I heard snippets about this on Rush and Hannity today, while in the car, and was totally shocked that things have gone this far. Where does it stop folks? Where does any bureaucrat get off inspecting a 5 yr old's lunch? This is Moochelle Obama's doing, sticking her big nose and butt in some poor kindergartner's lunch! This kid had a sandwich (turkey and cheese, I believe), a banana, some chips, and apple juice, and some USDA nazi deemed it not nutritious enough! Sorry, food nazis, but that is a good lunch! No veggies? Gimme a break! It's none of anyone's business (except the parents) whether a 5 yr old eats veggies for lunch or not!

And Moochelle's whole fitness thing. Miss White House Arms there, wants to dictate 'healthy' eating for America's children, denouncing the obesity which is a result of her husband's cronies removing activity for kids from the schools (no tag, no dodge ball, no hide and seek, no climbing bars, no see-saws, no swings) because they might get hurt. Gee, in keeping them from getting 'hurt,' some of them apparently got 'fat.'

One more example of the government stepping in with another layer of bureaucracy to address a problem an earlier bureaucracy created!

Your thoughts, Patriots?

God bless!

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Folks, an update from The Blaze:

I wonder how many more this happened to, that have not come forward!

Calling her Moochelle is kind! You should hear what I call her! Can't wait to get
'him' out of the WH and 'her' out of the food industry... they must be getting big
mooooney to keep nosing in... wonder where their vacation home will be after they leave DC-- you have to know somebody's going to fund it for sure!

LOL, Kathy! Hat tip to Rush on the 'Moochelle' name... The whole idea of government dictating what we should eat is more than disturbing. It doesn't stop there, either. That recent food safety bill enables government to control what folks grow in their backyard gardens, and may heavily regulate what farmers can grow and where they grow it. It is really scary!

God bless,


In the first place, not many 4 year old kids are interested in eating
that amount of food at lunch-- ask me, I was a Mom! And I don't happen to like sweet potatoes, unless they're raw (try it-- cut them in sticks,YUM!), so I'd be complaining if I were 4 and forced to eat a cooked sweet potato at school. I'd be more concerned if I repeatedly saw kids coming to school without enough to eat-- not necessarily WHAT they're eating. Four year old kids are notoriously picky.
Just TRY to tell me what I can grow on my own property, and you'll see me aiming at the lookers!
Just keep riling us up, Progressives, and you're gonna have an even bigger problem...

I agree with you on the pickiness of 4 yr olds! While this is all outrageous, I cannot shake the feeling that much of it is a distraction from what the other hand is doing. There is so much going on and coming out of that Oval Office that it is hard to keep up. I am so grateful for the quality posts here, and the variety of topics up for discussion! Thanks for your contributions, and God bless.


...THIS is just like the contraceptive issue with the Catholics... it's a wedge, a lead in to a bigger issue... JUST like the ACLU will go to a small town that can't afford a lawsuit, and will file a suit against a public cross, or prayer at graduation... they win, thus create a wedge ~ a precedent ~ and armed with this precedent, they can attack again with a greater chance of success...

In addition to being a wedge tool that can be used later (as you accurately point out) it is also a distraction from discussing and finding solutions to the underlying problems. What real DEBT solutions have been discussed in the mainstream media? What real safety and security versus freedom solutions have been discussed in the mainstream media?

So, officer what caused the car to crash? Was it the paint color or the rip in the seat or the crack in the dashboard?

"What real ..."

NOTHING at all!! Personally, I'm not expecting any of the candidates to address issues like the Debt, except, maybe, obliquely... because to do so would mean they have to address such things as welfare, which comprises more than HALF of the yearly deficit, and to address this in a meaningful manner would insure the welfare class will come out in record numbers in November...

...HOWEVER, both Gingrich and Santorum have "mentioned" reform and welfare in the same sentence in the debates more than once, so I think both know what has to be done...

...I'M seeing a need to reduce the budget by $2.0 trillion in order to balance it AND make a $500 billion payment on the Debt ~ that's a lot of cutting!

HERE are where the cuts can come from:

WELFARE: $880 billion/yr ~ reduce this 25% per year for 4 years... no real savings seen the first 2-3 years, as money will be needed to send these people to trade school so they have some skills that can be used... there are 50 million people on welfare per 2009 records... I refuse to believe that 1 in 6 Americans are disabled, and a safety net for the DISABLED is what welfare is supposed to be ~ anyone able to drive a car should NOT be on welfare!

SOCIAL SECURITY: $660 billion/yr. From what I've read ~ and seen ~ 30% of the people on SS are NOT of retirement age and or are NOT citizens... culling the rolls would save $200 billion.

MEDICARE: $440 billion/yr. As Newt has so often said in the debates, if we cut out the fraud, this alone would save $150 billion!

DEPARTMENTS and AGENCIES: Per the 2009 budget, the last passed budget, Departments and Agencies and Pet Projects cost us about $600 billion/yr. We should be able to cut this in half and not see any loss in productivity! Savings would be $300 billion…

$880 Welfare:
$220 Social Security
$150 Medicare
$300 Departments/Agencies

TOTAL: $1.55 trillion.

AT PRESENT, the deemed passed budget is $3.6 trillion, with tax revenues at $2.1 trillion, or a deficit of $1.5 trillion… THE low hanging fruit, listed above, will balance the budget, leaving “just” $500 billion more to find in order to begin making a worthwhile payment on the Debt. AT $500 billion/yr, it should only take about 34 years to pay it off…

SO, THE BUDGET can be balanced in 4 years, the length of the NEXT President’s first term. THUS far, only one candidate has said he would balance the budget by the end of his first term… coincidently, this candidate is the only one who has experience balancing the Federal budget!

…I'm not expecting any of the candidates to address issues like the Debt,…

Sigh. Sadly, neither am I.

“…anyone able to drive a car should NOT be on welfare!”

Add to that. Welfare money should not be used for alcohol, shrimp, lobster, filets, wine, beer, big screen tvs, TIVO, cell phones (other than basic voice), new furniture, cable or satellite tv service and the list goes on. That would put some efficiency-of-use into the dollars spent. Same for social security.

Repeal baseline budgeting and support a balanced budget amendment.

We need to start using the word "accountable" a lot more around incumbents and/or candidates. Personally, I like the letter written by a 21-year old TX gal who also said you don't get to vote while you're on Welfare. I'm sure that email has gone viral by now.

"Welfare money should not be used for ..."

EXACTLY!! IF people on welfare can afford those things, then they're definitely getting TOO MUCH money from the government! AT BEST, welfare should be a "subsistence" level stipend... personally, I think it should be just enough that they can pay room and board with a family member, with a "few" bucks left over for a movie or something once or twice a month...

"Repeal baseline budgeting and support a balanced budget amendment."

ABSOLUTELY!! TOO bad we can't get a balanced budget amendment on the ballot for November! THAT would bring the conservatives out in record numbers... STILL, if we win in 2012, we'll need "something" to make sure we all come out again in 2014, and a balanced budget amendment would do it... if we think 2012 is ugly, 2014 will be worse if we win in 2012!

" don't get to vote while you're on Welfare."

MAKES sense to me! Personally, I think if you don't pay taxes, or haven't served in the military, then you shouldn't get to vote...


THAT seems to be a nasty word nowadays. I ALSO think EVERY dollar sent to every department or agency or pet project, even dollars allocated for use by politicians and their staff ~ at all levels of government ~ should be accounted for...





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