I heard snippets about this on Rush and Hannity today, while in the car, and was totally shocked that things have gone this far. Where does it stop folks? Where does any bureaucrat get off inspecting a 5 yr old's lunch? This is Moochelle Obama's doing, sticking her big nose and butt in some poor kindergartner's lunch! This kid had a sandwich (turkey and cheese, I believe), a banana, some chips, and apple juice, and some USDA nazi deemed it not nutritious enough! Sorry, food nazis, but that is a good lunch! No veggies? Gimme a break! It's none of anyone's business (except the parents) whether a 5 yr old eats veggies for lunch or not!

And Moochelle's whole fitness thing. Miss White House Arms there, wants to dictate 'healthy' eating for America's children, denouncing the obesity which is a result of her husband's cronies removing activity for kids from the schools (no tag, no dodge ball, no hide and seek, no climbing bars, no see-saws, no swings) because they might get hurt. Gee, in keeping them from getting 'hurt,' some of them apparently got 'fat.'

One more example of the government stepping in with another layer of bureaucracy to address a problem an earlier bureaucracy created!

Your thoughts, Patriots?

God bless!

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JG I saw this on Fox news today and was stunned. Where is the outrage to this and the recent story regarding Michelle Obama changing the menu for our Military men and women?

Do the people of America really want to return to a Monarchy or worse? Was this not what our forefathers ran from to give us a free REPUBLIC? Slowly in front of our eyes we are becoming slaves as they continue to tell us how to live and what to believe.

Mah, thanks for adding that to the post! I was appalled when that woman stood before our military and did her best to force feed them their veggies! It ties in with the school issue, doesn't it?

God bless,


IT absolutely dose JG. Other stories like the one you wrote have been reported. It is spreading throughtout the country

...IT'S ALL tied together...

The "Ameritopists" at all costs must convince parents that they are not meeting social standards expected by "the people". Therefore, they will invade every facet of home life they can. They will use available laws and regulations to show that "the people" (in the form of the STATE run by the ruling elite), know better than you or I. We must adapt to them which of course is a total loss of Liberty.

Best not point out that the children who are "properly" fed in the schools often go home to environments that cannot satisfy human needs of growing children. Best not point out that the mismanagement of government outreach and housing projects has created a class enslaved by dependency on government largess. Best not to point out ...

Thanks JB, good points all. It is part of the plan to increase dependency on government! I applaud the parents who resist this tyranny against them and their children.

God bless,


I hate this stuff. Most of my life I was thin, and that certainly includes when I was the same age as either Obama. And veggies had very little to do with it. It was always mostly exercise.

It does seem to me that the people here are mostly freedom people. So we will NEVER get it. I do believe that some people, primarily liberals, want a Nanny. So I have an answer. I always say that politicians just sit on their butts and add nothing yet they irritate the workers. But the answer is right in front of us. Those liberals who cannot exist without their Mommies or a proper nanny, should simply buy a "Nanny" service from the Obamas or the politicians. Then the nanny people paying big bucks can call Michelle to check before they go to the bathroom or eat that cookie. And of course the freedom people should be left out - if for no other reason than we sure ain't gonna pay.

RN, you sure hit the nail on the head. Exercise is the key in 99.9% of the cases, IMO! Yet the playground nazis have forbidden all sorts of kids' activities, most of which would make that silly 'Let's Move' campaign look like an activity for wimps - which it is, again, IMO. Most parents give kids a multi vitamin anyway, and I think is because the parent worries that the kid doesn't eat enough nutritious stuff like spinach and what ever else Moochelle is attempting to force-feed the nation.

Thanks RN, and God bless!


Good Post JG! I was just saying the other night that as kids we were never in the house. Today the kids as well as the rest of us have become lax. Kids spend their time on computers, play stations and cell phones. We stayed thin by being active in outdoor activities! We always played softball or were riding our bikes. I always kid around about being held in child labor growing up as my grandfather had Blueberries and we had to work in them! I can't eat them to this day because I picked, packed and sorted way too many for years! LOL But we kept active and thin and we learned to appreciate hard work. I can't for the life of me understnad the mindset of Liberals! Who in their right mind would want to be controlled by their Government? It is maddening the things we are witnessing!

Thanks Robin! Kids today have too many sedentary choices before them, and the activities like running around, throwing balls, climbing and jumping, that promoted good health have been discontinued because they aren't 'safe.' We don't need Moochelle to push 'Let's Move' - she and her ilk need to get out of the way and let kids be kids! They need to run around, chase each other, climb trees, jump off stuff, and play ball, they don't need some lib-gov't-mandated exercise program. Yes, it is maddening, and it is up to stop the madness!

I'm so thankful I don't have a kid in school any longer, but if I did.....

and they had this ridiculous program with a food Nazi checking lunches, I would go to the school each and every day during lunch and sit with my child (while they ate the lunch I prepared, which might consist of Doritos, brownies and chocolate milk)and wait for the Nazi's confrontation.

What would the school demand? That we leave the premises? Would they take us to the school jail?

Just's a lot harder to intimidate an informed adult than a 4-yr-old.

LOL, Jodi! I still have a 10 yr old at home, and I don't pack a lunch for him. While I do want to know what he eats, I cannot handle what doesn't get eaten! So he buys lunch. That way, I never see the waste. Every day, if he doesn't want the hot meal (like pizza or spaghetti), he can have bologna or peanut butter and jelly (yep, PB) sandwich. So far, the school isn't force feeding veggies, although I think they are available.

In this house, the Doritos would be gone on day one, so I rarely even buy that stuff. He does better with a school lunch. I guess being a geezer mom has its moments, because I am old enough and cranky enough most days to put the pediatrician and the school on defense. All in a day. We eat good here, but Moochelle (and my pediatrician) would be mortified. Oh well. No food police allowed here, just like certain 'inspectors' like PETA were not allowed on our farm.





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