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Fusion GPS Co-Founder Is Now Agreeing To Give Interview To Senate Judiciary Committee


Incredibly key witness who can, even more than Bill Browder, give the low down on his connection to the Russians and the Democrats. Assuming he’s willing to talk, assuming they put him under oath and ask the right questions. His company was behind the dodgy dossier on Trump.



Browder Testimony: Fusion GPS, Firm Behind Trump Dossier and Planned Parenthood, Served Putin's Corruption


In testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee Thursday, financier Bill Browder is expected to uncover another shocking revelation about Fusion GPS, the left-wing firm responsible for both the Trump-Russia dossier and the misleading defense of Planned Parenthood after the Center for Medical Progress sting videos. According to Browder's prepared remarks submitted to the committee ahead of his testimony, the firm spread vicious lies about Sergei Magnitsky, a Russian lawyer who was imprisoned and killed for exposing corruption in Putin's regime.


Browder's testimony will dwell on the Russian government's attempts to repeal a law passed in retaliation for abuses against Magnitsky, the Magnitsky Act. Russian attempts to repeal the law reached a fever pitch last year in Washington, and Browder will allege that the actors involved in this effort did not disclose their roles as agents for foreign interests, thus violating the Foreign Agents Registration Act. One of the notorious players in this game was none other than Fusion GPS.





Democrats Block Testimony Of Critical Witness Who Can Testify About The Smear Tactics Of Fusion GPS


Browder released written testimony ahead of the hearing but his public remarks were delayed when Democrats invoked the “two-hour rule” to protest Republican efforts to repeal ObamaCare. The seldom-used rule bars committees from meeting more than two hours after the full Senate begins a session.





7 Things You Need To Know About Arrested Democratic Staffer Imran Awan


The biggest name you've never heard of.


On Tuesday, Awan attempted to leave the country for Pakistan but was arrested for bank fraud amidst allegations of claiming a rental property as his primary home. Awan has worked as an IT worker for at least 25 House Democrats, most notably the disgraced ex-chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL). He is being investigated for allegedly stealing equipment from a number of these House members and being behind a data breach.


Here are seven things you need to know about Awan.


1. Awan has been described as "very cunning and shady."


2. In addition to the accusation of bank fraud, Awan has been accused of life insurance fraud.


3. Awan and his brothers ran a car dealership that reportedly took out a loan from an Iraqi doctor with ties to a Hezbollah figure that has yet to be paid off.


4. Awan and his brothers have been involved in other shady activity.


5. The Awans' IT work allowed them access to the emails of any files stored on the computers of the congressmen they worked for.


6. Awan also had access to the password for Wasserman Schultz's iPad.


7. Awan had wired almost $300,000 to himself when he tried to leave for Pakistan. When he asked for the wire, Awan claimed it was for "funeral arrangements." When that explanation didn't fly with the bank, Awan instead claimed it was for "buying property," which was enough to obtain approval for the wire.


Imran Awan’s Lawyer Is Long-time Clinton Associate


Search results ‘NBC News’ for Imran Awan


As expected, the corrupt Democrat media complex is all over, trying to cover up the Debbie Wasserman-Schultz IT aide arrested at Dulles International Airport. It probably has something to do with the fact Imran Awan and his brothers have deep ties to the corrupt Clinton Crime Family. If you search NBC ‘news’ for Imran Awan, the man arrested at Dulles, you’ll see something like this:

So...nothing?  Smells like a cover up.  Shocking.


Imran Awan Case Needs Special Counsel 100X More than Russiagate


$21.8 Mil in DHS Conferences Exposed after Trump Kills Rule Forcing Fed Agencies to Report Conference Spending


Weeks after the Trump administration abolished a rule requiring federal agencies to report conference spending, a breakdown of the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) multi-million-dollar conference tab illustrates the need to keep the measure in place. The mammoth agency created after 9/11 to prevent another terrorist attack fails miserably to protect the southern border, to bust dangerous visa overstays, and to remove criminal illegal aliens — but it knows how to throw a party for employees and “stakeholders.” It also knows how to hide a chunk of the tab from taxpayers and the Trump administration is facilitating the process, laughably enough, asserting that agencies have tight internal controls.


That clearly isn’t the case, even under the reporting rules that were recently nixed by the White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB). DHS held 911 conferences totaling $21.8 million during a recent two-year period, according to a federal audit released this month by the agency’s Inspector General. In fiscal year 2014 DHS spent $11.4 million on 433 conferences and $10.4 million on 478 conferences in 2015. At the time, federal agencies were required to report all conferences that cost more than $100,000 each, but DHS kept two out of every three that cost north of $100,000 secret. The agency watchdog doesn’t provide the exact number, but reveals in its report that the total of unreported conferences was a whopping $3.5 million for the two years examined by investigators. In fiscal year 2014 the unreported conferences totaled $862,881 and in fiscal year 2015 they came to $2,822,561.




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