Hello everyone,

I thought I would give everyone a “heads up” on an item some may not have heard about.  I have seen many people say they like the Lifestraw, and several people include them in their preparedness kits, or hiking and camping gear.  They are sufficient for filtering nearly all water in North America.  I came across another item that some of you may wish to include in your packs and/or gear instead.  I've been meaning to write this for a week, but between work and a death in my family, I have not taken an opportunity to sit down, and write a post up on the item.  I guess a comparison of the Lifestraw and the Sawyer Mini Filtration System would be the best way for people to figure out which of these items, if any, would be suitable for their prospective kits.  First, I'll put a couple pictures here  to illustrate the size of the products.







Next, I'll just do a short side by side comparison of some of the features:

                         Lifestraw                     Sawyer Mini Filtration System


Weight               2 ounces                     2 ounces

Filter Rating        0.2 micron                  0.1 micron absolute

Capacity             264 gallons                 100,000 gallons

Price                  Approx. $20.00            Approx. $21.00

Removal             Bacteria & Protozoa      Bacteria & Protozoa


The Sawyer Mini Fitration System comes as part of a kit.  The kit includes:


1 – Sawyer Mini Water Filter with Tip Cap

1 – 16 oz. Reusable Squeeze Pouch

1 – 7” Drinking Straw

1 – Cleaning Plunger

Cleaning & Maintenance Instructions


The Sawyer Mini Filtration System can be used the following ways:


Drinking using the included pouch.

Attaching it to standard water bottles.

Sipping directly with the included straw.

Filtering into a water bottle.

Attaching inline to a hydration pack.


This system is great for allowing someone to drink as they hike or travel.


Here is a short product information video for the Sawyer on Youtube:  http://bit.ly/1hOeIQ4


Here is the link to the Sawyer Mini Product Page:  http://bit.ly/1fsbAZf

Here is an Amazon link for the Lifestraw:  http://amzn.to/1khA8aY


Here is an Amazon link for the Sawyer Mini Filtration System:  http://amzn.to/1foFPXw

I hope this post proves useful to some of you.  The links provided should allow for you all to do your own homework so you all can decide if this product is right for you. Neither this author nor this website are in any way affiliated with either company, nor does this author or this website receive any compensation for the above review or purchase of any products discussed herein.  Be safe out there!

God bless.

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Hiya Rahth,

I am so very sorry for your loss! Losing a family member is never easy! Hugging you from NJ!   :)

You do the best reviews! The Sawyer Mini looks to be so much better than the Life Straw! The small size makes it perfect for my pack and it filters a ton more water for the same price! I stuck them in my wish list and will be ordering a few of them. They are so small you can even carry them in your purse. Heck, my purse, my car, my bag! Nice! 

Thank you for finding the good stuff! 



Hi Robin,

Thanks for the kind words.  I happened to go over to the Blaze a few minutes ago.  I saw this:

I clicked on it just to see what the deal was.  You are taken to My Patriot Supply via the following link:   http://bit.ly/1hTZi15 .

Their "special LifeStraw offer" is buy one for $24.95, buy two for $40.00, or buy 4 for $80.00 and then you get free shipping.  Hell, the Amazon link I provided for the LifeStraw in my post is for $20.00 and free shipping, and you do not have to buy multiples to get that.  I have no intention of buying the LifeStraw because I prefer the Sawyer.  However, it just goes to show what we have witnessed so many times:  You either do your research, or you are going to get stung.  That will happen either by paying too much, or getting something far inferior than what you could have purchased for yourself initially...or both.  I sure hope folks realize how much this stuff can matter.  It's why I post these things to help the folks here.  Anyways, thanks again hon.

God bless.

You know you're welcome! 

Unbelievable how people get ripped off simply for the fact, they don't research! I must admit, I WAS GUILTY of that myself! Thanks to you I am no longer blind! You are the best at researching! Thank you for that and so much more! 

;) Robin

Sorry to hear of your loss, my friend.

Good review of an interesting item.  Of our four wells, only one (of course, the shallow one) is easily accessed without electricity ~ for now.  That water would need to be filtered/purified prior to drinking it.  Hubby and I are in the process of acquiring a Bison system for one of our wells, and will keep you updated on that one!

Hi Rahth,

Just ordered a few of these for my pack, along with some other goodies that I'll have to take pics of soon and post!  Can't wait to get them and try them out!

Take care,

Robin ;)  

Hi Rahth,

Just updating you on my Sawyer Mini's!  I bought 2 of them and they are awesome. It is unbelievable that a filter that small can filter so much water. I have one in each pack! You find the best stuff!

You are AWESOME! ;))

Hiya Rahth!

Thought I would let you know that I just ordered the Sawyer-Mini Filtration System for my youngest step-daughter, along with other gear items for her upcoming birthday! She does a lot of camping and hiking and was carrying those water purification tablets and didn't know they expire either! Talking for awhile yesterday with her, I was surprised at how little she knows for a person that is always out camping and such! Thank you for all the great informatiuon you provide for us on this site, and only after the extensive research that you do! 

I appreciate all you do! 

Take care,

Robin ;) 

Update: Richelle received all her birthday gifts and she absolutley loves this water filter. She has passed all the info on to her other friends as well. ;)

Thank you for posting this. I need to get something and this looks really great. 

Time to bring some gear back to the top to remind people they should have these things.





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