Tillerson faces off with Russia's foreign minister in tense press conference following Syria strike

Tillerson faces off with Russia's foreign minister in tense press conference following Syria strike

Amid increasing tensions between the US and Russia over how to handle the conflict in Syria, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov faced off in a press conference after meeting in Moscow.

Near the beginning of the press conference on Wednesday, Tillerson said US relations with Russia were at a "low point."

"There is a low level of trust between our two countries," Tillerson said. "The world's two foremost nuclear powers cannot have this kind of relationship."

Much of the tension centered on the chemical-weapons attack in Syria last week and the US's response to it. President Donald Trump ordered a strike on military installations used by the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad, a major Russian ally.

Tillerson didn't pin the blame for the attack on Russia, which is involved in the Syrian civil war and supports Assad, but insisted that evidence showed it was carried out by the Assad regime. The Syrian government has denied responsibility for the attack, and Russian President Vladimir Putin suggested earlier this week that the attack was a "false flag" designed to frame Assad.

"With respect to Russia's complicity or knowledge of the chemical-weapons attack, we have no firm information to indicate that there was any involvement by Russian forces into this attack," Tillerson said. "What we do know, and we have very firm and high confidence in our conclusions, that the attack was planned and carried out by the regime forces at the direction of Bashar al-Assad."

Lavrov expressed doubt about this characterization. He called for an "honest investigation" of the attack and said Russia was "not convinced" by evidence that showed the Assad regime was culpable.

"There were no signs that would support the statement, the allegation that chemical agents were used there at all," Lavrov said. "We are 100% sure that if our colleagues at the UN, as well as The Hague, try to avoid this investigation, this will signify that they are reluctant to find out the truth, but we will insist that the truth will be found."

Tillerson also said Assad's rule was "coming to an end" and called on Russia to help with the transition.

"Our view is that the reign of the Assad family is coming to an end and they have again brought this on themselves with their conduct in the war these past few years," Tillerson said. "We discussed our view that Russia, as their closest ally in the conflict, perhaps has the best means of helping Assad recognize this reality."

But Lavrov stood firm, saying that "removing or ousting" anyone from power was not on Russia's agenda.

"Talking about the whole of the Syrian government, we want it to be democratic, and we want it to be secular as well," he said. "We want to see all the ethnic groups in the country to feel protected, justly represented in all the branches of government."

Despite Lavrov's calls, Russia on Wednesday vetoed a UN resolutioncondemning the attack and urging an investigation.

Meanwhile, Putin said trust between the US and Russia had deteriorated under Trump, and Trump said at a press conference with NATO's secretary-general that the US "may be at an all-time low" in its relations with Russia.

Their relations indeed became more adversarial this week.

Senior national-security officials at the White House said Tuesday that it was "clear the Russians are trying to cover up what happened" in Syria with a "disinformation campaign." The attack killed more than 80 people and was the worst the country had seen in years.

The Assad regime has pinned blame on terrorists, but senior White House officials have told reporters they assessed that neither terror groups nor rebels operating on the ground in Syria had access to sarin gas, which tests have confirmed was used in the attack.


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Russia vetoes UN resolution on Syria attack, China abstains

UNITED NATIONS, April 12 (Reuters) - Russia blocked a Western effort at the U.N. Security Council on Wednesday to condemn last week's deadly gas attack in Syria and push Moscow's ally President Bashar al-Assad to cooperate with international inquiries into the incident.

It was the eighth time during Syria's six-year-old civil war that Moscow has used its veto power on the Security Council to shield Assad's government.

In the latest veto, Russia blocked a draft resolution backed by the United States, France and Britain to denounce the attack in the town of Khan Sheikhoun and tell Assad's government to provide access for investigators and information such as flight plans.

The toxic gas attack on April 4 prompted the United States to launch missile strikes on a Syrian air base and widened a rift between the United States and Russia.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday that trust had eroded between the two countries under U.S. President Donald Trump.

U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson echoed that comment after meetings with Russian leaders in Moscow, saying that relations are at a low point with a low level of trust. Tillerson called for Assad to eventually relinquish power.

WATCH: Trump holds joint press conference with NATO secretary gener...

China, which has vetoed six resolutions on Syria since the civil war began, abstained from Wednesday's U.N. vote, along with Ethiopia and Kazakhstan. Ten countries voted in favor of the text, while Bolivia joined Russia in voting no.

U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, warned Moscow against protecting Assad, who relies on support from Russia and Iran in his conflict with mostly Sunni Muslim rebels.

"To my colleagues from Russia - you are isolating yourselves from the international community every time one of Assad's planes drop another barrel bomb on civilians and every time Assad tries to starve another community to death," Haley said during a Security Council meeting earlier on Wednesday.

Haley added: "Iran is dumping fuel on the flames of this war in Syria so it can expand its own reach."


Nikki Haley is doing quite well!  I think she may be the first female president.  It wouldn't surprise me, if she continues as she has started. 

She sure is tough! I like how she stairs them all down too.  So sorry everyone, I happened to spell a word wrong! The horrors!   STARES!  Please, don't let me catch anyone spelling any words wrong. There will be punishment! 

Stares, even.

Thanks for correcting my spelling. Yes, I am a spelling nazi too. I just happen to be exhausted caring for my sick husband that has cancer. 

I will stand with this administration until I believe they are wrong.

Same here, Lawrence.  He has had successes, but they aren't covered by the media.  Perhaps it's just as well.  We don't have to hear the left whine about it!

Whine is all the left does! Ugh! 

The grapes of wrath and whine are products of California.


That's for sure.   Ever notice how the leftbis always mad about something, and if they win, they don't even know enough to bask in a victory....they just get mad about something else!

They are in a state of perpetual rage.  





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