from “a number of sources.”

“It’s more than Russia here that we’re looking at,” Coats said. “We have seen signs of not just Russia, but from China, and the capabilities potentially from Iran and even North Korea.”

Bolton and Coats said the 90 day process would be private, and that the public would be notified of decisions when sanctions are announced.

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Sounds good doesn't it?  Hmmm  Define "interference".

It is like trying to define "domestic enemy of the Constitution" ("...I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic;...") that appears in most oaths of office.  We think we know one when we see one BUT, there is a tendency to run smack dab into the 1st Amendments freedom of speech clause when identifying a domestic enemy of the Constitution.

  I applaud President Trump's action on this, whether or not there's a follow through remains to be seen.

  Also, it should be noted that if China, Russia, North Korea, Japan, or any Middle Eastern entity has, ever did, or is going too make Internet or written press attempts at U.S. Elections, for the reason of influence one way or the other, determining which one, or who, or how many is going to be an ongoing monumental endeavor.

  Here's some frosting for this cake:  Assuming that one, or all of these outsiders are capable at making attempts, is it not feasible that U.S. agents are doing the same thing outside this country to other's?  Also, considering that the U.S.'s DOJ, FBI, NSA and CIA are corrupted beyond our imagination.  The distinct possibility that the attempts to disrupt the U.S. elections may well be coming from one of those inside sources and being blamed on other countries?

  If sanctions on other countries/entities are allowed, then, should they not apply to America's interferences outside this nation?

A revolting development for sure?

Excellent points.  I see this as a slippery slope to a world court which we may become subject to.  We have meddled in the internal affairs of other countries for decades if not longer, mostly in South America but other places such as South Vietnam.  Now we want to go after other nations for doing the same to us? 

Perhaps the smarter course is to return to teaching fundamental principles of constitutional government, other forms of government, world history and American history.  Then the people become aware and can reject the arguments put forth by other nations when they see them.

The slipperiest of slopes, for sure JB!  Proving that "every action results in an equal and opposite reaction" isn't what this Republic needs right now.  

However, a total revamp of the education system curriculum is most certainly in order.  We have indoctrinated, dumbed down young people who are screaming for Socialism and they have NO idea what Socialism is, does or results in.  When I was in school we saw pictures in history books, that showed the bread lines in Soviet Russia and the people carrying hundred of stacks of German money due to the Socialist Weimar Republic.  The young people today have been sheltered from the truth.  Sad tale, but true. 

On the bright side, each of our young today has a good self concept even if they need safe spaces and they can't spell cat.  Those same people may think of cursive as a code used by the elderly.





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