Lets review for a moment and take a look at the nitwits ruining, I mean running the once great United States of America. 

To start with we have a president that was selected (the country did not vote for him) who has dementia and doesn't have a clue where he is most of the time, he makes Carter look like Reagan, and is probably being told what to do by Obama, Rice, Soros and the CCP, next we have Kamala "the ceiling needs paint' Harris, who has been under everything but the Titanic, she has absolutely no leadership skills, she has the personality of a box of hammers, we have a full drunken eighty year old speaker of the house that loves to make rules for us but them, there are a number of mentally ill folks that suffer from gender dysphoria in positions that they have no business being in (Levine), military leaders (Austin) that are more worried about transgenders than the Chinese having a missile that will circumvent the globe, mandating that soldiers get a shot that in not FDA approved and is killing and maiming hundreds of young men, they want access to our bank accounts, they want to poison our children, they want to teach our children to hate America, we have governors that think they are kings and queens,  dementia Joe is allowing millions of diseased, criminal, uneducated people ( future democrats) from everywhere to invade our country and we get to pay for all of it.

Stand up, say HELL NO, we will not put up with this.

As I've stated before, I am a Vietnam Combat vet, I, and millions of others, fought wars to stop this crap once, that noise you hear are the hundreds of thousand of soldiers turning over in their graves. 

Eisenhower had the right idea, put all the invaders on bus's and plains and ship them back to where they came from, it would cost us a lot less than have to pay for them forever.

We are surrounded by incompetence. We better get the country back next year or we will be in deeper feces. 

  Life is tough, it's even tougher when your stupid. Duke

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I think you accurately described most of this faux administration!  It’s important to vote this November as well!  Many local elections are happening, so just do it!  Vote!  Support a conservative candidate at the local level!

Yep...on all counts, Duke.

What we need to figure out is how to combat elections rigged by big money.  If we don't, I fear we'll never get the election integrity that we all so desperately want.

Which means the likes of Zuckerberg, Gates and Soros need to be stopped...somehow. 





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