Hello everyone,

I have both heard and recently read a few comments on Cruz needing more time in the Senate and seasoning.  Exactly what is staying in the Senate longer going to train Cruz better to do for the office of the President?  Let me first state that I am not in awe of Ted Cruz.  However, I would rather have someone with little experience in politics acting for this nation based off principles in line with our founding, than have some establishment progressive parasite lecturing compromise while acting against it. 

The bottom line is there is no major in college to get a degree in presidency, nor is there a trade school for the job.  You are hit with all kinds of temptations and problems not found in any other position.  However, life provides people with problems and temptations all of the time.  Some of them may effect a person's job or their marriage.  How they respond is based on the principles they value, and the type of character and courage they hold when responding. 

All people face adversity.  Very few jobs or decisions by any one man can and will effect an entire nation and the world beyond.  The presidency is trial by fire.  It is those times when the President comes under fire, that we as a nation will witness in the one we choose to lead us that there indeed is a difference between knowing the path, and walking the path.  We need to have someone with a solid core of principles and values far more in line with our founding fathers at the helm.  The alternative is more of the same.  More government programs, open borders, amnesty, debt, common core and compromise like so many seasoned politicians, both right and left, have provided us in spades.  Just my two cents.

God bless.

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Thank you Raht. :-) All is well here, hope the same for you.

Hi there Kwic! Good to see you! 

Hi Robin, Good to see you to. :-)

You good folks can go back-and-forth all you want, but the RNC will serve up the candidate that THEY want, not who "We The People" want.  I hate to sound cynical, but that's the way I see it and I see no way of affecting that.

Sorry, I will vole for ANYONE that I think might, just might, understand the principals the Country was founded upon and at the moment, that means NO ONE from Democrat Party.

.......but I will vote.  

I welcome your comments.

Everything you do is a choice you made --- even when you don't like the alternatives.  Doing nothing is a choice.  I will vote for (or against) somebody.

Well said, JB. I will vote also.

Hello D.A., JB, and JG,

I understand that, and respect it.  As I've said several times throughout this thread, everyone has to vote their conscience.  I will never vote for a progressive again.  Period.  That's my two cents, and believe me, I have thought about it a lot, and fully understand the argument for both sides.  It certainly was not an easy decision, nor one I came to lightly.  If Republicans are willing to lose rather than have a conservative or conservatarian at the head of their ticket, I'll let them.  It's better than lying to myself saying there will be much of a difference between a Jeb Bush and a Hillary Clinton.  I'd vote for Bibi if I could, and will before I vote for either of them.

God bless.

Hey Rah....good discussion!

And I'm not 'in awe' of Ted Cruz, but dang....he inspires and gives me hope that our country can be exceptional.  Listening to his father tells me that little Teddy surely received a lifetime of hearing about the greatness of the United States.  Quite the opposite of our current dude.

For those who believe he's ineligible......

MARK LEVIN: Ted Cruz IS a natural born citizen…and eligible to be president

This is mainly for those of you who still aren’t convinced that Ted Cruz is a natural born citizen and eligible to be president. Mark Levin has addressed this very issue once before and put it to rest in my opinion. But given the recent hoopla created by people like Trump, I’ve decided it needs to be heard again.

For the rest of you, give it a listen anyway. It’s very entertaining.

Audio (7:30): http://therightscoop.com/mark-levin-ted-cruz-is-a-natural-born-citi...

Just sayin'.....

Great to see you, Jodi! He inspires me as well. He is one of the FEW I feel I can trust in Congress. Thanks for posting the link as well.

Take care,


Trust doesn't come too easily these days, does it, Robin?

There have been supposed TP politicians elected....whom I helped with donations....that have thoroughly disappointed.  Say one thing, do another seems to be the DC way.

As long as Ted's actions continue to match his words, I'm sticking with him. 

Hi Jodi!

It's great to see you and thank you!  You know, I have said much of the same things Mark did back on CQ as it pertains to the birther BS.  I brought up several things from our founding fathers illustrating their definition(s) of natural born citizen was/were not the same as what is found with De Vattel.  I even brought up the Naturalization Act that Mark makes reference to as well.  What was always both amusing and frustrating to me was that they (birthers) would literally just ignore, nor address, anything that I provided in our founding fathers' own words!  I am not about to drag up several pages of my own research just to have it ignored again. 

I told the birthers and the variety of conspiracy theorists back then they were hurting the movement, and it would never go anywhere as it pertains to Bamster.  I was right then.  I am right now.  Now I guess they can vote for some jackass progressive instead, or aid one in getting elected over Cruz, just to hold on to a fallacious argument that they have personalized to the point that they can never let it go.  That's fine.  Let the movement further suffer the fruits of those labors people.  Damn. 

Now we have otherwise good and well-reasoned people stating Cruz needs more seasoning, and is too big for his britches?  Too big for his britches?  WTF does that mean?  So they didn't vote for McCain or Romney.  No, they voted for the wives?  Okay, so the wives you could vote for because they had enough seasoning, but Ted Cruz needs more?  Really?  Good grief.  Their wives were not going to be in the office.  Their wives didn't prevent them from being progressives in the other offices they held.  That may be a good thing to tell yourself privately to make yourself feel better about voting for a progressive, but to say the wives you could vote for but Cruz needs more seasoning seems more than just a little off the mark to me when putting those statements forth as a logical argument.  Is Cruz the one?  I don't know, but I sure like what I have seen from him thus far.  I'm not going to comment on how he fits in his britches.

Okay then, so let's consider Sarah Palin.  I like Sarah.  I really do.  Her problem is she can not articulate herself well.  I listened to her Iowa Speech.  I'm sorry, but I can't envision the President of the United States talking about only being ridden by the man if your back is bent.  Not my words...hers.  To me, as good of a person as she is, she is "our side's" Joe Biden with boobs.  Sorry to tick some people off with that remark, but that's how I see it.  Better than Bamster?  Oh hell yeah, but so is my neighbor's beagle.  In other words, being better than Bamster isn't exactly a high bar to surpass.  Good person?  Yes.  Articulate?  Ummm - https://www.youtube.com/watch?x-yt-ts=1421914688&v=RrzD-zqWwWc&...  Folks can figure that out for themselves.

Anyways, I'll get off my rant here.  Jodi, it's always great to hear from you.  You are aces in my book.

God bless.

Ted too big for his britches...that makes me chuckle, Rah.

I guess if handling yourself in a confident, controlled and informed manner makes his pants too small....well I'll personally run to Walmart and get Ted some bigger ones.

As for seasoning....I'd rather have a president who's capable of leading and smart enough to get the best and brightest to surround him, than some crusty ol' "I've been a politician for most of my life and know the game" proggie.

I'm with ya on the Naturalization Act, but you'll never convince everyone.  Like the Constitution, I guess it's up for interpretation.  Living, breathing and ever changing, don't ya know.

And God love Sarah....but she's not the one to lead us.  She's the one the "cheer-lead" us.

And Crazy Uncle Joe with boobs.  Now I have a mental picture that won't go away....so thanks!  That icky old perv would probably spent most days in his office playin' with 'em.  (Mental picture back to you :)

I guess we'll have to wait and see if the people have the fortitude to try something different.  Hope so.

Take care, Rah.





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